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AntUSDT Review: AntUSDT is a coin mixer that is disclosed to coin merchants and retail investors,

The business scopes of AntUSDT are cryptocurrency collection agenting, Payment agenting, coining cash lending, coining currency borrowing, multi-country, and multi-platform acceptance, Etc.

Moreover, there is a large-scale coin shuffle pool that AntUSDT creates; as a result, it compiles the most circulating currencies on the market dashboard.

AntUSDT contains a large number of cooperative merchants. The coin pool can handle a large number of assets with a privacy requirement of 24hrs in a day.

According to the AntUSDT policy, the users are authorized to take part in cross-chain coin shuffle; the user can also obtain commissions that the coin shuffle earns.

AntUSDT Review: Company’s Overview

The AntUSDT website is regarded as an affiliate registration and a Login form. This means that there is no information about the person who runs the site’s activities.

The company provides links to unofficial sites that are regarded as illegal.

The perusal of AntUSDT’s web source code shows a Chinese text.

This shows and gives us an idea that the admin of the company might be very fluent in the Chinese language, making the person the runner of the website.

Furthermore, there are YouTube videos that are in support of the company’s marketing videos, and those videos are narrated in Chinese.

On the 27th day of June AntUSDT uploaded particular videos on their official YouTube channel.

The title of that video and its main content is below.

AntUSDT Cryptocurrency Mixer Award a prize of US$200,000 by headquarters in London, UK”.

The video displays Boris’s CEO affair, featuring the usual cast character with an Eastern European Accent.

Researchers made it clear that the videos were taken in the UK. Because on 19th July, the UK was open to all as the country’s policy which was called “Freedom Day”.

Note: if an MLM platform or company does not have any information about its owner or the person running the company, before making a decision of investing with the company. I suggest you think hard and have a background check on that company.

AntUSDT Products

If you look on the side of the products offered by the company, you will see that there is no reliable or giveaway product and services AntUSDT offers.

The affiliates can only market the AntUSDT affiliate membership on itself.

Moreover, let’s now see the AntUSDT compensation Plan structure despite the fact that the website provides no information about the company.

But all this information is gotten from the online researcher, it is a process that took time to be disclosed to the public.

AntUSDT Review: the Company’s Compensation plan

AntUSDT Review: the AntUSDT affiliates invest in cryptocurrencies based on the company’s ROI.

The company’s ROI is at a rate less than 1%, which is paid out every 12-14 hrs.

The rates of the ROI are determined by the type of cryptocurrency the AntUSDT affiliate chooses to invest with.

The company pays referral commissions, but there is no information if the commissions are paid on investment funds or on generated ROI.

Furthermore, the unilevel compensation structure agrees to place an affiliate at the top of the Unilevel team with all affiliate that was personally recruited below them.

The affiliate trends are step-by-step, when the first level affiliate recruits new members; they are placed on the second level of the original team.

And this trend is carried out this way till infinite because they are no limit to the number of affiliates a unilevel plan can harbor.

The AntUSDT reward pile-up caps are paid out on the Sixth level of the unilevel team.

First level – 30% commission

Second level – 20% commission

Third Level – 10% commission

Fourth to sixth levels – Gets 5% commission

Due to the fact that these are the percentage commission above, still users are liable to lean on the generated returns.


If you will like to join the affiliate membership the process is free, you won’t pay anything to join the company’s affiliate.

Additionally, AntUSDT operates in major cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, Dogecoin, and USDT.

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