Juicy Fields Review | Is JuicyFields.io a Scam or Is It Legitimate? Cannabis Industry Scam

Juicy Fields: Juicy Fields is attempting to persuade you to invest by claiming that as cannabis becomes more widely legalized throughout the world, demand will only increase.

This is an online investing platform that allows you to make cannabis-related investments. You’ll allegedly be able to acquire cannabis plants and profit from the products they generate.

Further, you can pick from four different investment programs/plants that promise 100% or more ROI within a year

Even the lowest value program, Juiy Flash, claims to make you 68–83 euros in 108 days with a 50 euro investment. This is a 75.5 euro average ROI on a 50 euro investment or 51% in 108 days.

You can carry out the investment repeatedly more than three times a year. The investment application results in a total of 172.36% ROI within a year.

After all establishments, Juicy fields came out to be a great presentation; you can also see that they are legally a registered platform with a professional look. However, in this article, we will see if those showoffs are true or false (scam or legit).

Let’s move on to the next section of this article.

Juicy Fields – About JuicyFields.io

JuicyFields.io is a cannabis cultivation and processing business development crowd-funding site. The firm was created in 2017 and employs some of the industry’s greatest engineers and professionals.

Canada and many European countries are the most important markets for cannabis sales. The site features a one-of-a-kind theme and is available in English, German, and Spanish.

The site’s content isn’t particularly useful, but we can access the FAQ and GreenPaper sections from the navigation bar, which provide an outstanding explanation of the fund in PDF format.

You can only learn about marketing after registering, at which point you will be given a stylish personal account with a lovely aesthetic component.

This project required the creation of a unique internal interface, as well as a distinctive and functioning engine.

Juicy Fields Investments

To invest in the Juicy Fields platform, it is essential to complete the registration process, create a profile, select a hemp variety, specify the number of plants, and make a payment.

In all, the store’s inventory includes four different cannabis varietals with varying yields and profits.

The first option, in which one plant costs 50 € and the money and profit are returned after three months, is ideal for trial investments.

A set price of 2000€ per unit for a time of 3 to 5 years requires the acquisition of the remaining plants.

Depending on species, the yield can vary from 2 to 4 times every year, and profit can range from 15% to 50% throughout these periods.

JuicyFields.io as a Non-Authorized Platform

According to our research, Juicy Fields is run by another Dutch company, Juicy Holdings BV.

Although a firm with this name has been registered in the Netherlands, its registered web address is juicyholdings.com.

Juicy Fields AG is listed as a firm registered in Switzerland on that website. The issue is that Juicy Holdings lists Juicy Fields AG for being situated in Knonau.

The issue is that Juicy Holdings lists Juicy Fields AG for being situated in Knonau.  There’s a lot of ambiguity here, and there’s no clear legal information.

We inquired if Juicy Holdings are indeed the owner of JuicyFields.io, but have yet to receive responses.

So, at the time of writing this review, we couldn’t find any authorization that JuicyFields.io is indeed owned by Juicy Holdings, a registered corporation.

Juicy Fields Payment System

Immediately you are done receiving your income for your sold harvest, you are now free to receive your payout for what you’ve sold.

This payout can be processed through two methods, which include bank transfer & Cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Tether.

During payout, you will get entire control over how you want to withdraw your money, and this is where Juicy Fields shines.

Payouts via Cryptocurrencies are transacted automatically without delay or malfunction of the payment system.

Therefore, Juicy Fields payment system has no issues at hand; however, all these are according to people’s reviews.

JuicyFields.io, Is It Legit Or Scam?

Juicy Fields has several critics who believe it is a rip-off. Of course, it’s a novel financial opportunity, owing to the fact that growing and possessing hemp is banned in Germany.

The corporation is registered and situated in Berlin, but its bank account is in Cyprus.

As one could imagine, skepticism emerges here. Of course, it would be preferable if the bank account was likewise located in Germany.

Nonetheless, a large number of people have already been compensated. The Telegram group now has over 9650 members (en Enero de 2022).

Certainly, a more honest explanation of the problem would be better and would undoubtedly increase trust.

Various people have given different ratings. However, individuals who are dissatisfied are more likely to provide a rating.

Juicy Fields Review – Conclusion

In this article, we’ve emphasized some inventories on Juicy Fields, and if we look at how popular Juicy Fields have become over the previous years, you will see that it receives approximately 5000 daily hits on average. But, as you are aware, none of this is relevant.

We looked into a few fraud platforms with even greater internet traffic, but they all turned out to be scams.

It’s preferable to focus on the red flags rather than selecting a platform based on its popularity. Many of these phony websites buy bot traffic to be aware of.

Therefore Juicy Fields is similar to a part of those platforms that are regarded as scams. Also, be careful about how you invest on other multi-choice investment platforms to avoid losing your funds.

For possible FAQs on this article, please leave a comment in the comment section below & don’t forget to share.

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