Paymara Review – Crypto Ponzi Activities by Proxy CEO, Is it Scam or Legit?

Paymara offers crypto tech ROI MLM subscriptions through a succession of media bots and proxy executives, with PR outlets indicating Error 1020.

MLMs have discovered that blocking independent review sites is a PR fad. The website is still accessible to the public, albeit, it has no information on the server providers.

Moreover, Paymara is an international company that develops an online suit just for automatic trade & making investments in cryptocurrency exchange with an initial aim on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, and other related cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, in this article, you will gain true information about the company (Paymara), how it works, which includes Paymara’s compensation plan, their referral commission, and other related income & commissions by the end of this article.

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Paymara – The Company’s Overview

In this section, as you read you will know more about Paymara, and be aware of what company you might be planning on investing with.

This MLM investment suit has no information on who owns or operates the company. Also, the domain name for Paymara’s website (“”) was initially registered in 2014.

On March 1st, 2022, the private registration was last updated. Paymara’s website domain was for sale, according to the Wayback Machine. It was purchased by the present owners in late 2021.

Paymara’s fronts include Joseph McCareins, Colin Robertson, Candace Ava Fiorina, and Melinda Moret. According to some reports, Candace is an ID parody of American politician Carly Fiorina, created as a PR ploy.

Any support such a plan would get is stifled by Paymara’s lack of experience in the MLM system of investment. Proxy OP has been one of the most effective aspects of the site.

There are several flaws with this strategy. Boris CEOs make it possible for anonymous players to defraud investors. Finiko, an unconventional executive, had a similar outcome.

Furthermore, deploying proxy executors debunks the platform’s assertions of accessibility.

In Summary

Paymara contains more information than a company’s strategy if a hazy inducement to lure users to the site counts.

If you try finding the website’s URL, which is difficult to find in a swarm of PR YouTube videos, as a result, the public has access to the following information:

When a member joins an affiliate level, they instantly become shareholders. Here’s a reference to the official website’s video.

“Shareholders do not own PAYMARA. It is owned by those who make investments with us.”

The conditions of possession give member-owners thus much power:

“You have access to individualized financial guidance, high-quality assets, and relevant market data as an owner (sic), all of which can help build a better future for oneself.”

Paymara is lurking behind an affiliate barrier, repackaging clichéd MLM investment language, as seen by antics.

Instead of describing any experiences with crypto investments & automatic trading, the About Us section rambles on about the effect of cryptocurrency.

If you’re going to put your money into a business like this, you should get some explanation on this. The section titled “About Paymara” is a red Alert.

Below is how Paymara works.

How does the company Work?

Paymara focuses on algorithmic trading for Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

The firm claims to have developed an automatic tool for trading that is in accordance with current AI research.

The algorithm assists investors in generating big returns by understanding and exploiting a variety of market data.

The prevalence of AIs and bot traders in MLM discourse, on the other hand, turns such claims into urban legends. It’s all a load of nonsense unless Paymara conducts a credible inspection of so-called bots.

Continue reading, for more details to see the compensation plan that Paymara offers.

Paymara Review – The Company’s Compensation Plan

If there is any information about the site at all, it is the affiliate compensation; this is the major point of the AI pitch.

It also comes with a five-fold investment option. See the qualifications and prizes that apply below.

  • 12% on Package 5 as a referral bonus
  • Affiliates that sign up for Package 4 will receive an 11% referral incentive.
  • In addition, Package 3 Affiliates will get a 10% referral incentive.
  • Packages 2 and 1 receive a referral bonus of 9% and 8%, respectively.

Recruitment Benefits

An affiliate profits from a binary group model in this aspect. This is how it goes.

Members individually recruited by the affiliate make up the First Level. Also, by encouraging others to invest in Paymara, the First Level referrals kickstart the Second Level.

The recurrent team achieves a conventional MLM binary compensation grid, as a result. See the illustration below. The downline lattice concept, as MLMs term it, allows it to expand naturally.

Profits are tier-weighted on binary teams, with everyone getting capped percentage incentives every cycle. The commissions earned by Package 5-1 are as follows.

  • 12% – $15,000 limit every cycle
  • 11% maximum each cycle is $8000
  • 10% limit is $5000 each cycle.
  • 9% – $3000 limit per cycle
  • 8% – $2000 per cycle is the maximum

Paymara – Bonus Referral & Residual Commission Rate

The coordinator income refers to the bonus referral commission rate, while the Elite club refers to the bonus residual commission rate. First, let’s consider the coordinator’s income.

The Coordinator Income

A distinct set of rank-based qualification criteria is used to calculate coordinator income rates:

  • Coordinator – Recruit two affiliates and earn a 2% commission as a coordinator.
  • Team Coordinator – Recruit 10 Coordinators and earn 5% of their income as a Coordinator.
  • Recruit 100 Team Coordinators and obtain a 10% Coordinator Income rate as a Country Coordinator.
  • Community Coordinator – Recruit 100 Country Coordinators and earn 15% of their income as a Coordinator.

The Elite Club

As a proportion of assets investment over these 10 tiers, the Elite Club is paid out as follows:

  1. On level 1, coordinators are paid 1%. (personally recruited affiliates)
  2. In stages 1 and 2, team coordinators earn 2%.
  3. On levels 1 through 5, country coordinators earn 3%.
  4. On levels 1 through 10, Community Coordinators earn 5%.

For rank qualifying criteria, see “Coordinator Income” above.

Paymara MLM Investments, Is It Legit or Scam?

According to other online publishers, they might have concluded that Paymara is a Sure Scam. However, from our research, we found out that:

Paymara provides no proof of its involvement in trade or any other form of external revenue generation.

There is no trading activity, as should be evident. Paymara’s whole business model is based on recycling newly invested cash to compensate existing investors.

Paymara is a Ponzi MLM scheme since it pays rewards using newly deposited monies. A pyramid layer is part of the MLM side of the firm. “Pay to play,” a typical component of pyramid schemes, ties revenue potential to the amount invested.

As with many MLM Ponzi scams, once affiliate recruiting stops, fresh investment stops as well. Paymara will be deprived of ROI revenue as a result, eventually collapsing.

Ponzi schemes are mathematically certain to lose money for the vast majority of participants when they implode.

Therefore, if you are investing with Paymara, as an MLM investment platform, consider the company’s downsides to avoid losing your money.

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