OPay Debit Card: How to Apply and Get the OPay Card Now

OPay Debit Card: This post is for you to know how to apply for an OPay debit card. I’ll go over everything you need to know about getting an Opay debit card and how to apply for one.

What Is Opay?

O pay is a web-based money transaction in Nigeria by the Opera software program, owners of the Opera Mini, and an internet browser.

O pay is here to make sending and receiving funds so simple as attainable.

Also, The app is already operating in Nigeria, Kenya & South Africa.

Opay Debit Card

The debit card was launched by Opay in July 2021, a key product targeted at expanding transactions on the Opay network. This means that you can make fast and straightforward funds each online & offline, earn cash, and in addition, save extra with an opay debit card.

OPay cards link directly to OPay wallets, and users with OPay wallets can use their cards at ATMs, merchant outlets, and e-commerce sites.

Exclusive features of the card 

  1. Shop at POS, WEB, and ATMs throughout Nigeria and other supported countries.
  2. Naira denominations are available. OPay account access is automatically available.
  3. Acceptable throughout Nigeria.
  4. Customer support for cardholders
  5. Reporting and replacing stolen cards
  6. Over 15% of the Owealth’s stake is in real estate.
  7. Every year, based on what you have for your money, you will make a payment.
  8. There is no charge for upkeep.
  9. Transfers to any bank account are free. 90 times free limit per month

How To Get Opay Debit Card

To get an Opay debit visa card, kindly follow these guidelines:

Before you can get the Opay debit card, you have to create an Opay account if don’t have one,

You can create one by downloading the Opay app on google play store or apple store, on android and iOS devices.

After creating an Opay account, follow this guideline to get your card.

  1. Sign in to your OPay account.
  2. Select “Me” from the drop-down menu.
  3. To apply, click on “Apply for an OPay Debit Card.”
  1. You can either enter your invitation code in the suggestion field or leave it blank.
  2. Select the sort of identification you want to use (national identity card, international passport, driving license)
  3. Choose a pickup location or choose Express to have the card sent to your home or workplace for a flat charge of N1000 (delivery fee N700 + N300).
  4. Fill in the blanks with the relevant information.
  5. Then make a payment of N700 to cover the ATM cost.

Once you’ve confirmed, you’re ready to go.

How Do I Get My Card Activated?

Once you’ve received your debit card, you can activate it using the Opay app.

Using a debit card from OPay

After learning how to apply for an OPay debit card, you may want to learn how to use it. Here’s how to make use of your card. Your new OPay card, like all other bank cards, can be used to make transactions at an ATM. It can be used to shop or withdraw money from any ATM or POS machine, such as POS

Visit the Official website to apply now

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