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Telepreneur Corporation Owner: TPC is a Philippine-owned company, with an SEC NO. CS201115301.

The company claims to be the leading company among MLM direct selling companies. They deal in all terms of network loads.

The company has the most efficient and fast E-loading system with a unique compensation plan inside an extraordinary IT system.

The company’s incorporators are more experienced in MLM Expertise in combination with IT professionals that involve themselves in MLM system development.

About the Owner & Administrators

Telepreneur Corporation Owner: Firstly, Telepreneur Corp did not provide any information on the company’s website about who handles the company.

Meanwhile, except for the ninth-anniversary program in their business, there is no other information about the platform they provided as a display.

The company is also including the religious value in their deregulated platform, to have a successful network valuing.

Below are the administrators of the company.

1. The President and CEO – Lorenzo B. Rellosa.

2. The Vice President on the Marketing Structure – Sajiron R. Dayao.

3. Executive Vice President – Mariel R. Astodillo.

4. Vice President for Finance – Leonides B. Rellosa.

5. Vice President for Operation – Anna Loeaine D. Rellosa.

Company’s Branch in the Philippines

1. Laguna (main)

2. Cebu

3. Iloilo 

4. General Santos 

5. Quezon City 

The owner of the company Lorenzo B. Rellosa also owns Leur Lauren international in addition to Telepreneur Corporation.

Leur Lauren international is a personal care MLM company, it company was founded on September 8, 2019.

The company focuses on giving our customers high-quality health and beauty products.

This product offers satisfying results and helps nurtures one’s self-esteem.

Lorenzo B. Rellosa made a statement that his goal for Leur Lauren International and Telepreneur Corp is a stable source of income while spreading beauty and love in his country.

Rellosa controls the two companies from the Philippines. For more information on the full review of the Telepreneur Corp MLM opportunity, I suggest you visit other review sites.

Moreover, the information about the company was not totally disclosed to the public. This is why you are to visit other review sites to gain diverse facts.

Telepreneur Corporation Owner: Telepreneur’s Growth

The company is able to create 7 million telepreneurs, and it changed their lives.

Currently, the company went beyond their target sales, and this led them to be able to acquire a new hub partnership with the company’s telemarketers in the entire Philippines.

The company’s reach has increased to 250 cities stockiest and 400 mobile stockiest, the company now acquires six office branches all over the country.

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