Bastion Invest Review | Blockchain Technology Offering 5% Effort Ponzi

Bastion Invest Review: Offering 5% Russian Ponzi Effort, with multi-cryptocurrency payment systems via acquiring united professional traders into a single group for the improvement and efficiency of their crypto investment platform.

Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing the reason this platform is considered a Russian Ponzi. We will also consider their investment offers.

Additionally, before entering the main discussion of this article, I will like you to look into this brief overview of the company, and the compensation structure below.

Bastion Invest Review: Brief Overview

Bastion Invest Review: as I stated earlier, this company is compacted with professional traders sourced from the U.S of America, for the improvement and efficiency of the company’s cryptocurrency trading.

This Trader opens over 1000 orders every 24hrs, meanwhile, 60% of the orders are closed after 48hrs. Therefore, this brought more income than expected within a short period of time.

Bastion Invest forward plan is to increase their working capital via cooperation with a private investor. There are invitations for people who become part of them as their financial partners.

Investing their funds can be highly profitable in crypto trading arranged by leading crypto experts through their field of activity.

The company’s team invests with free capital using different cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Eutherium, Ripple, and all other cryptocurrencies listed on their official platform.

Therefore, all these investments will be made with the aim of further reselling these currencies on other cryptocurrencies that are popular in the market system.

Are you aware of this company’s main goal? If not, their aim goal is risk reduction, ensuring regular profits to investors by including other private investments. Then later, they reinvest the collected assets.

This private investment helps to increase the company’s monthly by actively increasing trades on trade volume and exchanges.

Ponzi Alerts

When we noticed the company’s low-effort Russian Ponzi, there was no information that the company provides about the Administrators and the site’s runner.

When you take a close look at the Our Staff section of the website, the company displayed random executive names.

After a couple of months which took us time and finance to carry out researches about Bastion Invests, we discovered that the administrator of the company is William Hardy.

When you look at the same platform, there is an official photo that features a poor photo-shoot placement of the Bastion Invest Logo.

However, that that office photo displayed on the page belongs to Fiera Trading, a company that resides out of Kazan, in Russia.

For Bastion Invest to come out as an authorized company, they made provisions of UK Incorporation details for their company.

Moreover, Being an MLM platform that claims to carry their operation out of the UK sound like a Ponzi alert.

If you look in dip, you will find out that the UK incorporation is cheap and unregulated in an effective manner.

In addition to this, the FCA, which serves as the UK’s Top Financial Regulators, does not consider regulations actively on MLM-related securities fraud.

Bastion Invest’s Website domain ( registration occurred privately on July 12th, 2021.

Additionally, Alexa Ranks is currently the top source of traffic to bastion Invest’s site as Russia (49%) and Vietnam (8%).

Bastion Invest Review: Compensation Plan/Investment Offers

Bastion Invest Affiliates make investments on promises on a daily ROI of 5%.

1. Beginners – invests 1$ to $500, receiving 2.2% daily for 10 days.
2. Progressive – they invest $501 to$1500 and receive 3% on daily basis for 30 days.
3. Average – they make investments of $1501 to$3000, receiving 3.8% daily for 30 days.
4. Pro/Premium – Invests $3001 to $30,000, and receives 5% on daily basis for 30 days.

Note, for Bastion Invest affiliate membership it is free, with no charges to join.

Therefore, to participate fully in the attached income opportunity requires an initial amount of $1 to $30,000 for investment.

Bastion Invest makes deposit and withdrawal formats in USD, Bitcoin, ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Tron, and Ripple.

For more updates and information, about this article, I suggest you view the official platform (

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