Microsoft Office 365 VS Office 2016 – Differences Between the Two Microsoft Office Packages.

Microsoft Office 365 VS Office 2016: there are two ways you can get a Microsoft Office package; you can either purchase the traditional Microsoft Office 2016 Product or purchase it as part of the Office 365 software subscription.
Below, is a review of their differences, read through this article to know their differences simultaneously.

Microsoft Office 365 VS Office 2016 – differences.

To start with, office 2016 is a traditional Microsoft Office Product, which was sold in a while, up-front fee.

Pay once to get the version of office 2016, you can decide to install it on a single PC or MAC, and use it for a very long time. The expiration date is not available, it’s also long-term use software.

On the other hand, office 365 is the new version of Microsoft which you will buy for a better purpose.

Rather than making payments in a larger amount, you pay a monthly or yearly fee to gain access to the latest version of the Microsoft suite.

You will also receive an additional OneDrive cloud storage, you will also be able to access the office apps for tablets.

Choose a subscription that allows you to install the office suite on five different PCs, sharing it with your family and spouse.

Office 2016, as A Traditional Software Product.

Office 2016 is a traditional software product in which Microsoft sells as “Office Home & Student 2016” for home users.

Also, they are a few more expensive versions that consist of an additional application frequently used by those involved in business management.

After the settlement of the up-front fee, you will obtain an office 2016 license.

You either decide to purchase buy a physical “Key Card” bearing a download code on it or choose to buy a digital download that will be emailed to you.

This Office Suite Package contains only MS word, MS excel, NS PowerPoint, and MS OneNote. This office does not contain MS Outlook, MS Publisher, and MS Access.

It is possible for you to install and use Office 2016 for how long you desire the package to work for you.

You never need to pay anything else after installation. Contrarily, when Microsoft launches the new version of the office, you will be in need of paying in other to get the version of the Office.

When purchasing the Office 2016, you must choose one out of the “Office Home & Student” product for window-like PCs and the “Office Home & Student” for MAC product. Both of the products have the same amount, at an amount of $150. If you are switching from Windows PC to MAC or the other way round, you will have to purchase another Office Package.

Office 2016 installation is only on a single PC or Mac at a chance.

It is also possible to deactivate it and move it to another PC of your choice, but to do that you are going to need another license key, to be able to install it on two PCs at a time.

Office 365 – Personal office subscription for an individual.

Office 365 is a new method of Microsoft, which they use, for the selling and distribution of its office package.

it is also a subscription designed for a single person who requires an office on a single computer.

Office 365 enables access to download and make use of the latest version of the office suite.

Currently, office 2016 is in use, but immediately a new version launches, you will be able to upgrade the version as a part of the subscription without any payment of an additional fee.

You can perform the subscription either through your Microsoft account using a credit card or purchasing the yearly Office 365 codes, joining them to your Microsoft account in order to redeem the subscription period.

The charges Microsoft offers are $70 per year or $7 per month for office 365.

Office 365 consists of MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and MS OneNote.

Moreover, it includes MS Outlook, MS Publisher, and MS Access, with an addition of 1 TB of Online Storage Space in OneDrive and 1hr of Skype minute every month. You can use the periods to access phones on Skype.

You will only be able to download and use office through office 365 subscriptions if you subscribe.
If your payments for subscription seizes, you will be unable to access your office applications.

if your subscription to office 365 is set, you can install offices on a PC or Mac.

When you switch from PC to Mac or the other way round, you don’t have to make extra payments.

You just need to deactivate the license, and then you can carry on with the switching by installation.

Office 365 enables installation on a single PC or Mac at the same time and plus one tablet – that’s either an android, Ipad, or windows tablet.

Microsoft Office 365 VS Office 2016: Summary

In conclusion of this article, we will like to pronounce that, office 365 is more preferable to Microsoft users because it is easy to upgrade and more relevant than the office 2016 package of Microsoft.

If it’s in terms of me picking in between the two offices is will decide on using or rather installing office 365.

If there is a fact you will like to contradict in this article, I prefer you drop a comment in the comment section below.

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