Eddy Alexandre CEO Biography | Arrested & Shunned for Fraudulent Acts

Eddy Alexandre CEO Biography: Eddy Alexandre is the current founder & CEO of EminiFX. The EminiFX is a cryptocurrency promoting platform, and also an alternate worldwide shopping platform for promoting commerce content.

Moreover, in this article, you will find out the Biography of the CEO, Eddy Alexandre, Why he was arrested over a fraudulent scheme, his net worth & much more. To find out more about these interesting topics, continue reading below.

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Eddy Alexandre CEO Biography – The Biography of EminiFX’s Founder

The Founder of EminiFX, Eddy Alexandre is a native & citizen of Valley Stream, Nassau County, New York in the US. He also completed his academics, which includes his high school SAT in the US. And he was born in the year 1972, so today he should be at least 50 years of age.

All these signify that Eddy Alexandre, the founder of EminiFX has an American Nationality, a black American to be precise. Meanwhile, in the year 2002, he had his institutional studies at Harvard University and studied project management at New York University from the year 2007 to 2008.

Eddy Alexandre was an associate of arts & sciences at the University Adventist HAITI from the year 1992 to the year 1994.

Then he completed his Bachelor of Science (B.sc) program in the aspect of Business Administration and Master of Business administration in Information System Management from the Purdue University Adventist.

As you well know that Eddy Alexandre is currently the founder & CEO of EminiFX as explained earlier at the beginning of this article. And also he was previously a senior architect, infrastructural security architecture, and a WarnerMedia Cyber Security Officer-WM CSO in February 2018 while he was in the Greater New York City Area.

Furthermore, Eddy Alexandre is known for giving out highly complex, sound, effective management, and continuous improvement initiatives. And he does well to carry out these tasks by maintaining expert knowledge of complex industry trends.

However, Eddy Alexandre was arrested for his involvement & operations in a fraudulent scheme, but how & why did he put himself in such a position; this is what we will find out in the next section below. So keep on reading below to find out more.

Eddy Alexandre CEO Biography – Arrested Over Fraudulent Scheme, Reasons

As earlier stated, he is the CEO & founder of EminiFX, but while running his company on a norm, he promised their investors that he could double their money within the period of five (5) months through Robo-advising technology. So with this promise active, investors went on and invested their money, based on promised ROI, what a Ponzi scheme this is.

After the investments by investors, Eddy made his choice by spending the money/funds for his own benefit by purchasing luxury cars & putting the money into his personal business expenses.

In Summation, that’s the total amount he used was more than $15 million of the investors’ funds on personal expenses, while the rest he directed the money into his personal account/bank. And all these resulted in his failure in returning the money back to the investors with the interests he promised to offer them.

This is the reason why he was apprehended/ arrested on the 12th of May 2022, and possibly charged for the Fraud scheme he applied on his own.

Eddy was charged with commodities fraud and wire fraud on one count each. The charges entail a potential punishment of 10 to 20 years in prison, depending on the offense. Alexandre has been accused of participating in a $59 million Crypto Pyramid fraud.

Eddy Alexandre’s Wife, Children, and Personal Net Worth

Eddy Alexandre CEO Biography: Eddy has a family, which means that he is married, but looking at the web to find out information on his family and people related to him, you won’t find any information regarding his existing family. But we will still keep on searching to find out about his family and relative, and then keep you updated.

Before he was arrested, Eddy’s net worth was not mentioned at all on the net, even as the CEO of EminiFX. However, from our research, we couldn’t find his exact net worth so far, but when we find out, we will keep you updated.

Moreover, for further information on this article, keep on visiting our website, to get updates on Eddy Alexandre’s fraud scheme case. Also, leave a comment below for further responses about this article, and don’t forget to share.

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