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Peannifix Review: this is an investment platform that offers Forex and Binary investments. Peannifix without evidence is an investment firm that operates on the other side of Ontario Canada.

According to the company’s plans, they came out to be an HYIP. Being an HYIP, you are not to make investments with such companies, because an HYIP recycles an investor’s fund rather than taking part in real financial trading.

Peannifix offers a 15% referral commission to affiliate members when they recruiting users with their referral links.

During investment, you deposit after signing up on the platform, and then you choose the investment plan that suits you most.

Moreover, you can make a withdrawal at any time; you only have to wait for it to process.

Also, you get your profits as it was stated on the investment plan, after the investment period you will be credited automatically.

Peannifix Review: About Company.

The company’s Asset is an English multi-asset Blockchain-based investment company that provides clients with geographical, asset, and risk-diversification across investment products.

They also carry out investments through regulated funds.

Peannifix always produces competitive and positive ROI for investors choice.

Moreover, the company’s capital assets portfolio management options are based on the external asset manager.

Peannifix is making a great effort to provide the best partnership and relationship.

The company offers mashup crypto, Forex, and binary investments via different ROI orderly.

The company claims to offers investors around the world to be able to achieve financial freedom using different investment options.

Additionally, Peannifix became official in the year 2013, with employees up to 40 across the Ontario Headquarters including their development office located in the Netherlands.

Peannifix’s vision is to make a home for investors, and also an ecosystem offering investors an equal opportunity where advantages bring out the outcome.

Fast-tracking investors and aligning their incentives is Peannifix’s main mission.

They also look forward to pulling collective talent, information, and capital for social and private benefits.

However, Peannifix is another pyramid scheme out there for money fishing.

Peannifix Review: Investment Plans

Below are the awesome plans that Peannifix offers, I suggest giving more attention to the section of the article.

1. Peannifix Access Crypto pays 50% ROI two times every month, $1000

2. Peannifix Standard Crypto give out 65% returns 2 times monthly, $5000

3. PNF Ultimate Crypto pays you 80%ROI for 3 times at a maximum $10,000 monthly.

4. PNF Premium Crypto offers you 80%ROi for two times with a maximum of $50,000.

5. Peannifix Exclusive Crypto pays 40% returns for 12times monthly, $500,000.

6. PNF Lite Binary offers you 85% ROI 8 times with a maximum of $1000 monthly.

7. PNF Pro Binary payout 110% returns 8 times with a maximum of $10,000 every month.

8. Peannifix Ultimate Binary offers 150%ROI 12 times with a maximum of $100,000 each month.

9. PNF (NFP) offers you 120% returns for once with a maximum of $50,000, and also a total return of $60,000.

10. PNF Access on Forex also pays out 15% ROI at a maximum of $10,000.

11. Peannifix Ultimate Forex gives you 25% Returns 3 times with a maximum of $1,000,000.

Note: the company’s deposit methods are done with cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin).


Peannifix Review: Researchers made it clear that the company is trying to make a fool out of us investors using fake photos to organize their team members.

Some of those pictures that were in use to make an introduction to the company’s team members are unreal.

The picture of Audrey P. Weiser who is the co-founder of Peannifix is a fake that was stolen from someone’s Twitter page.

Whereas, Peannifix’s fake team made us have a strong belief that the investment platform is completely a scam.

The company mentions that its industry is found in Canada, a place where all financial services are well regulated.

Although they claim to have a development office in the Netherlands.

On the platform, there is no information given out about the company’s authorization from financial regulators.

Also, you have to provide this information because the law requires it.

Therefore, we have to make assumptions that the company has no authorization to trade investment offers to the public.

Additionally, Peannifix acts illegally, soliciting funds from the public with authorization from financial regulators.

Therefore, think hard before you make decisions to invest your funds with an MLM company.

Furthermore, check reviews like this one, to know the truth behind the investment platform you are trying to invest with.

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