C – Patex: Patex Exchange Review, Cripto Patagonia S.A Ratings, and Credibility.

Patex exchange review: currently, without telling you, you’ve known that the c-patex is a digital asset platform, situated in Argentina.

This platform offers a low-cost trading exchange on cryptocurrencies, in combination with the local fiat currencies.

We are providing this review because; this is one of the crypto exchange platforms on site, which is eligible for you to trade with.

This review will be covering almost the whole aspect of c-Patex, how it came about, the founder, their ratings, and credibility.

Therefore, we suggest you sit back and go through this article, to see some aspects of the Patex exchange platform.

Patex Exchange Review:  Site’s Overview

Patex Exchange Review: since the arrival of Miguel Angel Grau at Trelew, from Tucuman in 1987, since then, he has made sure to develop pile-ups of applications and solutions for the wool industry within a period of 30 years.

Back then in 1992, he developed and taught for different sectors, which then he had computer centers of different media for monitoring elections that took place during that time.

From the year 2005, his major aspect is developing and maintaining stocks, production, and quality systems in English for a wool company located in china, having a headquarter in France.

That was when he had complete training from the experience he acquired from the wool company in china and Europe.

According to the growth of internet services, he decides to offer hosting services and designing web applications.

Due to this experience he had in the year 2000, in the year 2008, he was recruited to maintain and develop the Chubut Lottery Website, which helps the visitors with the result of all draws without wasting time.

Combining the experiences he had in the wool industry with knowledge of new improved technologies, he was able to modify the site of Price and Market information System of Prolana, in addition with a program oriented by INTA and Ministry of Agriculture, livestock and fisheries of the country.

In the year 2012, he starts to observe, study and experiment with cryptocurrencies which include; the mining process, blockchain technology, cryptography, and crypto commerce.

About Cripto Patagonia S.A

After five years, in 2017 he introduced a project to create a cryptocurrency exchange platform of his own, which launched in beta in November 2017 as c-patex.com.

Right from 2018, C-Patex has been improving as a family business, also regarded as the business unit of the MAG Sistem.

For C-Patex to be a separate company on its own, the family members organized a company and named it “Cripto Patagonia S.A.” at which it was approved in the year 2019 by authorities, also it was registered with the Argentine federal tax agency (AFIP).

During the same period, C-Patex’s trademark is registered by the same Argentine authorities. In addition, the company’s mission is to investigate, disseminating, and provide different kinds of services relating to computer-based applied science to businesses using cryptocurrencies.

Below is showing you the company’s organizers and modification team

Company’s Team:

Miguel Angel: Founder, President, and Developer of the organization.
Daniel Alejandro: Vice President, Public Relations, also a Developer.
Fernando Pablo: Pilot, and User Support.
Gladys Elizabeth: Administration and Logistics.
Maria Fernanda Y Roberto: Datacenter of La Rioja.
M. Trinidad (Trini): User Support.

Patex Exchange Review – Exchanging Argentine Origin

C-Patex, as an exchange of cryptocurrencies of Argentine Origin, enables you to trade cryptocurrencies, also with making deposits with fiat currencies like EUR and USD.

When making use of the platform to trade, it is easy to use and understand your trade, it also provides its own token that will provide multiple benefits from the platform.

This site is also available for many countries; they are in support of majorly four languages, which are Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and English.

In totality, its platform interface is simple and not regarded as the most popular in the world.


1. The site’s exchange platform is supported by different countries, and also, supports four different languages.
2. Beginners will feel more comfortable when using this platform because their arrangements are very simple and easy to understand.
3. They accept multiple currencies in addition to fiat currencies to carry out your trade.
4. It offers its own token that benefits the user in their fee discount and voting system to introduce new coins to the auction platform.


The platform’s interface is very simple, which needs to be improved to attract more users.

I also suggest they engage more in social activities and networks in order to gain recognition in the cryptocurrency market. They are not into an advertisement of their exchange platform, which is considerable for a crypto exchange site.

Patex Exchange Reviews: Considerable Fees.

There are three things you should consider under fees offered by C-Patex.

1. Trading fees
2. Withdrawal fees
3. Deposition

Trading fees

Trading fees is one of the things you have to consider before you start working on C-patex. When beginning the process the fees might seem to be insignificant, but as time passes they will sum up to a more affordable amount.
The trading platform charges the same amount of fees for takers and makers, this type of fee is called a flat fee model. Both the taker and makers settle a fee of 0.20% which is similar to the global industry average.

Withdrawal Fees

At this exchange, we are unable to find the withdrawal fees, that is why we expect you to make your own analysis of the withdrawal fee on any exchange before making a deposit of any fund, and this is when you will choose if it’s the best crypto exchange platform.


The fiat currency deposit has many methods, however, only using the method of the fiat currency ARS to exchange. The exchange method does not support the USD and EUR. Therefore, the exchange is an entry-level exchange, only those holding the ARS.

For more information on C-patex, I suggest you visit its official site.
Also, if you wish to sign up for this platform to efficiently trade your coins, here is a link below:



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