How to Transfer Skrill to PayPal | Skrill Money Transfer, is Skrill Money Transfer Safe?

How to Transfer Skrill to PayPal: Do you know that you can make transactions from skrill to PayPal? Being that PayPal is the leading payment network, despite the difficulty in fund exchange through an online payment.

However, due to recent changes, you can change/transfer your skrill funds to your PayPal account. Would you like to know those processes you would take to transfer your skrill funds to PayPal?

If you do, then you have no other option but to follow these procedures we will explain in this article.

Additionally, we will also discuss the meaning of skrill money transfer, how to transfer funds from PayPal to your Skrill account. Therefore, I suggest you sit back and go through this article to find suitable answers to your questions.

What is Skrill Money Transfer?

Looking at skrill money transfer, it’s an easy, safe, and fast way of sending money across countries. Moreover, these transfers can be done with your PC online or rather, using the Skrill mobile app.

You can only make transfers only if you’ve completed the quick registration process. Would you like to know how to send money using the skrill mobile app? Try the procedures reviewed below.

How to Send Money with a Skrill Mobile App

1. Download the Skrill Mobile app on your device
2. Click on money transfer, which provides you with a new page
3. On that page you are meant to fill in the empty spaces with your personal details and your recipient details.
4. Input your names, your email address, and the recipient’s email address, enter a valid mobile number and select the currency, amount, and fees.
5. Select the type of notification, services, and agree to the terms and conditions of pay global by ticking the box.
6. Attempt the captcher-challenge, then click on the submit button for the transfer to be processed.

How to transfer Skrill to PayPal accounts

To transfer skrill funds to your PayPal, you just have to follow the same procedures elaborated above.

However, this type of transfer will be done with the Skrill app to your PayPal account.

But if you do not wish to use the above procedures, you can make transfers online by visiting the Skrill official website, log in, and making your transfers.

Would you like to know the Skrill online website log-in procedures? You can find answers if you consider the below procedures.

How to Login to your Skrill Account for Transfer of Funds

1. Visit the official site at
2. Click on the login button located on the Homepage.
3. Enter your login details, which include your email address, and login password.
4. Finally, click on the login button to access your account.

Is Skrill Money Transfer Safe?

How to Transfer Skrill to PayPal: this is the main question users ask often, this is why we decided to disclose this point to you. Firstly, I want you to know that Skrill & PayPal are together as a leading payment network.

Therefore, there are no possible transfers between PayPal & skrill, which shows that there is difficulty in money transfer from Skrill to PayPal.

However, you can make money transfer and fund exchange, but done with the presence of an intermediary money exchange website.

Take Notice of Web Defrauds

When you go online, you will find varieties of intermediary exchange websites online. Also, these sites will be eligible to change funds from one wallet to the other.

The site that you will find majorly on the internet will be the ones that offer exchange services from Skrill to PayPal & vice versa.

Therefore, we inform you that most of those sites are into fraudulent activities on the internet, meanwhile, the trusted and genuine exchange sites online will be rare & hard to search out.

You can only obtain the legit exchange site either through a referral link or from other sites.

However, if you choose to make a transfer or exchange of funds using a defrauding site, you will be rubbed off cash during the transfer/exchange.

To access the right exchange and money transfer site, you should check the site’s reviews & consider what people say about the exchanger in the comment sections.

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