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Auto Trade Gold: it’s a trading robot that trades forex for forex traders, and its trading includes the Gold VS US pair _ symbol XAUUSD. This robot’s major achievement is to trade up to a 0.5 to 3% daily ROI.

For you to gain access to this trading bot, you need an account with a verified broker & a deposit of a minimum of 100USD. If you applied all these, then you are free to purchase the robot’s services.

Also, all prices on the platform depend on the volume of the trading account, therefore, you can purchase for more with a high amount compared to the minimum amount.

However, despite all these offers & purchases, are you aware of the company’s or the robot’s downsides? Do you know if the latest version of the trading bot is legitimate & should you trade with it? These are the questions you should consider before deciding to trade with this bot on your trading platform to avoid great loss.

Therefore, in this review, you will find out the answers to the questions outlined above, continue reading for more information.

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About Auto Trade Gold 5.0

AutoTrade Gold 5.0 the latest version is a development of PT.SDFI Company. PT.SDFI is an Indonesian firm, which resides in Jakarta acquired over a single year of operation.

The bot’s daily targets are within the range of 0.5% – 1% of your trading capital with a maximal existence of double trades. The trades are executed by scalping with a secure loss of 3% at maximum.

Further, it is known and accepted by large investors, why? It is because of its increment & stability in performance and confidently giving its users over a year of operation.

AutoTrade Gold 5.0 also trades XAU/USD on the EFT (Exchange-Traded funds) market. Also, it generates a monthly passive income of 15%, more or less.

Note: Trading License

For you to access the services of the AutoTrade Gold 5.0 bot, it is important to provide a license. Meanwhile, depending on your traded capital, you will be offered 5 licenses for you to use the services of the bot.

Then you can now decide for yourselves the license to use depending on the capital rate you chose to deposit & receive its future interest later.

It is important & considerable that the summation of your deposits on capital & interests received does not go beyond its trading expectations, or else all trading activities will be suspended by the robot resulting in no paid interest.

Also, if you are to increase the level of your trading capital, you need to upgrade your license to the following higher license. So your payments will be on the difference between the two licenses involved.

Consider the below outline of the license and the amounts attached to each of them.

  • License 1 – $122 for trading capital within $100 & $500
  • License 2 – $224 for trading capital within $100 & $5, 000
  • Also, license 3 – $560 for trading capital between $100 and $30, 000
  • License 4 – $2, 800 _ trading capital within $100 to $1,000,000
  • License 5 – $3,920 _ trading capital between $100 & $10,000,000

Therefore, the higher the upgrade amount the higher the trading capital. Continue reading to find out the Auto Trade Gold downsides.

Auto Trade Gold – Untrue Information on Bot Regulation

PT Sarana Digital International and Panthera Trade, who operate as introducing brokers for Lego Market LLC, founded and manage Auto Trade Gold. This is noted on the robot’s official web portal.

The LegoMarket LLC is also “licensed and regulated by the National Futures Association of St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” according to the company.

As a result, they encourage you to assume that your money will be safer with a registered broker than with an unregulated firm.

The issue is that it is a complete fabrication. First and foremost, there is no National Futures Association in St. Vincent and the Grenadines; they instigated it.

In the United States, there’s the presence of the National Futures Association, yet LegoMarket is not a member.

Secondly, St. Vincent and the Grenadines have no Forex brokerage regulation whatsoever! An article from their Financial Services Authority states unequivocally that the regulation is missing due to a lack of underlying law.

That’s right, Auto Trade Gold is falsifying about St. Vincent and the Grenadines regulation and the status of its associate brokers. This alone enables us to conclude that it is a ruse.

Fake & Invalid Testimonials

On its website, Auto Trade Gold displays delighted clients whose tales are meant to persuade you that the robot is lucrative. The issue is that the testimonies are clearly fabricated.

The photos of the putative clients were acquired from the website of a data recovery firm. Auto Trade Gold, from an official snapshot, used photographs of their consumers and management.

On the official Data Recovery Firm’s page, we discovered three out of four alleged Auto Trade Gold clients. What are your chances? It’s almost nothing.

It demonstrates that the testimonials on Auto Trade Gold’s official platform are Invalid.

Auto Trade Gold – Fabricated & Unexpected Results

Auto Trade Gold has a table showing trading outcomes from over a year on its website. Also, the robot is said to have only had 8 negative days in the entire year!

In addition, the average monthly investment returns are 19.7%. In terms of forex trading, this would make it the top Forex trading firm in the world.  We’ve rarely learned of a legitimate trade firm achieving these figures.

The Largest & best investment firms in the world with a track record of success will be pleased if they earn 20% in a year.

How is Auto Trade Gold, which is sold for lesser dollars, bring in that much money every month? Without doubts, No is the answer.

For such a remarkable robot, Wall Street corporations would be willing to spend millions, if even billions of dollars.

Interestingly, there are only 8 days in a year when you lose. When you trade Forex or Gold virtually every day, maintaining such a degree of consistency is nearly impossible.

Yes, you need trading skills to achieve such results, but the graph of trading outcomes available on the AutoTrade Gold website serves as further evidence that this is a fraud.

By using cumulative effect, this robot is said to be capable of increasing your capital by 891% in a year.

According to trading terminologies, this is known as The Holy Grail. There’s a reason for this: But we are still on the research.

Conclusion – Auto Trade Gold, Is It Scam or Legit?

Auto Trade Gold 5.0 and all of its variants are a rip-off.

The people in charge of the robot lie about regulation, offer unachievable profits, and operate an unlawful Ponzi scheme. Keep your distance from this!

We suggest sticking with registered brokers if you want to do legit financial trading. If you chose to invest in real money, you should take note of the hazards involved.

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