Alcor Trade Review | Antares Trade Pyramid Collapses, Rebuilt as Alcor Trade.

Alcor Trade Review: in this blog review, we will see, why fictional CEO Alex Richter, Zhirovkin feigned surprise at the investor’s anger over the way Antares trade loses.

Moreover, the Antares trade is a Ponzi scheme, which later had a result to be reborn as Alcor trade.

On August 17, 2021, Zhirovkin made an announcement on Alcor trade in a YouTube video.

In that video, the Zhirovkin is sticking to a regulatory raid story, instead of admitting to the fact that Antares Trade is a Ponzi scheme that suddenly became dry on funds.

However, during our visit to the Alcor Trade platform, it reveals that there are similarities between the ROI Antares Trade investors offered.

On their investment program, the volume of investment packages is from 100ALD to 150,000 ALD.

The company’s profitability is flowing up to 2% per day, in addition to the premium of up to 0.3% each day, according to the size of the investment package you use.

The period of investment is 282-300 calendar days, in addition to inclusive days.

Researchers reference that Alcor Trade is the continuation of Antares Trade Pyramid scheme.

Company’s  Overview

Alcor Trade Review: Alcor Trade did not register its platform in order to offer security in any jurisdiction.

Due to this, it is one of the reasons why you call Antares Trade an illegal investment platform.

Alcor is a company that promotes investments and MLM companies’ digital products and startups.

All these are is through their referral system model.

They also provide users around the world with financial freedom and contemporary business education.

Alex Richter is the found and president of Alcor Trade Limited and Antares Trade Limited.

However, the Antares trade limited is currently shut down.

The shutting down of the platform is due to the illegal Ponzi activities going on in the company.

Advantages of Alcor Trade

There are two main advantages of Alcor Trade.

1. New Investments Programs: every two months, they launch new investment programs in the platform, and it is at the principle of distinction and profitability.

Moreover, each of the programs will be different from the old ones on the profitability for the investor of the company.

2. Affiliate Structure Synchronized in all Programs: all the affiliate structures you create in the previous program will be transferred to the new program.

You will not need to re-register your affiliates.

All you need to do is to have a quick study on the company’s marketing plan, to increase your profits from your recruits.

The main mission of Alcor is to build a world of new opportunities that will be at a fast pace.

The company has a roadmap of achievements to accomplish before the year 2025.

How Alcor Trade Existed

For the creation of Alcor Trade to proceed, Zhirovkin registered the company’s domain privately on July 29th.

Alcor Trade Website made use of the same template as Antares Trade limited, the only differences that were noticeable is the logos and scheme Zhirovkin used when developing the platform.

There is only one exception between the Ponzi scheme on the sites, which is their Ponzi points, ALD and AND.

ALD is for Alcor Trade, while AND is for Antares Trade.

The Trade victims From Antares have a notice of their funds stolen, due to that, there is no audit, with no regulatory invention.

Zhirovkin shows that Alcor Trade is generating External revenue via “Partner companies”.

Alcor Trade Products and Services

1. Coin capitalization
2. Antares Broker
3. Antares Trading School
4. Antares Market
5. Tricky Trader
6. Antares Messenger
7. Antares Token Decentralized Finance (ANTd).

To know more about these products and services, click on the services inscription above, it will redirect to the services page for more updates.

 The Line Profit Team

Alcor Trade Review: The team is a marketing strategy for Algnico limited that was developed by the Alcor trade Advertising platform.

This program makes use of a referral system according to a linear compensation market plan.

Algnico Limited Funds has been on an operation with a success since 2019.

The company has an engagement in trading on cryptocurrencies, Forex, commodity market, stock market, and venturing on capital investments.

These things are done with the help of expert traders, analysts and managers.

The main advantage of Algnico is distributing funds for trading in five directions.

In the company’s affiliate program their profits yield up to 2% per day, and this will go on for 200 consecutive days.

An opportunity to take part in their affiliate program is according to the linear marketing, with a withdrawal of 30% to the network.

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