Bitcoin Lifestyle Review: Operation and Legitimacy

Introduction to Bitcoin Lifestyle Review

Bitcoin Lifestyle is an online automated cryptocurrency trading system. According to their website, it uses a trading robot to trade cryptocurrencies. Their service is accessible by using the Bitcoin Lifestyle app. This article is a Bitcoin Lifestyle review.

It is rumoured to be endorsed or used by celebrities such as Elon Musk. Because of this, its popularity has soared in the cryptocurrency community.

Moreover, its claim to generate daily profits of about 60% has also contributed to the general interest in it. However, in today’s market that crawls with several cryptocurrency scams, you cannot take such claims at face value, no matter how enticing.

This Bitcoin Lifestyle review will present you with all the information you need to make wise decisions about using Bitcoin Lifestyle.

Creating an Account on Bitcoin Lifestyle 

Visit the Bitcoin Lifestyle website. You need to create an account to use the service. Then, fill in the form with your details like your name, phone number and email address. When you complete this and submit the form, you will see a pop-up.

The pop-up will inform you that your registration is complete. Follow the prompts on it. It will then direct you to your account dashboard.

The site will then ask you to upload your documents and verify your contact details. It is necessary to verify your account and begin trading.

Operating Bitcoin Lifestyle

Bitcoin Lifestyle Review: the site’s homepage

As with most cryptocurrency trading platforms, a deposit is required to use as your initial trading capital. Similarly, Bitcoin Lifestyle requires a minimum deposit of 250.00 USD to begin trading.

After completing the registration process, Bitcoin Lifestyle will redirect you to a broker to make said deposit.

Furthermore, after completing the registration, Bitcoin Lifestyle will offer you the choice of using its demo mode. It claims this is to help new users get a feel of its crypto-trading interface.

But you will find that the demo mode exaggerates the prices of cryptocurrencies. It also simulates events that you are unlikely to find in a real-world cryptocurrency market. It exaggerates profits. And also to convince users that there are big profits to reap if they use the software.

Afterwards, you can move on to a real account, adjust your trading parameters and let the Bitcoin Lifestyle software trade on your behalf. When the trading day closes, you can see your profits.

Bitcoin Lifestyle states on its site that it charges a 1% commission on the profits made with the platform. It also says that it has no hidden deposit nor withdrawal charges.

We advise you to end the trading sessions at the end of each day to avoid rollover fees.

Bitcoin Lifestyle only pays out in dollars. You can withdraw funds in a variety of options which you can see on their site.


The question of whether it is legitimate is probably the most important section of this Bitcoin Lifestyle review. There are plenty of cryptocurrency scams, so you must exercise caution. This is what we discovered about Bitcoin Lifestyle.

Misleading advertising

 Bitcoin Lifestyle often exaggerates the size of profits to be gained by trading with their software in its ads. Further, it also does this by inflating the profits users with a demo account see. They do this to encourage users to invest more in trading.

Therefore, keep in mind that its claims of profits of up to 800 USD daily are unlikely. Such claims are improbable.

False rumours of celebrity endorsement

There are plenty of claims that celebrities are using Bitcoin Lifestyle. The celebrities include Gordon Ramsay, Kate Winslet and Elon Musk. We found that these rumours are largely false. The Bitcoin Lifestyle website also admits that these rumours are false on its homepage.

Largely positive user reviews on Trustpilot

 Bitcoin Lifestyle is highly-reviewed on Trustpilot . With an average rating of 4.5 stars at the time of writing of this article. Furthermore, there are multiple testimonies on the site of Bitcoin Lifestyle’s customer service reliability. This leads one to conclude that its users are satisfied with the service. Although you should always view online Trustpilot reviews with some scepticism, this supports its legitimacy.

Lack of authorization by any financial regulators

Bitcoin Lifestyle is yet to register with any regulatory body. That is a possible red flag. It makes its legitimacy doubtful.

You must be very careful before you decide to invest in Bitcoin Lifestyle. The amount to put in is quite large. Bitcoin Lifestyle’s somewhat shady ways do not encourage sceptical investors. We advise you seek other more trustworthy cryptocurrency trading platforms. It is difficult to tell if the trading system is trustworthy.


Bitcoin Lifestyle is one of many cryptocurrency platforms today.

Our Bitcoin Lifestyle review is about this platform that has aggressively advertised itself to beginners in the cryptocurrency market.

Its promises of massive returns are false. Furthermore, any rumour you have heard about it is probably false too. But several users have expressed satisfaction with its services online though.

Again, we advise you to be careful when making any decisions regarding it.

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