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Royal Q Bot Review: today, we will enumerate reviews of the “Royal Q Bot Review” We are about to show some keys to know if you would like to make money on this platform.

Moreover, we will consider if it is Legit or Scam.

The main reason for this article creation is to show you if you can make money on the platform just as other writers recommend.

Do you know that there are many ways to make money, with an internet platform? If you know, you can notice a platform that offers a good business orientation and job to individuals?

To know, you will have to spot the type of business they are engaged in and how their work is performed. This is done because, if you are not aware of the kind of business they do, at the end of the day you might be conned.


In my case, when I want to find a platform I make money on, I will research the company first, and check their sales, and the amount of money they make in a month.

Their business arrangement is the key fact you are to check to find a good money-making platform.

Therefore, in today’s article, we will discuss the meaning of Royal Q Trading Bot?, How it works?, making money with Royal Q, How to register on the platform, referral commissions, and credibility.

At the end of this article, I hope you will be able to know how and Why you want to make money on Royal Q Bot, and also knowing if the platform is an assured platform, not a sham.

Royal Q Bot Review – An Overview

Royal Q Trading Bot is a computer program based on sets of cryptocurrency trading signals, which helps determine if you are to trade a crypto coin in a given period.

Its development was in china, in which, a Chinese company is in control of its activities because they are the ones in ownership of the Royal Q Trading Bot.

What it is:

The Royal Q bot is majorly designed to eliminate psychological elements of trading, also this can be harmful when investing or trading a cryptocurrency.

Bots like Royal Q its designs are authorized to automate crypto trading the way you want it.

On this platform, you are to follow the market statistics in trading and choose the currency you are to trade using your marketing strategies, and knowing the time to trade.

The bots aid in automating the analysis and interpretation of your market status.

Their functions are, gathering market data, interpreting it, calculating the potential market risks, and the execution of buying and selling of crypto assets on your assigning.

You just have to see the platform as a cryptocurrency trading expert, which is in control of carrying out your crypto trading. At that, you sit, relaxed, and view the growth of your profit.

The Royal Q trading Bots, in some cases, saves you time. Moreover, they are more cost-effective instead of employing human professionals.

You know that cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile, also the majority of their time prices fluctuate vigorously even during minutes counts.

Therefore, traders in this case are unable to take action immediately to make changes in the market price to be able to achieve what they want.

This is the place where crypto bots like, Royal Q which is also known as Royal Quantitative, becomes a major keyword.

They are considered automated tools, which conducts trade and execute data transactions based on the users.

Royal Q Trading Bots, How does it work?

If you want to use the Royal Q Trading Bot, users will need to integrate the app with a trading platform.

Currently speaking, Royal Q bot integrates their app with the following exchange platforms:


To start, you will need to create an account with Royal Q (undergoing registration) then download the app from the Google Play store (for those using Androids) or Apple Store for IOS devices.

If you don’t have an account with Binance, you will need to create an account with it.

However, if you have an account, you just need to log in to the account and connect your Royal Q App with your Binance API keys to start your trade with the App.

On the opposite side, to start using the app, you will have to settle the activation fee of 120USDT (TRC-20). This is $100 for a one-year subscription, while the remaining $20 is for fuel.

Now, the fuel is a tiny fee the Bot charges whenever it chooses a trade for the user.

The main capital after trading is going to be stored in your Binance or Huobi account. So that access to the account will be limited

This will pronounce that you are in control over all the money, in the sense that they are all stored in your Binance account.

Royal Q App uses capital in your USDT wallet, while the profits you trade and your loss go to the pair wallet.

This is to say that, the only money Royal Q obtains from you is an activation fee of 120 USDT.

Royal Q Bot Review: making money with Royal Q

In this section we will see the ways to make money with Royal Q. if Royal Q is this Popular, why not think, why they are not part of other crypto Bot around the net.

If you look close, this is as a result of their network marketing and revenue program offered.

There are two ways users can obtain money from Royal Q, they are:

1. Cryptocurrency trade (Buy/Sell).
2. Referral commissions (Under MLM).

When you begin, you start making money with Royal Q through your trades using the Bots from a capital available in your Binance Account. For those involved in MLM, they make a larger profit excluding the trades from their capital.

Below is an explanation of how both ways perform.

Cryptocurrency Trade (Buy/Sell).

The bots trade crypto for you according to the amount of capital and return-outward investments varying from 1-50%.

It comes with features that allow you to copy or sync automatically from expert traders on the platform.
The best option for you, if you when you don’t know what to trade is; syncing from expert traders.

Referral Commissions (MLM).

Royal Q Referral Commissions is another way of obtaining money from the Royal Q Networking System. This results in a way that you will have to earn income from your referrals to other people using a referral link.

The first level of referrals

On this level, you are to earn a $30 commission instantly on those you have referred to, and also, you will commissions as they trade on the app.

The second level of referral

To get to this level, you will refer to 3 interested users with an overall team of 20 users, directly or indirectly referred by those you have registered.

If you are at the level, your bonus will be $40 with a 30% reward from the totality of your team, and also earn a $10 commission from the activation of new members.

The third level of referral

At this level, you will gain access to a $50 referral bonus with a team reward of 40%.
In other to attain this you have to make a direct referral to 5 individuals and 3 VIP 2 members directly from your team with a total of 100 members in your team to reach this level.

The final level of referral

In the final level, you are to gain a direct bonus of $60 whenever you refer to someone with a sum up of 50% reward from the team’s trading profit.

To reach this level, you need 8 referrals from the third level and a team containing 300 members. An added commission of $30 only if there is activation from your team members.

Royal Q Bot Review – credibility

As a fact that we are humans, we are to know when something is real or fake, and all of this starts with registration. This is because, people are finding a way to scam others, and also, collect their money, which was not an easy thing to earn.

Be aware, during your registration make sure to use your sponsor link, so that you will obtain the original Royal Q App because there are fake ones where scammers base.

To know, the Royal Q Bot platform is legit, because practically I know people that are earning from it, not only on referral commission but also trades done on the platform.

Therefore, you are free to sign up on the platform and download the app to start trading your currencies and making your money.

For additional knowledge about the site’s platform, visit its official site.
Additionally, if there are suggestions or FAQs you will like to share with us drop a comment in the comment below.

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  1. Royal Q Trading Bot is a computer program based on sets of cryptocurrency trading signals, which helps determine if you are to trade a crypto coin in a given period.

    Its development was in china, in which, a Chinese company is in control of its activities because they are the ones in ownership of the Royal Q Trading Bot.

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