Set up Hole Punch Notification LED – on the Samsung Galaxy S20 & S21 Phones.

Currently, in this article, I will show you one of my exciting ideas on how to set up and use the hole punch camera notification LED light on your Samsung Galaxy S20 & S21 smartphones.

This tutorial article covers up all the Samsung Galaxy S20 & S21 series like the Galaxy S20, S20 ultra, S20 plus, S20 FE, the S21 Plus, and S21 ultra.

If you have ever seen the custom virtual hole-punch camera notification LED light on Samsung Galaxy S20 & S21 doesn’t it look cool?

If so let’s consider how we can set up the virtual hole punch notification LED on your Samsung S20 & S21 using the AOD Notify App.

Set-Ups of a Virtual Hole Punch Notification LED light ON your Samsung S20 & S21 using the AOD notify App.

Step 1

Firstly, to begin visit the Google Play store App search and download the AOD Notify app on your Samsung smartphone.

Instead of going to the play store, save you some time by clicking on the install button below
Install Now

When you finish downloading the app and installing it, as you open it for the first time you will be greeted by the app welcome screen.

From the page tap the button that says next to the button, you will be linked immediately to a new page.

On this page, you will be required to grant access to all the necessary permissions that the app provides on the app permission page.

When you are done with the permission granting page, tap on the button that says done below the page.

Samsung Galaxy S20 & S21Hole Punch Notification LED – step 2

If you have followed everything written in the first step above, assuredly, return to the app’s home page now.

On the home page, click on the first option on setting that says notifications, then a new page will be opened.

On this page, you will be able to set what action or notification will help trigger the app.

Activities like; notification from apps, low battery notifications, social media notifications, etc.

When you finish setting these things the way you want them to be on that particular page, go back to the home page and select the next setting option which says notification light, ensure that the toggle button in front of it is turned on.

On this page you can customize the position, feel and look of your virtual hole-punch camera notification LED on the phone, using the dimensions option, effects, and style.

The style option lets you choose regions where you want the notification LED to be positioned on your screen.

Be it around the edges of your screen or the hole-punch camera cutout of your phone, it’s what this tutorial is all about.

The effects option allows you to set different animations for the notification LED, at this, there are lots of animations to choose from, but only three will be available to choose from if you are using the free version of the app.
Meanwhile, to unlock all effect options on the app you will need to purchase the PRO version of the app.

Lastly, the dimensions option allows you to position the Hole punch notification LED anywhere you want it located on your screen.

But you don’t have the decision to do anything here, because the app automatically aligns itself on the camera hole-punch cutout on your Samsung Galaxy S21 or S20 smartphones.

Step 3

When you are done setting everything up in step two above, move back to the app’s homepage.

This time, select the next option which says always on display after doing so; you will be staring at a new page.

On this page, you will be able to integrate the app with your phone’s native always-on display function so that they will both be working hand-in-hand.

Then when you finish setting it a sample will be shown when you receive a new notification.

These setting options are so self-explanatory so you don’t need to have any problems during the process.

Samsung Galaxy S20 & S21Hole Punch Notification LED –
Step 4

If you are done with the process in step three above, divert back to the home page, from there select the next setting option that says display time, and you will deviate to another page.

According to the name of the option, you should’ve known the function of this particular option.

It let you set the duration for the notification LED when a notification alarms.

While the last option we are going to make use of in this step four is called colors.

It allows you to set customized colors to your hole punch-inspired notification led.

But you can decide to choose one general color for all notifications or can decide to choose multiple notification colors for each app on your phone.

Final step

When you’re done setting and customizing everything to your taste by following the steps elaborated above, it’s time we pick the app and all settings done in it into action.

Close the app, turn off your phone’s display action, use a second phone, send a short text immediately to your phone in which you’ve set up to receive a new incoming notification.

Immediately the message arrives, depending on how you set the app to operate on your phone.

It is the always-on display, you should see the hole-punch camera cutout notification LED glowing on your Samsung Galaxy S21 & S20 smartphones.


All individuals viewing this post, this is how you set a customized virtual hole-punch camera notification LED light on your Samsung Galaxy phones.

Humbly, inform us in the comment box below if these steps worked for you, and also if you encounter any problem during the setup also inform us.

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