Join & Earn from by Completing Social Tasks, Is this a Rip-off?

Gainvest: this is a crowdsourcing platform, which enables you to earn a limited amount of money from carrying out different tasks on the platform. These tasks include watching videos, posting content on Social Media, and accessing websites & lots more.

To access these tasks on the platform, you need to deposit N700 during the registration process.

Also, there are other ways of making money on this platform, you can earn more by inviting close friends around you to join & earn with you through a referral link.

So, in this article, you will find out how you can join & earn from this platform either through tasking jobs or by sharing referral links to others around you.

Continue reading below to see how Gainvest works.

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Referencing the official site, consider the introductory aspect of the website & what they do.

“Gainvest or Gemsvest E-platform is a Professional Social Advertising Platform, online publishers, E-marketing, and advertising company. Here we will provide you with only interesting content, which you will like very much.


We’re dedicated to providing you with the best of Social Advertising, with a focus on dependability and Earnings. We’re working to turn our passion for Social Advertising into a booming online website. We hope you enjoy our Social Advertising as much as we enjoy offering them to you.


Gemsvest E-platform is a registered platform with the corporate affairs commission (CAC) with the business registration No 3391561.”

However, by the end of this article, you will see if this claim is true or not, keep on reading to know more.

According to Gainvest, they claim that, after registration, you can convert your N700 deposit to N20, 000 every month, is this real? And all this money will be paid off by just completing easy online tasks.

To start earning on Gainvest, your first approach is to register on their platform. After that, you can start earning by dropping a monthly subscription fee of N700. Then you will automatically have access to start earning via the following tasks below:

  • You can earn by watching, sharing, downloading & uploading videos with a drop of evidence on the platform proclaiming that you’ve completed the tasks.
  • Also, you can earn more through social media viral shares – in this aspect of the task, you earn by posting content on your personal social media account, which includes Facebook, WhatsApp status, Twitter, & Instagram.
  • Additionally, you can earn by visiting websites & other activities such as downloading apps and lots more.

How to Start Earning & Get Paid

On Gainvest, you do not need any qualification to start earning; it can serve as an opportunity for you if you are a social media freak because it’s on the list of their tasks.

Also, according to the task you will be given on the platform, all you need to do and know is easily translated on the platform for easy understanding.

If you are well acquainted with sharing & inviting people on social media, you can easily understand the tasks that will be displayed in the task section.

According to the way Gainvest pays early earners, you must acquire a minimum N4, 500 in your personal account, and then direct the withdrawal automatically into your local bank accounts.

Immediately you place your withdrawal order, you will be paid automatically within 5 minutes. Also, Gainvest accepts all local bank accounts in Nigeria.

On Gainvest, renewing your subscription is optional, also, you can subscribe again to earn more and withdraw all earnings in your personal & capital account. Referral System, How does it work

According to the Gainvest referral scheme, you can earn up to N250, 000 every month by just inviting friends & families to join & start earning. This means you are earning as an affiliate member on Gainvest by sharing referral links.

On you first refer, immediately someone clicks on your referral link, joins, pays the membership fee, and starts earning, you will automatically receive N500 into your Gainvest wallet.

Therefore, the more you invite friends to join & earn with Gainvest, the more you will earn income referrals.

Also, know that the referral system is optional, only those who want to earn more can apply it.

Read on below, for more information on how to join the platform.

How to Join Gainvest, Easy steps to Apply & Start Earning

To join Gainvest & start earning via tasks, follow the steps below. However, before applying the registration procedures below, you need to purchase a coupon code for N700. This also serves as the subscription/membership fee. To purchase the coupon code, follow the steps below:

  • To purchase the coupon code for your registration, click on the registration button on the Gainvest official platform.
  • On the registration page, click on the inscription “CLICK HERE TO BUY COUPON CODE”.
  • On the coupon code page, you will see an outline of verified coupon codes, click on anyone.
  • Finally, access the coupon code through WhatsApp contact, and then you are ready for registration.

For automatic registration, try out the steps below.

  1. Visit the Gainvest official website, click on the registration link to access the registration page.
  2. On the registration page, type in your email address, phone number, username, referral username, or link.
  3. Insert your password, and the coupon code you purchased, agree to their terms & privacy.
  4. Finally, click on REGISTER, and then you will access your personal tasks dashboard & account.

After applying these procedures, you can now start earning through any of the tasks available on the platform.

Would you like to know if Gainvest is Legit or a Scam? Read on through the conclusion part of this article to find out.

Conclusion –, Is it Legit or a Rip-off?

According to our research, we won’t place any judgment on the fact that Gainvest is Legit or a scam. However, from our Intel Gainvest can either be a scam or legit, why?

This is because, from our observation, Gainvest does not reveal any evidence of verified paid members. Also, buying the coupon code cannot be done publically on the internet, but privately through a WhatsApp direct contact.

And this is not how a crowdsourcing platform works, it needs to have its user’s support in all their activities. And all their activities must be done openly for everyone to see before joining.

Anyways, other reviews are claiming that the platform is currently paying out users for the tasks completed.

But I assure you that sooner or later, you will find out faults/red flags associated with Gainvest, and this can lead to their work collapsing or a shutdown on their website.

When their platform shuts down, all your money including your subscription will all be gone.

Note: an investment or crowdsourcing platform that earns you N20, 000 within a month with just a deposit of N700 as a subscription fee doesn’t seem real, where do you think all the money that’s paid for the tasks comes from?

Even in some cases, after carrying out a task, your payments will be pending for later, which that later might be never.

In summary –

Therefore, do not just conclude that Gainvest is a legit platform for earning money through tasks, because you do not know what could take place the next day, no one could predict the future.

However, we are not trying to tell you it’s a scam or legit, we are just given facts to consider before joining the platform, to avoid regrets later due to the absence of legal evidence on the platform.

For more updates on articles similar to this, stay tuned to our website, also, leave a comment below if you find this article pleasing to you.

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