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Bitsolives Login: Bitsolives operates under a cryptocurrency MLM niche (BuxCoin). Its investment program functions as an aid for users to make easy money online via referral marketing and a return-outward investment scheme.

Moreover, we do not know if this MLM investment niche is real or a scam due to the ROIs offered during investment. Therefore, to know more about Bitsolives MLM investments & how to get started as an investor, read on below.

Additionally, in this article, you will also learn how login into your investment account on Bitsolives without much stress – this is an easy approach.

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Bitsolives Login – Company’s Overview

To a company like Bitsolives, we are to do a thorough on the company to find out if their offers are legit or a rip-off. Doing this is to avoid people investing their hard-earned money into something that might be fake; this is why we decided to overview the company before stating their investment plans.

From our research, we found out the company’s domain ( was registered privately on March 10th, 2018, which is four years ago from our current time.

We also found out that the company’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is Mohsin Jameel who has an Asian accent looking at him alone.

Based on the India Tribune, Mohsin Jameel seems to have a disappointing past experience that relates to scam operations.

In this kind of operation, it doesn’t seem like he was an affiliate in the company, but was also a CEO of that company, which later on the company sped off with Indian currencies from investors worth up to $1.5 billion.

Under this situation, it got involved with Indian agencies, which include the Punjab Police & the Enforcement Directorate. As a result, after severe investigations, they came to the conclusion that these investment niches are guilty of fraud activities.

The current CEO of Bitsolives has always been related to issues like these, or even being sued for carrying out illegal investment through a Ponzi scheme, E.G Zuflo.

In Summary –

Therefore, it’s not his first time establishing a company, which has ripped off much of their money, for his own benefit & earnings.

Furthermore, all this research on Bitsolives & its owner, shows that Bitsolives as an MLM niche has RED FLAGS at hand, however, by the end of this article, you will find out.

Continue reading below to find out about the company’s compensation plans.

Bitsolives Login – Compensation Plans & Investments Commissions

According to Bitsolives compensation plans, it’s similar to an MLM Unilevel payment plan. Also, Bitsolives has a captivating ROI rewards plan which is sponsored by another company in charge of their BuxCoin cryptocurrency mining.

Via the company’s referral marketing, you can earn residual commissions & other bonuses. View below to know how Bitsolives compensation plan works.

From Bitsolives’ investment offer, there is an opportunity to get 20 days of ROI. This means that the volume of your investments determines the amount of ROI you will receive.

The more you invest the more rewards you will get with an increase in the ROI within 20 days. Each of Bitsolives’ investment plans ranges from €200 to €10,000.

Below is the list of the 20 days ROI, you will receive as a reward from Bitsolives.

  1. Silver Stage– Invest €200, on ROI you will get €320 within 20 days
  2. Gold Stage – At this level, you can invest €1000 & get €2000 after twenty (20) days.
  3. Platinum Stage – invest €5000, on ROI, you will receive €12,000.
  4. Diamond Stage – you can invest €10,000 & later get €30,000 ROI.

During payouts on Bitsolives, the commissions are shared between 70% of Bitcoin & 30% of BuxCoin.

Further, the BuxCoin is given to affiliates through a 4:1 ratio, which means each commission is each to 4 BuxCoins.

Additionally, the BuxCoins belong to Bitsolives for only 180 days and are then later sent back to the affiliates in addition to the 25% point bonus.

Investment Commissions

Bitsolives Login: On the Bitsolives investment commissions, they offer recruitment commissions.

This means that the company pays its already existing affiliates for recruiting new affiliates in the company. Offering this recruitment commission is to find out the number of funds the affiliate invests.

Below are the recruitment commissions evaluated in percentage.

  • The Silver affiliate gets a 6% commission for recruiting new affiliates.
  • Also, the Gold affiliates earn about 8% recruitment commission on new recruits
  • While the Platinum affiliates get a 10% commission on new recruits.

Other related commissions can be gotten from the official platform. We suggest you visit to see more of the company’s investment offers.

Read on below to find out more about joining Bitsolives.

Bitsolives Login – About Joining Bitsolives

Before joining Bitsolives, you should consider the before info, to avoid disappointments. To join Bitsolives, its affiliate membership is not free. You need to invest certain amounts before you become an affiliate and earn more.

The membership is based on their offered ROI; therefore, the fee is ranging from €200 to €10,000. And these amounts are according to the investment tiers/stages on the platform.

Having registered for any of the plans, you are now free to operate on the platform as an affiliate member & earn your money.

However, before doing that, you will need to log into your account. Read on below to find out how you are to access your account through the login procedures.

Bitsolives Login – How to Access your personal Affiliate Account

Having registered an account on Bitsolives, to access your account, you have to apply these login procedures below.

  1. Firstly, visit the company’s official website.
  2. Then proceed to the login page on the platform
  3. On the login page, enter your Email address/username used during registration, next, type in your password.
  4. Insert a referral code, if there’s any (however, that section is optional).
  5. Finally, click on the LOGIN button below to access your dashboard.

After applying these steps, you can proceed with your investments & earnings, but are these investments legit?

According to our overview in the previous section of this article, if you’ve gone through the overview well, you should have found out if this company is legit or a scam.

Even looking at their investments plans, where do you think the ROI comes from? Think over this before handling your fund to this company for investments.

For remarks on this article, please leave a comment below & stay tuned to our website for more incoming updates.

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