goDiamond Review: Is it a Genuine Opportunity or a Big Scam?

goDiamond review: You may have come across goDiamond if you were looking for ways to generate money online, possibly through Facebook or another social media platform.

goDiamond, which was launched in late September 2021, is another online platform that claims to provide participants with an online work opportunity. Users can profit from the site by referring others to sign up. There are no registration or renewal costs, and membership is completely free.

godiamond is a copy of sites like Safwork and Hulu works shop, but with fewer methods to earn. It has members from all over the world, including Kenya, the United States, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Canada, and others.

Is goDiamond a rip-off or a legitimate business? What is the mechanism behind it? is it possible for me to cancel my Go Diamond subscription? This godiamond review will answer these and many other questions so that you can fully comprehend its model.

Review: What exactly is goDiamond?

goDiamond has been a referral program since September 2021, that rewards you in bitcoin when you get referrals. The more people you recruit, the more money you make.

The website is presently in beta, but it appears that you will have access to a variety of self-promotional banners and landing pages in the future.

As a Free member, you can earn up to $100 in withdrawals; everything over that is added to the next monthly payout. You can earn up to a withdrawal limit of $20,000 as an ambassador.

How does it work?

Anyone interested in becoming a member of godiamond must first register. To sign up, go to godiamond.com or utilize a referral link from a current member.

You’ll be asked to input your information, such as your name and email address, on the sign-up page. Then click ‘Activate My Godiamond Now,’ and you’re done; your Go Diamond account is now active.

Finally, the only thing left to do is confirm your email address by clicking the link in the verification email that was sent to your inbox.

After you’ve successfully created your account, go to godiamond.com’s Member’s login page and log in with your email and password.

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How will you make money from the site?

Now, godiamond only offers one way to make money: through the referral program. You are compensated for inviting your friends or followers on social media to join the program. This is made possible by the one-of-a-kind link you receive after registering.

Godiamond.com will pay you $100 for each successful referral. Given that it is a free platform, the earnings per referral are considerable. It’s highly implausible, given that they haven’t provided the business strategy that would allow them to create such money.

However, you can earn up to $500 per recommendation every month, according to the website.

Review on other ways to make money from goDiamond

Because it’s still a new platform, Go Diamond hasn’t included other ways to earn money, such as surveys, offers, or trading, as some earlier platforms have done, such as Pataqash technologies.

Furthermore, since most Pyramidal Schemes have already taken advantage of such approaches, the inadequacy of earning methods may be a gift. You can still make money by taking surveys on legitimate sites like Surveytime or Offernation.

Review Addressing Withdrawals on goDiamond

On the site, they pay in a variety of ways. So, once you’ve made money from godiamond, you can request a payout. The most usual method is to use a cryptocurrency, which is available across the world.

The withdrawal process is simple and quick, but you must wait for your money to arrive. After seeking a payout, Godiamond LLC has yet to release the funds. So, it doesn’t matter how many people you invite because you won’t get compensated in any case.

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Is goDiamond a scamming or a genuine website?

We can’t say whether goDiamond is a real site, or a scam based on current information because it’s still new. However, even though it’s free, we don’t encourage it because you could waste a lot of time looking for referrals and end up earning nothing.

It’s not a legitimate work-from-home job because it relies solely on the recruitment of new employees.

It’s difficult to trust the company because we haven’t seen any withdrawal proof to date. Furthermore, there’s no indication of where the $100 you earn every invite comes from.

Godiamond’s founder or owner, as well as its legal paperwork, are unknown. The products or services on the site are also not clear, which places them as a pyramidal scheme.

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It is entirely up to you whether to join GoDiamond; after all, it is completely free. I haven’t seen anyone paid on Godiamond.com, therefore I can’t confirm that individuals are making money there.

We do not recommend Go Diamond to our readers because referring can take a long time. Yes, no investments are necessary at this time, however, because they haven’t paid out any earnings, it isn’t worth it to join.

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