128BTC Review | World’s First Peer-To-Peer Team Crowdfunding System

128BTC seems to be an international community organization & is the world’s first peer-to-peer crowdfunding system. This crowdfunding system allows you to earn almost all that is happening in your personal company/organization for the whole time.

It’s on the world-famous Mobius Loop and System G Technology; these are the world’s most successful Peer-to-Peer Team Crowdfunding Program!

Not only that, but the Mobius Loop guarantees that you follow your referrer always & your team follow you. 128BTC enables you to earn Bitcoins from both your upline & downline members immediately after your registration.

Further, there is no intermediary, so you will get all of your money immediately to use for anything you choose.

Referencing from the official platform, you will notice that 128BTC is trying to help everyone go through this current tough times & not to be carried along by this current system of things. See the below information sourced from the official website on everyone’s financial aid.

“While people are going through a hard time due to Covid-19, we have made a platform that eventually will help everyone in these tough times. This will not only make you earn online safely by staying at home but will also make you wealthier just with a little effort.”

From this reference above, you will also find out, that this platform is the Best Route To Wealth due to the Global Referral Matrix. Also, an authentic dashboard, 24/7 helpdesk, automatic placement, and 128 BTC are all included.

Continue reading, to know more about 238BTC & the services they offer to the crypto niche.

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128BTC Offered Services

Firstly, the community offers majorly, a peer-to-peer team crowdfunding program, in which the platform serves as an easy approach for Bitcoin users & majorly designed for easy utilization. They also offer a Bitcoin wallet for download on their official platform.

On their Bitcoin wallet & personal web account, you can easily add Bitcoins & make a superfast transaction, because the crowdfunding system/bot bears no lag & making it more convenient for users.

128BTC also guarantees you strong security, to avoid losing your funding & BTC futures to web hackers & account phishers.

Inclusively, it also provides a chance for all users to earn 128BTC by just completing a simple binary matrix including earning commissions/incomes from Upline & Downline referrals.

This crypto niche also offers instant earning & withdrawals via profit routes & also directly from your other members on the platform. And all these applications make the withdrawal process easy and simple for users to apply.

Furthermore, through the payment systems/options do not be anxious, they are all secure. Why? This is because 128BTC organization has utilized enough of their time to provide high automated security programmed in a way to keep users away from internet threats & fraud.

How do 128BTC works?

Are you aware that you do not need Bitcoin to start earning on this platform? If not, know that if you joined the platform to earn Bitcoin and you don’t have any Bitcoin in your wallet to start with, do not worry!

It is not a problem, because you can easily fund your 128BTC account and begin your journey with alternative coins on the platform, such as BNB, Litecoin, ETH, Tron, ETC.

Read on below to know more about the benefits & demerits you will get from 128BTC.

128BTC Organization’s Pros & Cons

In this section of this article, you will find out the advantageous & disadvantageous parts of the 128BTC Community.

Let’s begin with the Pros.

128BTC Pros

128BTC was established to assist in a world of rising cryptocurrencies, where many people are unfamiliar with what they are, how they function, and how they might benefit you.

Also, the organization offers you an easy-to-navigate automatic dashboard that displays all increases & decreases of the currency in real-time for easy watch on your earning every second to avoid loss.

Registration at the 128BTC official platform is free, but before you purchase the currency, you should check the crypto chart to know if it’s the proper time to buy to avoid regrets afterward.

Then if the coin is stable, you can now buy & activate your earnings element of business by only depositing 0.0005BTC. Also, payments are sent directly to your Bitcoin wallet, which is why you are to choose a high & decentralized wallet, such as Binance & Blockchain wallet.

Additionally, there is a fantastic, easy-to-use Back-Office Dashboard where you can log in and view all of your revenue and referral activity.

128BTC Cons

On its website, 128BTC makes no mention of who owns or operates the organization. On 128BTC’s official YouTube channel, the majority of the marketing films are testimonials from India & Africa. This definitely shows that the person or people behind 128 BTC are from Africa or India.

128BTC affiliates get 60% of the 0.0005 BTC donated by everyone they refer, which is an example of a Gifting scheme & probably not a proper thing.

Also, a unilevel compensation scheme is used by 128BTC to pay residual commissions, which means they are gaining their personal income through a Pyramid Gifting scheme.

128 BTC contributions are present only for the purpose of qualifying for gifting donations from other recruits.

If a corporation is not registered with financial regulators, MLM + passive returns = securities fraud. Meanwhile, there is no indication that 128 BTC has registered with financial regulators.

When recruiting slows, 128 BTC, like other MLM gifting schemes, will start to fall apart. And this will affect the funds of the affiliates & members on the platform.

For more updates on MLM companies, stay tuned on our MLM page – TechSmoothy.com/MLM.

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