Fully Funded Scholarships – 100% Funded for International Students

These fully funded scholarships are for international students, covering monthly stipend, flight, and insurance. Do you want to begin your studies at world-class universities? Here are scholarships currently available to study abroad

Fully Funded Scholarships

List of  Fully Funded International Scholarships

  • International Students can apply for Nottingham University China Scholarships. Nottingham University China Global Full Scholarships are now accessible for all international students who aspire to study within China.
  • Scholarships with Grants and Sponsorships from the United States Embassy: You won’t be able to obtain this reward unless you meet all of the requirements and complete your registration.
  • Tsinghua University’s Siemens China Scholarship for International Students: Tsinghua University to award a Siemens China Scholarship to all international students wishing to study in China.
  • Scholarships for International Students at UAE Universities: Here are some practical methods for applying for a UAE University Scholarship for International Students.
  • Rotary Peace Fellowships – Each year, Rotary selects up to 100 people from around the world to receive fully funded academic fellowships to gain a Professional Development Certificate Program or a Masters Degree Program in peace and conflict resolution and prevention at one of the participating peace centers around the world (USA, Japan, UK, Australia, Sweden, Thailand, Uganda)
  • Full Scholarships with Allowance at Hasselt University in Belgium
  • Anhui Government Scholarships for International Students: The Anhui Government Scholarship Program for International Students exist to obtain more international students to study and research in Anhui higher education institutions.

So we strongly urge you to take the time to read through all of the information and how to apply for these Fully Funded Scholarships – 100% Funded For International Students.

Other travel Abroad opportunities to check out

The Canadian government has made it a policy to employ immigrants trying to enter the country. There are now over 300,000 job openings in Canada for immigrants intending in migrating abroad. Available categories include:

Skilled Workers needed Canada: A skilled worker must be able to pass a background check, pay their application costs, and submit letters of intent in addition to possessing specific abilities. If an applicant is approved, the employer must produce verification indicating the applicant worked in Canada for a specified period. 

There’s a growing need for Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada: A job offer is the most effective approach to relocating to Canada. Have the skill but no university or college degree; there is already a place for you in Canada, and it’s even better if your expertise is in high demand because your immigration procedure will be a breeze. with this in mind check out how you can get a visa to travel and work in Canada for free


Are you interested in coming to Canada, particularly to study on a scholarship or obtain a work visa (permit) and reside there for the rest of your life? If the response to the question is affirmative, you should be fine. Yes, you will have no problems because the entire remedy to your minor issue is on this website.

So why not begin your journey to your dream country, Canada, right now by relaxing and reading this fantastic article. To begin, those who intend to apply for a Canadian work visa must first understand the meaning and different sorts of Canadian visas. Read this post to accomplish this. The page serves as a primer and overview of the many forms of Canadian work visas.

Second, are you aware that the Canadian government provides free Canadian work visas, scholarships, jobs, and housing to people? These individuals must, however, meet the criteria. Please read this post to learn more about free Canadian work visas, scholarships, jobs, and housing.

Finally, these are the top five fully-funded scholarships to apply for this year in Canada and the United States. 95% of these scholarships get funded. 60 percent of them are Canadian scholarship recipients, and those based in the United States link with schools in Canada. The decision is yours to make, whether you want to go to Canada or the United States of America. In such cases, go through all of the material on this page before you can begin.

The top 5 fully-funded scholarships currently available in Canada and the United States of America are listed below.

  1. YFU-USA Key Club | Scholarship for Key Leaders

This scholarship is worth $2,000 and can be used in traveling to approximately 40 destinations. Some of these nations may have language requirements. Every year, YFU awards over 200 full and partial merit-based scholarships in addition to need-based financial help to students.

Students must complete the eligibility standards specified in Scholarship Information pages, to get the scholarship grants. They must submit an essay, documents, and application fee (if applicable).

  1. Define Yourself Scholarship worth $5000

GoEnnounce is a platform that allows students to donate towards their goals by sharing their academic achievements, and projects.  In the event of that, Students can raise money and graduate debt-free by sharing their stories with friends, family, and mentors. in addition, they give scholarships every month, the $500 “Define Yourself” Scholarship!

  1. Brandon Goodman Scholarship

The award is open to high school students and college students. You must be a U.S. citizen or be an international student in the United States and have a minimum of 2.0 GPA. It is not a must to be a member to be eligible for this prize.

  1. Scholarships from the United States State Department

The United States government provides this scholarship, and open to high school students who are studying in another country. However, this scholarship for high school students in Canada is dependent on your region of study and the program of focus due to yearly specifications and requirements. The scholarship goes through a competitive process, and the grants vary in value.

  1. Apply for a Latina Americana Scholarship

The Latina Americana scholarship is on basis of academic merit and covers half of a student’s tuition for a year or semester. The scholarship is only available to AFS, Costa Rican, and Argentinian participants, and the grant value varies.

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