Telepreneur Corps Review | A Religion Networking Pyramid Scheme (TPC).

Telepreneur Corps Review: Telepreneur with the logo one network, one company, one TPC claims that you can turn your cell phone into an income-generating device.

They show you how to make P10, 000 – P30, 000 extra income only by making use of your cell phone.

The company’s platform portrays that their company is a duly registered firm owned by the Philippines.

Via multi-level marketing, the company provides you with their all network prepaid loads, in addition to Wellness products.

The company is well equipped with experienced MLM experts, which are skilled in MLM development.

Due to the company’s knowledge and experience in Multi-level marketing as a result of this, they acquire the fastest and more reliable E-loading system.

Therefore, in this article, you gain knowledge about Telepreneur Corp, their products, compensation plan with reselling, and recruitment commissions.

Telepreneur Corps Review: About Company.

Telepreneur Corps Review: as earlier stated, the company claims that they are 100% registered with an SEC CS201115301.

We also stated that the incorporators of the company are made up of individuals with dynamic personalities, well equipped with experienced MLM Experts.

They also have industrial technologists which are increasingly skilled in MLM System Development.

TPC currently remains the company taking the lead in all MLM direct selling contemporaries.

In terms of withdrawal, the company has a very unique compensation plan, backing it up with an extraordinary IT system. This makes Telepreneur Corp a generous company.

The company’s dealers are comfortable with the Easy-to-use and customer-oriented services via constant SMS facilities.

The CEO and president of Telepreneur are Lorenzo B. Rellosa, which is under Administration with other board members.

Furthermore, in addition to owning Telepreneur, Rellosa is also the owner of Leur Lauren international.

Leur Lauren International Corp is specified as a Personal care MLM Company. It is a direct selling company, established on September 8, 2019. The company main offer is to give customers high-quality health and Beauty products, that results in a satisfying way, taunting

After all this information, we noticed that the company’s platform provides less information about who runs the company. Do you suggest that this company could be a pyramid scheme?

Well, we will see the results if the company is Ponzi when we will list out the company’s products and their compensation plan.

Telepreneur Products

Below are the only information obtained about Telepreneur products

1. Cable codes
2. Gaming codes
3. Load codes
4. Food supplements
5. Beverages
6. Health and beauty products.

However, when you click on the products categories to gain more information, you will be redirected to the company’s affiliate login platform.

Telepreneur Corps Review: Compensation Plan.

The center of attention on the Telepreneur compensation plan is the recruitment commissions, which are paid through unilevel and binary teams.

Meanwhile, you can generate Reselling commissions, only if an affiliate buys items and resells them.

The digital counting view of the Telepreneur plan is a complete disorder, whereby percentage fractions are paid.

Telepreneur Reselling Commissions

In this aspect, you gain commission from an affiliate when a referring affiliate member purchases products on the product category and resells them.

The rates are in arrangement with how much an affiliate spent during registration.

1. Regular affiliates receive a 25% discount on the product purchased.
2. Mobile stockist gains a 30% discount when they purchase an item.
3. City stockist has a reward of 35% discount on the product purchased.
These are the discount reward received as a Resell commission when purchased products are sold.

Telepreneur Unilevel Recruitment Commission

In the unilevel compensation structure, it places an affiliate at the top, with recruited affiliates under them directly.

Moreover, when the first-level affiliates recruit new affiliate members, they are placed on the second level of the original affiliate unilevel team.

When the second-level affiliates recruit new members, they are found on the third level of the main unilevel affiliate’s team.

This process will go on this way till infinite. Meanwhile, the caps pile-ups become payable at the 10th level.

Telepreneur Binary Recruitment Commissions

Only Gold and Higher level affiliates have a qualification for the binary recruitment commissions.

The binary compensation structure is responsible for placing an affiliate at the top of a binary team. Then the affiliate splits into two more affiliates stationed at both left and right sides of the structure.

The first level on the binary structure occupies two positions. The second level generates by splitting the first two into two more positions, making it a total of 4 positions.

The binary structure scheme is each level housing twice the level in different positions just like the previous level.

Note that there is no limit to how a binary team grows.

The binary recruitment commissions are paid according to the pairing of affiliate members.

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