Mido Finance Review Scam Or Legit

Mido Finance Review: Introduction

Mido Finance homepage

The Mido Finance Company is a cryptocurrency investment platform. Its website has the domain name mido-finance.com. In our Mido Finance Review, we will give all the info there is to know about the company. In addition, it will include steps to join the platform and if the platform is legitimate.

The site states that it generates profit using many crypto schemes. Furthermore, that includes decentralized exchange and financing, liquidity pools and NFT products. Moreover, it claims that these avenues provide steady incomes to reward their clients with returns. The returns it offers are attractive to many.

Additionally, it claims to employ the services of professional cryptocurrency traders to earn external revenue from exchanges.

Read on to know more about this rising platform.

Joining Mido Finance

To sign up, visit the site and click on Sign Up. Or click this link. It will direct you to a page to fill in a registration form. When you complete it, the site takes you to your account dashboard.

At your dashboard, you can carry out multiple functions. These include depositing and withdrawing funds. Also, Mido Finance accepts investment deposits in many cryptocurrencies. They are such as Bitcoin, Doge, Ether and four others.

After registering, Mido Finance provides you with your unique referral link. You can use this link to invite new users to the platform. It also rewards members with referral commissions if they introduce new users to register.

Joining Mido Finance’s affiliate membership is free. However, you need to make a minimum deposit of 0.001 Bitcoin (or its equivalent in an accepted cryptocurrency).

Mido Finance products

Like most similar cryptocurrency schemes, Mido Finance does not offer any goods or services for its members to retail. Members can only market their affiliate membership using referral links.

Investing in Mido Finance

Mido Finance offers different compensation plans. Below is the full list.

  • Minimum – invest 0.001 to 0.001 BTC and receive 0.7% a day for 7 days (104.9% ROI)
  • Base 0.8% – invest 0.001 to 0.001216 BTC and receive 0.8% a day for 27 days (121.6% ROI)
  • Base 1% – invest 0.007 to 0.00889 BTC and receive 1% a day for 27 days (127% ROI)
  • Advanced 1.1% – invest 0.015 to 0.021105 BTC and receive 1.1% a day for 37 days (140.7% ROI)
  • Advanced 1.3% – invest 0.037 to 0.054797 BTC and receive 1.3% a day for 37 days (148.1% ROI)
  • Business 1.4% – invest 0.074 to 0.122692 BTC and receive 1.4% a day for 47 days (151.7% ROI)
  • Business 1.6% – invest 0.111 to 0.194472 BTC and receive 1.6% a day for 47 days (175.2% ROI)
  • Premium 1.7% – invest 0.148 to 0.291412 BTC and receive 1.7% a day for 57 days (196.9% ROI)
  • Premium 1.9% – invest 0.259 to 0.539497 BTC and receive 1.9% a day for 57 days (208.3% ROI)
  • Maximum 2% – invest 0.37 to 0.8658 BTC and receive 2% a day for 67 days (234% ROI)
  • Maximum 2.2% – invest 0.74 to 1.83076 BTC and receive 2.2% a day for 67 days (247.4% ROI)

Is Mido Finance legit?

Today, several cryptocurrency trading platforms are scams. Likewise, unfortunately, Mido Finance is a scam too. We found many red flags suggesting this. Below are the reasons why.

The anonymity of its creators

Mido Finance does not reveal the identities of its creators or management. Besides a CMO who is merely an actor. The said CMO named Lionel Von Berne does not exist in any records or platforms besides Mido Finance.

Of course, this is very suspicious.

Suspicious company registration details

Mido Finance presents the fact that it has registered its company in the UAE as Mido Group LTD. But as everyone knows, the UAE has become a go-to place for scammers to base their organizations. That is because the UAE regulators pay no attention to monitoring these companies’ activities.

Also, before Mido Finance claimed to be registered in New Zealand. However, it turns out that it is only incorporated. That means that Mido Finance was misleading users to believe that it was under New Zealand regulations.

New Zealand’s regulatory body later released a securities warning regarding Mido Finance.

Absence of trade indication

There is no evidence that Mido Finance generates revenue from any of the activities it mentions. Likewise, it may not even carry out any of those activities.

Therefore, it is clear that Mido Finance is just another cryptocurrency MLM scam.

Conclusion of Mido Finance Review

Sadly, Mido Finance is another scam that wants to fleece greedy investors. It is a Ponzi scheme that will collapse soon. That will cause investors to lose their deposits.

Furthermore, we advise you not to invest in this site.

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