Review | Nigerian Virtual Foreign Bank Account, Legit or a Scam?

Grey co: this is a virtual foreign bank, which was known as Aboki Africa. Grey co is also an online currency exchange niche, where you can easily convert your naira into dollar/dollar into naira, and other related foreign currencies.

Also, the platform serves as an exchange platform, not only to convert but also to exchange your currency for a whole different currency used by another country.

Read on below to find out more on today’s review.

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How does Grey co Work?

On the platform, there are certain currencies that you can exchange/convert to your personal currency. These currencies include:

  1. Dollars (USD)
  2. Euro (EUR)
  3. Pounds (GBP)
  4. Naira (NGN) is all you’ll need for cross-border transactions, including being paid, sending and receiving payments, currency conversion, and much more. Say goodbye to the days when international transactions were a pain.

Keep on reading to find out more on Grey co, if the platform is a rip-off, or if it’s legit.

Is it Legit or a Scam?

Actually, from our recent research, we found out that Grey co is indeed a regulated platform, which is signed & issues by CBN. Therefore, if you are thinking that the platform might be a scam, put your mind off that, because we’ve done our research on the platform and it shows that the trust score seems to be high & effective.

Even according to other scam review platforms, during their conclusion, you will find out that they quoted the site as a safe finance-stream platform. Therefore, feel free to use this platform –

Scroll below to find out how to use this platform effectively without being confused in the process.

How to use Grey co Virtual account

As earlier explained, this platform is meant for the exchange of currencies from one currency to another, and also for checking the conversion rate of your currency.

You can possibly link your virtual account on Grey co to your personal PayPal account, and then after all the linking process, you can also withdraw your funds through your PayPal account.

Also, withdrawal from Grey co can be processed at a higher exchange rate of 580 naira for the Nigeria Citizens.

Moreover, you can possibly link your Virtual account to your personal Payoneer account, and withdraw your money directly from your Payoneer account into your bank account. And all these are done at a higher exchange rate of 580 nairas.

Finally, in our next article, you will find out how you can create an account on, and also the login procedures of which you are to apply to access your existing account.

Therefore, stay connected on our website @ for more interesting reviews & updates streaming in on the internet. For remarks & comments, please leave your comments below in the comment section & don’t forget to share.

Grey co Mobile App Download – How to Download the Mobile App

The Grey co Mobile app is still on its way to the Google Playstore, there you can find the app and download it at your own convenience. This is because, most online users that transfer money online through a network provider, recommend the use of the company’s mobile app for all their money transactions.

And all this is due to the accuracy an app can give you. when transferring or carrying out money exchanges through online services, there might be delays in their webpage or your money might be on hold.

Therefore, most people recommend using the company’s mobile app for their online money transactions. this is why we decided to give you some steps which you can use in downloading the Grey co mobile app for all your online businesses without delays. See the following steps below.

  1. Visit the Google Playstore
  2. Access the search bar & type in the app’s name – Grey co App
  3. From the list of options provided by the Playstore, click on the first display to top with your search inscription.
  4. On the Download page, click on the install button below, and start downloading the app.
  5. After downloading the app, click on the OPEN button to access the app.
  6. Finally, you’ve successfully installed the app into your mobile device & start exchanging/converting your currencies.

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