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SmartX Review: Boosting smart textiles innovation for an end-to-end smart textile manufacturing value chain in Europe is SmartX’s major aim.

Additionally, the company also has a goal to increase the movement rate of promising prototypes into market demands.

The main objective of the company’s program in the underlying long-term is to build a strong and sustainable community.

Moreover, fostering interaction and collaboration within the European smart textile community is an option.

Within the 3-year program that has been organized, three calls for funding are supported by up to 40 individual projects with a budget of E2.4million.

SmartX Review: About the Company

SmartX Review SmartX is an acceleration platform for innovative and smart textile projects which is controlled by 13 European partners from textiles and technology industries.

SmartX’s main focus is on manufacturing technologies, microelectronics, data processing Etc.

In summation to the funding and coaching of innovation projects, they also developed a well-based collaboration platform for experts with a large number of self-service and tools that are well interactive.

Moreover, during the autumn of 2019, SmartX organizes regional workshops in various countries like Italy, Portugal, Germany, and Sweden, Etc.

Furthermore, the SmartX Program supports calls for their projects. Three calls were cited and held between November 2019 and February 2021.

Also, the project will continue to go on till April 2022hoping to install a blueprint for effective small-scale innovation funding at a European level.

Meaning of SmartX

SmartX Review: as an online platform, SmartX also provides auto trading programs for cryptocurrencies and forex markets.

SmartX offers their EA-creator which serves as a tool that builds advisors that are experts in crypto trading.

Additionally, SmartX also offers you an opportunity to invest in their trading bot that helps you earn the company’s promising returns (ROI) of 1% on your investments.

The bot makes about 20% daily year back, meanwhile, in this year its average percentage is between 10% each month.

SmartX minimum investment amount is $500 + $100 as an activation fee; you will also share 50% of your profits with the company.

If you invest in the highest plan, you are prune to keep 90% of the profit. However, you should know that the minimum amount of deposit is $50,000. Also, you will pay 10,000 as an activation fee.

PT Simbiotik Multitalenta Indonesia (PT SIMI) is the company that runs SmartX. They also run a referral program called NET89 and it aids you to earn more money only if you invite other people to SmartX with your referral link.

SmartX Review: How SmartX Works

Actually, if you decide to have a background check on the services SmartX and PT SIMI offer, in summary, you will consider their MLM activities as a Ponzi Scheme.

Moreover, the starting aspect you are to suspect is the registration part of the program.

In the registration part, you can’t complete your registrations without a company or brand sponsor, and the person you will refer to when you are a member.

There is a conclusion that the SmartX bot should not be a profitable robot that helps you make money in financial markets.

Another noticeable thing you can find about SmartX is their monthly profits; they seem unreal.

There is no possible fact that can make you have a financial trade result that is even. Further, Ponzi schemes’ monthly payouts are the only unreal thing.

On the final part, choices to purchase investment packages in varieties of sizes, and shapes are things of a Ponzi scheme, and not meant for a legalize investment platform that makes money via financial trading.

It is just like the company ducts money from new users and offers it to the old members just like a pyramid scheme.

Due to the fact that they carry out payments in cryptocurrencies when their company crashes, they won’t refund the money back to the investors.

SmartX Review – Is It Legit or Scam

After our research, they are observations about SmartX having a Red flag, and this made us conclude that SmartX might look how it seems to investors.

Below this section, there are three observations that we detected during our research.

Deceptive Performance

If you have been making a profit at about 10-20% monthly in your forex trading, I suggest that you’re indeed making enough profit.

Why did we say this?

Because only good and well-regulated system trading investment platform is capable of offering a profit of at least 10-20% in a month.

However, the SmartX robot trader is to make up to this profit in a month. Meanwhile, the company has no regulation and proof about the way it performs.

If it’s a legit investment platform, it will be well regulated and gives you enough proof of how it performs its activities.

However, SmartX does not have a well-regulated platform, with no proof of performance it is regarded as a large red flag.


In this aspect, SmartX is an unauthorized investment service, and PT SIMI is a Deregulation.

PT SIMI is meant to manage and secure your money and trades via a security system that only you will be able to access.

In order for the company to be a legal institute, it is to go through an authoritative financial regulator.

Therefore, this makes the SmartX bot an illegal material in foreign countries.

Unreal Testimonials

During our research, the major thing we found on the SmartX official site are the fake testimonial we saw. This we made a conclusion that the investment platform is a sham.

In the testimonials the satisfied customer called Samantha m. is a fake identity, the stock photo in use is totally fake.

Meanwhile, using a stock photo to portray a particular object is an all scammer option.

Therefore, all activities are similar to that of a pyramid scheme.

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