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Soundtrap Login: it’s a user-friendly internet studio for music recording and collaboration (

It runs on all major operating systems, including Mac, Windows, iPad, Android, Linux, iPhones, and Chromebook tablets and phones.

Students can utilize the built-in collaborative capabilities, instrumental loops, sound effects, and voice recording feature to produce music, podcasts, and book lectures, among other things.

Soundtrap has gained a lot of traction in schools, as a tool for music education and podcast production. Soundtrap is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and was established in 2012.

it is available to students and instructors through Clever at, as a self-service app, or on the web at

Log in with your SFUSD username and password, Soundtrap can be purchased by performing an ISA.

Soundtrap has raised a total of $8.5 million in four rounds of investment. Their most recent funding came from a Series A round on October 10, 2016.

Also, two investors have invested heavily into Soundtrap. The most recent investors are Industrifonden and Peter Sterky.

With this brief overview of Soundtrap, let’s dive into the main subject in the discussion here. In this article, we will discuss how you can join Soundtrap and enjoy their music collaborative services.

Additionally, we will see how to create projects using Soundtrap music app services. Also, we will consider the pros & cons of anonymous reviewers.

Soundtrap Login – How to Join Soundtrap Music Collaborative Studio

It requires easy steps to join Soundtrap because it’s an online studio, which accepts all types of individuals (students, teachers) majoring in music activities through music courses.

Therefore, we’ve decided to provide a vital way of joining the Soundtrap online music studio, because we know lots of people out there need a guide in order to get an account to aid their music life.

Below are some steps you need to follow in order to join Soundtrap online studio.

  1. To join Soundtrap, you should first visit the official platform.
  2. Afterward, click on the “join now” button on the homepage of Soundtrap online studio.
  3. Immediately you click on the button, you will see a drop-down menu.
  4. On that menu, you are to choose the type of music class you are trying to tutor for. There you will see suggestions for personal use & educational use.

Let’s consider the process of registration for the two suggestions on the platform, you find the processes below.

Registration for Personal Use

Soundtrap Login: when you click on the personal use button from the drop-down on the homepage, you will see a new out display page on the home page screen. There you will type in your personal details.

Also, on that page, there are three options for you to register with. You can register with Google, Facebook, and Email Address. Among these options, you are free to sign up with any method of your choice.

If you are to sign up with Google, you will have to link your Google account to Soundtrap for easy access.

When you choose to use Facebook, it also requires a registered Facebook account linked to Soundtrap. Meanwhile, with an email address, all you need to provide is just a verified email address & password.

If you have applied all these steps accurately, then your Soundtrap account is all ready for personal use only.

Registration for Educational Use

To get started on Soundtrap with an educational account, you don’t need much stress to do this; all you need to do is to follow all directions I am providing in this article.

  1. Locate the educational page on the Soundtrap official webpage or click “Educational Use” on the drop-down menu on the “Join Now” button on the homepage.
  2. On the Education account application page, you will provide a Faculty email address or invitation code.
  3. Finally, click on the “Get Started” beside the information space on the page.

Application of all these vital steps to register on Soundtrack online music site will give you a verified account.

In the next sections, we will see ways how to log in to your created account on Soundtrack online music studio.

Read on below to see the vital steps to apply when logging in to your personal account on Soundtrap.

How to Login to Soundtrap Online Music Studio, Vital Steps

Soundtrap Login: to log in to your Soundtrap official account, you can access your account through different methods, but those methods only correspond to the methods you used when registering for an account on Soundtrap.

You can log in via Facebook, Google, Email address, and additionally, Microsoft school account if you have one…

However, the most popular method of accessing Soundtrack studio is through the email address method.

There you will provide your verified email address & password, tick the “Remember me” button – for easy access next time. Then click on the “log in” button below.

Soundtrap Login – Pricing for Educational & Personal Use

For the Soundtrap free trial plan for personal and educational use, below are the features available for the free trial plan.

  • Unlimited Projects
  • 4,650 loops
  • 430 instruments and sounds
  • 150k+ sound effects sourced from
  • You will get Soundtrap Originals sound packs every second week of the month.

To apply for this plan, access the web homepage, click on the pricing page. Below the page, you will see the free trial plan listed there.

Then kindly click on the sign-up button listed on that plan. Then you are all set for the free trial plan on Soundtrap, and start making your music.

Note: the free trial plan is only applicable to those who have not tried a paid Soundtrap plan.

Soundtrap Login – Soundtrap Pricing for Personal Use

In this aspect of pricing on Soundtrap, the personal use plans are divided into 4 sections, which are as listed below.

  • Music Makers Premium
  • Music Makers Supreme
  • Storytellers Plan
  • Complete plan.

Music Makers Premium

The music maker premium is applicable to those aspiring as music creation. For this plan, you will deposit a sum of $7.99 per month, wherein total year you will be billed $95.88.

Behind this plan you will receive a 1-month free trial, then after one month, you will be billed monthly.

Music Makers Supreme

Soundtrap Login: this plan is only applicable to the next level for music makers, where splice loops will be included. This plan seems more advance than the previous plan.

For this plan, users are billed $11.99 every month, amounting to a year users are billed $143.88 in total with a 1-month free trial. Also, note that this free 1-month trial applies to all plans on Soundtrap.

Storytellers Plan

This plan is meant for podcasters only, which is a more advanced plan as a personal user. In this plan, you will also find similarities in the amount billed from users. It is the same as the previous plan and the total amount billed is the same.

Complete Plan

Soundtrap Login: in this section, the plan is meant for the creator who wants all the features for music-making. Also, it’s the highest in the level of amount billed from users among the 4 plans for personal use.

This plan is not just the highest but also applied by music companies and high music organizations featuring in music-making.

Users are billed $13.99 per month, for a total year they are billed $167.88, with the first month as a free trial for the user.

For more details on each plan, knowing their contents when you purchase them, click the below link:

Soundtrap Personal Use Pricing

Soundtrap Login – Soundtrap Pricing for Educational Use

In this aspect of Soundtrap pricing, there are two types of plans it considers, they are listed below:

  1. 30-days free trial plan
  2. School/District plan

Also, know that the reason for bringing the educational aspect of Soundtrack music-making is to improve creativity in schools & classrooms among students.

The 30-days free trial is meant for instructors who would like to try out educational music-making within the classroom to teach the students.

In the free trial, you will find only basic features synced to it, these features include:

  • Credit card details won’t be needed during registration – Because it’s free.
  • You will be able to try all the music-making features on the Soundtrack music-making page.
  • You will receive 500 seats to try out the package with your students
  • Finally, you are free to upgrade your license anytime within 30-days.

School/District Plan

Soundtrap Login: as the name implies, the plan is meant for schools and districts that want to implement Soundtrap educational use to their scheme of work.

In this plan, you will find a minimum of 50 seats for students. Also, for each seat, the students will be billed $4.98 including tax application. Meanwhile, for a total year, for each seat, you will be billed $249.

To purchase this plan, you will locate the education use pricing plan on the official website, and then click on buy or you request a quote – which means the plan to be added to your cart to secure the plan at that particular amount.

For more details on Soundtrack, feel free to access the official website. Also, for FAQs on this Soundtrap article, leave a comment below.

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