ThriftBooks Australia | Earning Double Points on all Nicholas Spark Titles

ThriftBooks Australia: they sell millions of books used at low prices on a daily basis.

Thriftbooks personally access every book’s quality, and their offers are rare with out-of-print treasures.

Their delivery is 100% out of joy recyclable package in addition to free standard shipping on US orders more than $10.

The company’s motto is to read more and spend less.

The company’s services are books, collectible books, movies and TVs, blogs, and Video games.

Below are the popular categories the company offers.

ThriftBooks Australia: Popular Categories.

Books for children

Teen and young adult


Literature and Fiction

Mystery and Thriller

Sci-fi and Fantasy


ThriftBooks Australia: The Company’s Story.

ThriftBooks Australia began in the year 2003 via a pick-up truck of books which was contained in a storage facility.

The company’s first book was categorized under beloved children, by name Charlotte’s Web E.B. White.

They are regional processing centers around the country (Australia) with over a hundred employees on track.

Over this period, ThriftBooks have organized their processes to be capable of purchasing grading, and distributing used and rare or collectible books.

Thriftbooks is a book-selling organization, regarded as the world’s largest online independent used booksellers.

The company operates with state-of-art automation with advanced analytics.
The company’s brand home is situated as their primary customer web and mobile destination.

The company’s distributing platform is on Amazon, eBay, Abe, and other commercial-related platforms.

The company offers a reading reward program called Reading rewards loyalty Program enlightening customers with free books awarded for their points earned.

ThriftBooks Brand Promise

ThriftBooks offers quality used and newly invented books, graded accurately with every customer’s choice of the price at an everyday delivery.

The books will be delivered directly to the customer who orders for the book at his desired spot of collision.

If there are reasons, make you unsatisfied with what they deliver, there is an opportunity to contact their team for more satisfaction.

ThriftBooks Purpose.

The company has a conclusion that reading empowers people. Therefore, empathy to make a living in the same shoes as another serves as an offer.

The main purpose is saving millions of books for readers to anticipate their options and ideas with the world by sharing another story, shaping another mind, and giving them a bit of wisdom.

ThriftBooks Values.

ThriftBooks have three values, which are:

1. Cultivating curiosity.
2. Uniting strengths.
3. Delivering value.

Cultivating curiosity: to cultivate curiosity, you have to seek for exploration from the unexplored, seeking innovative, trying new ideas for more rewards.
With the help of curiosity, the company discovers new facts and ideas.

Uniting strengths: there are connections within ThriftBooks that help to cultivate strong unity in the organization through the help of the community readers, suppliers, and the company’s processing center teams.

Delivering values: this is exemplified if the customers like the business or books seek for value, then ThriftBooks make the Execution.

With the help of delivering values, the company has adopted the benefit of improving technologies, making advancements in their automation, warehouse processing, increasing their scale to improve efficiency. Additionally, having a customer’s experience is a sure term.

ThriftBooks Social Responsibility.

When it comes to the aspect of social responsibility ThriftBooks Focuses on three tenets, they are:

1. Charitable Support.
2. Environmental Impact.
3. Literacy.

Charitable Support: Since its introduction, ThriftBooks purchases books from charity, enabling them to focus on imparting positive values to the community.

Moreover, during the last 10 years, ThriftBooks has contributed about $100 million to charity through its book purchases.

Environmental Impact: ThriftBooks Ships thousands of books internationally that come directly from warehouses every day which they distribute to customers around the globe.

Literacy: the company offers non-profitable partners to provide underserved communities, which are, Title 1 schools, prison Libraries, and international literacy programs.

If you have an option to volunteer for social responsibility and to know more about the ThriftBooks care program you are free to make use of their contact link below.

ThriftBooks Carriers

All team members under ThriftBooks have his/her own personal role to play in the organization.

A team member can choose to be in charge of building system software that allows the customer to search the right books, or rather packaging books for delivery at the company’s customer door.

ThriftBooks Australia: Cart Subtotal

ThriftBooks will sum up the number of items according to their prices for the company’s bestsellers from Newyork times. You can Sell and buy items that using USDT.

ThriftBooks Australia: Shipping

ThriftBooks Shipping involves the delivery date, which consists of the order processing and transit time.

They Ships their product from Monday down to Friday, except on U.s Holidays.

This means that all orders process and is shipped from Monday to Friday, except for federal holidays within the United States shipping will not be conducted.

Orders that are placed and received around the period of 11:00 AM prompt will be considered shipped on the following day.

Meanwhile, orders that are placed and received within the period after 11:00 AM prompt will be shipped in two days.

Therefore, if you are to ship a product, you are to place your order before the 11:00 AM prompt to avoid skipping your expected day which your product will arrive.

Moreover, ThriftBooks makes standard shipping free on all U.S orders at the rate of $10 and above government excluding taxes.


Express shipping may be unavailable to all zip codes. However, there is an eligibility calculation during checkout.

2-day shipping is unavailable to PO boxes.

Making a delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico, counts up to 45 days before arrival.

Also, don’t forget that ThriftBooks makes shipping internationally.

Therefore, where ever you are, you can make an order, and it will be delivered right in front of your doorstep.


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