North Macedonia Visa Lottery 2021 | Application Procedure | Eligibility Criteria | Tips

North Macedonia Visa Lottery 2021 – you can get all types of visas to North Macedonia through its ongoing visa lottery application program.

Learn the pre-requisites for in-person interviews at the North Macedonia Embassy in your country in this post.

The immigration bureau of North Macedonia currently accepts immigrants through the country’s 2021 global visa lottery program.

Like most lottery visas, the North Macedonia Visa Lottery 2021 is available to only applicants from eligible countries.

It also offers limited slots. But don’t worry, our article helps you to prepare properly for the application process. All you have to do now is read this post thoroughly.

North Macedonia Visa Lottery 2021: Visa Lottery Announcement

To mark the start of its annual North Macedonia Visa Lottery 2021, the official immigration bureau of North Macedonia offers lottery draws to eligible immigrants. Applications are henceforth culled through the North Macedonia Embassy and indicated VFS partners.

Moreover, the immigration body indicates that there are limited lottery slots. However, the North Macedonia Visa Lottery 2021 is curtailed to reflect the North Macedonia Government diversity policy. It will be fairly provided through the embassy.

Additionally, the publication lists visa lotteries for specific immigrant groups depending on the purpose of immigration. Note that the list is unchanging, despite the year of application. If any changes are necessary, we will provide them in this post.

Why migrate to North Macedonia?

Immigrants are steadily seeking visa offers from countries that hold good life prospects for the future. The reasons for traveling vary from education, work, recreation, tourism, to sports.

As regards the North Macedonia Visa Lottery 2021, reliable stats are proving the economic vantage points North Macedonia offers. Moreover, the same charts extrapolate that North Macedonia has one of the best terms for immigrants.

Any special offers? Yes, the visa application form acquisition is free for employed/student applicants.

Besides the travel restrictions in some parts of the world, special measures will smoothly manage all immigrant categories. In this regard, North Macedonia provides a 2021 visa application portal for all kinds of interested applicants.

Available North Macedonia Visa Lotteries

Below are the available North Macedonia Visa Lottery 2021 currently:

  1. Diplomat Visa
  2. Student Visa
  3. Visitor Visa
  4. Skilled Worker Visa
  5. Transit Visa
  6. Pilgrimage Visa
  7. And also, Business Visa

Depending on the visa type, lottery provisions cover immigration surcharges for students, skilled workers, etc.

Also, the North Macedonia Visa Lottery 2021 does not select marital status. You are still eligible for application if you are married, single, divorced, etc. Being an inclusive program, it is available for all genders.

How do you prepare for this visa lottery application? Read the next section for details.

How to Apply for North Macedonia Visa Lottery 2021

To apply successfully for this visa lottery, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the North Macedonia Embassy official application website
  • Click on the visa application category
  • Fill in the relevant details in the lottery evaluation file
  • Go through the form.
  • Also, ensure you attach any copies of required documents on the right page.
  • Then you can submit your application by clicking on Submit.

Note that all necessary information for different visa applications can be accessed on the North Macedonia Embassy website. Regardless of the purpose of travel, you can inquire about any peculiarities on luggage, travel duration, passport acquisition, etc.

Tips on How to Apply Successfully

You do not just want to apply for a visa lottery. After the application procedure, you can use the following tips to increase your chances of getting the visa.

When you fill in the application form, do not provide clipped details or bluntly worded descriptions.

Fill in any information that rends credence to your eligibility status. For instance, you can mention your business, if you are applying for a business visa. Students can include their academic qualifications.

Include any special recognition awards you received.

Mention any philanthropic projects you have been part of. (This includes a community service)

Also, applicants for a student visa can include links to research papers and institutions.

At the embassy, ensure you follow all the rules and guidelines.

Further, do not attempt to submit multiple applications.

Ensure you keep track of your North Macedonia Visa Lottery application through the embassy website.

Moreover, process all application forms through the North Macedonia Embassy or its supported VFS.

Do not pay third parties for special slots. Chances are you will lose your money to scammers.

Always go straight to the point when you answer an interview question at the Embassy. Evading questions will only lose you some crucial points.

North Macedonia Visa Lottery 2021: More Details

This visa lottery opportunity occurs every year. To keep abreast of visa lottery application news, you can always reach out to our website.

We also provide relevant tips on how you can maximize your chances of getting a visa without infringing any rules. How do you get this information? You only have to keep a tab on this post for North Macedonia Visa Lottery updates.


North Macedonia is currently offering its annual visa lottery program. You can use the application links above to clinch a visa. Also, read the application tips carefully to ensure that you achieve your goal.

The information serves a better purpose if it’s circulated. Kindly share this page with friends and colleagues on social media platforms.

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