MyForexFunds Login | How to Sign-up & Login, Is it Legit? Find out!

MyForexFunds Login: MyForexFunds seems to be a fairly new prop firm, which was founded in July 2022, with total funding of over 40,000 traders globally. According to this prop’s funding model, they offer 3 consecutive models & a large scaling plan of over $1million, and this has made it to be the largest fund in the market so far.

Moreover, in this article, we will be looking at the steps in which you are to apply in order to access your accounts on, other steps to apply either when registering an account, or withdrawing your funds, and other related FAQs attached to MyForexFund.

Additionally, you will also find out if MyForexFunds is a legit Prop firm or Scam as others might view it to be, so, read on through this article to find out.

Before we jump into the steps & guides we can apply on MyForexFunds, let’s see a brief review on MyForexFunds. Read on below to find out.

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Brief Overview >>

MyForexFunds is a relatively young participant in the field, having launched in July 2020. They started off as a modest company in 2022 and have since sponsored over 40,000 traders with Forex trading cash.

Due to its excellent reputation and very comparable business circumstances, the firm is quickly becoming the main rival of some of the largest and most established corporations.

As I continue to update this blog every few weeks, it’s evident that this will be the fastest-growing real estate business in 2022!

Regardless of the fact that other companies offer to fund forex traders, MyForexFunds decided to offer 3 levels of structures that vary among them.

How to Register an Account on MyForexFunds

MyForexFunds Login: creating an account on MyForexFund is quite simple to process, but you must first select one among the 3 structural levels of trading before you can proceed for proper registration.

What are these 3 structural levels you need to checkout?

The 3 structural levels include the Rapid Account, The Evaluation Program, and The Accelerated program; see a bit about these account levels below.

Rapid Account >>

Applying for a program can help through your forex funding process as a forex trader, and this is because applying for a program boosts your experience level in Forex trading.

Moreover, while working with MyForexFunds FOREX and CFD trading prop business and the risk management components that come with it, traders can earn incentives from day one.

MyForexFunds Login – The Evaluation Program >>

The evaluation program is designed to help traders show their worth. Meanwhile, semi-professional traders in need of capital to advance their careers can demonstrate their abilities and achieve their objectives in a two-phase process.

The Accelerated Program >>

The Accelerated Program is designed to aid traders in starting their trade-in live accounts from day1. This is the program that suits full-time forex traders, which will like to boost their capital in an effective way.

For further information on the programs, you can visit the MyForexFunds official website, and access more information & plans attached to the program.

MyForexFunds Login – How to Sign-up on

To create an account on, follow the steps given below effectively.

  • Visit the MyForexFunds Official website, and access the “Register Now!” page.
  • On the register now! Page; choose one amongst the levels of trading, anyone that suits you well.
  • While on the structural level page which you’ve chosen, select the appropriate plan which you can afford & proceed to the bill.
  • On the billing page, all you need to do is to provide your credit card details, process, and deposit the appropriate amount required as listed on the plan you chose.
  • If the billing and deposit become successful, you will be redirected to the page where you will fill in your personal & trading details.
  • Finally, after filling in your details, you can now click on the Sign-up/Register now button below.

After the registration & email account confirmation, you will successfully activate your account & then log in to your account.

Some might find it hard to access their account after registration on MyForexFunds, to find out the steps on how to access your account on MyForexFunds, see the next section below.

MyForexFund Login – How to Access your account on MyForexFund, Login Access

To log in to your account on MyForexFunds, respectively follow the steps given below.

  1. Access the login page on
  2. On the login page, you are to provide your login details which include your username/email address & password for the account.
  3. Tick the Remember me space below.
  4. Finally, click on the “Sign In” button below

After you’ve applied these steps effectively, you can start your trading journey on, for help through the earning process, leave a comment below.

After earning on MyForexFunds, you might want to ask if there is any proof of payments & withdrawal from MyForexFunds. To find the answer to this question, see the next section below.

MyForexFunds Login – Withdrawal Process & Payment Proof

Fortunately, MyForexFunds pays withdrawals on time! By the Month’s end, we call the live support crew to demand a withdrawal from our account. Therefore, there a sure proof that MyForexFunds pays out its users.

During the period of withdrawal, from my last check, they said that their payment processor was having a little fault & delays attached. However, within 3-5 days, our withdrawal from our personal account was processed. Also, we can decide to demand a crypto withdrawal immediately, but these days we currently need our pay in cash.

Therefore, we opted for the crypto withdrawal & received our payments some days after, but if we should have reached out for a crypto withdrawal our payment should have been processed quickly without delays.

Also, would you like to find out how the withdrawal process operates, let’s find out in the next section below? See the next section.

MyForexFunds Withdrawal Process

MyForexFunds Login: to withdraw from MyForexFunds just the way we did, see the steps to apply below. Accept your withdrawal. In the previous six months, this step has taken us on average two days.

  • Complete your withdrawal. It will take roughly 30-45 minutes from the time the transaction processes to the time it will arrive in your Bitcoin wallet, just as it should have been for us.

Instead of utilizing cryptocurrency wallets, we’ve begun making straight bank withdrawals. This is a huge relief for us and I’m sure many other traders, as dealing with business accounts with Crypto is a pain.

Some people might ask if the MyForexFunds Prop firm is a legitimate company or not, find out in the next section below.

MyForexFunds Login – MyForexFunds, Is It Legit or a Scam?

Is MyForexFunds worth getting forex funding from? Let’s find out…

MyForexFunds is a real investment organization, Prop company, and among the best in the business.

Over the next several years, the company’s whole unique selling feature of delivering an instantaneously trading account with enough funds, an account intended for rookie traders, a relaxed trading challenge, 1:50-1:500 leverage, and a large profit share is guaranteed to draw additional traders.

We would personally like to recommend the accelerated account since it is the quickest way we’ve ever seen to get a substantial quantity of trading money without having to execute any sort of performance-based task for weeks at a time.

We have received many withdrawals from MyForexFunds, as stated in our review on MyForexFunds, therefore I can tell without a doubt that the firm is legitimate and pays traders.

For further information on MyForexFunds, see our review on MyForexFunds @, while for remarks & comments on this article/guide, leave them in the comment section below & don’t forget to share.

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