Hole Punch Camera Notification LED Light – Steps to set up and make use of Hole Punch Notification LED Light on Google Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 phones.

Hole Punch Camera Notification LED Light – those who don’t like the hole-punch camera designs, and probably dislike the one on your Google Pixel 5 and 4a android.

Moreover, in this article, I’ll be elaborating more on little things that might eventually make you start appreciating the hole-punch camera designs.

Hole Punch Camera Notification LED Light: preview –

Today, I will show you how to use and steps on how to set up the hole punch notification led light on the androids specified above.
It simply means that when you receive any notification on your phone like an unread message, missed calls, and social media notification.

At this, you will see that cool-looking light above your led touch/ camera on your phone.

However, how do we set up this notification led light on pixel 4a and Google pixel 5 devices?

Anyway, it’s simple. Just follow the steps below in other for you to set it up.

Steps to Follow in Other to Set-up Hole Punch Camera Notification Led Light on your Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a Device.

Step 1 –

Visit the Google Playstore app, download an app called AOE meaning “always on edge” by tapping on the button that a word install is inscribed on it to start downloading.

You should be familiar with this app and what it does.

Probably, when you are done installing the app, open the app and grant permission to the required terms provided, after that it will take you to the home page.

Step 2 –

On the app’s home page click on the first option which says ‘main settings’ it will take you directly to another page.
Limit your time, take a look at the option one after another to be able to identify the one to able and disable.

In other to speed up the process, I prefer you set yours the way they have set theirs in a sample view.

Also, don’t forget to save your setting before exiting the page.

Step 3 –

Go back to the app’s home page, this time, select the next option that says “app settings” after which you will see a new page.

However, you can take your time to scroll through the page disabling and enabling options as you like because the page is a long one.

For those who might think the process is too technical and the app’s setting is too sophisticated for them to handle.

As earlier stated, you can pick your options the way they have been set up for you on the page.

Lastly, remember to save your settings before leaving the page or when you‘re done.

Step 4 –

Return back to the app’s homepage, at this time, click on the next option inscribed as “lighting settings”.

This is the aspect where things will begin to get interesting and creative in a personal way.

On this page, you get to set and customize the way you want the ring of light around your android’s hole-punch camera cut out to appear.

Based on this, there is no limit to the amount of creativity showcased.

Excluding the above facts, there are basic things you have to know and rules you have to abide by before you start the creativity.

Hole Punch Camera Notification LED Light: those rules and steps are listed below:

Firstly, this app was initially created with the Samsung Galaxy S10 phones as in 2019 when they were first launched.

After this more androids from different brands started mimicking the aspect of the hole punch camera, later the developers decided to make it universal.

• Inform the app of the kind of hole-punch camera your phone is bearing, to do so you need to enable the option which says “enable notch support” then select “adjust manually”.

• For “notch type” select “o”. you can use the slider below that is labeled as “Notch Height” to adjust the size of your camera ring light.

•Also, scroll down a bit you will see a section of the page that is labeled “Notch Placement” and make sure to set it on “around notch only”.

•You will tell the app the place you want the location of your hole punch light to be.

• Three options are provided to choose from; “Right, Left, Center”.

• If “left” is selected, the light ring won’t just migrate to the “left” immediately. You will still have to adjust it properly so that that it will be aligned well on the phone or android.

• To do so, you will have to make use of the slider labeled as “Top (set 0 if not hole)” to move the light in an upward or downward direction.

Then, the last button which is located below the three options is responsible for the position of the hole punch camera cutout and also, helps you move the light ring to the left or right.

• Decisions can be made to set “Notch Width” and “ Curve Radius” both to zero because they don’t easily show any effect at this point.


After you have made sure your light ring is aligned properly on your Google pixel 4a and pixel 5 camera cutouts at your assured size.

However, when you are done with all these steps you have the freedom to now choose any type of customization for the hole-punch camera. Like Edge style, color, lightning mode lightning effect, and so on.

After all, this doesn’t forget to save your setting.

You can now preview your settings by tapping on the icon located around the right edge of your phone’s screen.

After you preview your settings, and you are satisfied with what you are seeing, you can decide to proceed with saving it.

When next you receive a notification, you should see your inspired notification light in action.

For more information and updates, comment in the box below, and share this article with others who wish to know the steps on how to set up their hole punch notification led light.

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