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This Algo Signals Review will inform you of all you need to know on the cryptocurrency electronic trading platform.

Algo Signals is a system that uses computer programs to analyze cryptocurrency and forex markets. That is according to its site. It then uses its results to make suggestions to enter trades in these markets to traders. These suggestions are called signals.

It is a go-to choice for many for trading forex and cryptocurrency Contracts-for-Difference.

Algo Signals allows traders to use its services for free. Although, it might likely begin to charge fees because of its boom in popularity.

Continue reading this Algo Signals review to learn how to create and manage an account and whether or not Algo Signals is legitimate.

Using Algo Signals

Algo Signals has a simple user interface. That is why it appeals to beginners in forex and cryptocurrency trading. 

However, users must regularly monitor their accounts. That is because it only presents signals and does no trading. That means users must manually make the trades.

Creating an Algo Signals account

To create an account, visit the Algo Signals site. You can choose to open a demo account or a live one. The demo account is available for potential traders to test the service and for training purposes.

To open a live account, do the following.

Fill in the necessary details in the form with the heading “Open an Account”. Then press “Enter” to continue. After, you will be directed to a page to make a trading deposit. It must be a minimum of 250.00 USD.

Bear in mind that it is compulsory to deposit the amount with the broker. It is needed so you can access the system and your account dashboard. When you finish making this payment, it directs you to your account dashboard.

Here you can choose to open a demo account. It allows you to trade a virtual sum of 1500.00 USD in a simulated forex or cryptocurrency market. This feature also helps to train beginners till they are confident to make actual trades.

Using an Algo Signals account

In this section of our Algo Signals review, we will discuss how to operate an account. There are several different account types available on Algo Signals.

Novice Account

This account is mainly for beginners. With a deposit of 250 USD, the user accesses live trading with three currency players and the Leaderboard Multiplier X1. It also lets one place three trades with multiple brokers at the same time.

Demo Account 

It, as mentioned earlier, is a free account for virtual trading in a simulated market. It is available to all traders registered with Algo Signals.

Expert Account

More experienced traders can choose to open this account. It requires an investment of 500 USD to a broker. This account allows a trader to trade up to nine currency pairs and access the Leaderboard multiplier X2.

Master Account

Traders need to register for this account to enjoy the full features of Algo Signals. It requires a deposit of 500 USD to different brokers each. This account comes with all the benefits of the previous ones mentioned. It also includes the Leaderboard multiplier x3 feature.

After opening your account, you need to configure the settings of the trading program on your account dashboard.

Features of Algo Signals.

We discuss the characteristics of the platform in this part of the Algo Signals Review.

  • Real-time data presentation of financial market information.
  • The settings are customizable. That means traders can adjust the software to their specific preferences.
  • Specifically selected brokers that are allegedly licensed and experienced.
  • It offers traders the ability to make trades without them needing to observe the market.

Certain other features like reliable customer service could not be well-verified.

The legitimacy of Algo Signals

If you have read this far into the Algo Signals review, you are probably eager to know if it is legitimate. Below is what we have also discovered about Algo Signal Reviews.

Fake testimonial reviews

There are reviews on the site’s homepage allegedly left by real users. But a quick search of the images shows that the people in them have no relation to the platform.

Unrealistic demo results

The results presented to users with a demo account are not possible in real-life markets. Therefore, it does this to encourage new users to begin trading.

Absence of registration with any regulators

Algo Signals is unregistered with any financial regulatory body. In addition, it is always a huge risk to invest in unregulated platforms like that.

Unsatisfactory contact details and customer services

Algo Signals does not offer any customer services. Moreover, it also does not provide a physical address on its website.

Furthermore, it also doesn’t have any phone numbers or email addresses. That is a clear red flag.

Conclusion of Algo Signals Review

Algo Signals might be popular. However, its practices are not encouraging. Therefore, we advise you seek a legitimate automated trading platform other than it.

Furthermore, irrespective of the hype around it, Algo Signals makes no effort to assure its users of its accountability.

Exercise caution if you plan to invest in the platform.

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