Tapestri.io Review | Mobile MLM Niche with a Super Affiliate Pool

Tapestri.io Review: Tapestri is a company that does its operation on the Mobile app MLM niche. They are corporate addresses on the company’s website.

On the website, the company however listed a PO Box address in Naperville, Illinois under Tapestri Terms and conditions.

Under the Tapestri products, they market a free app that retrieves and tracks location data once the app is installed.

As material from Tapestri marketing product, the data retrieved by the app is anonymous.

The company claims that when users make use of the app, they earn an estimation of $5 to $25 in a month.

Therefore, as stated above, this review will be touching the pros and cons aspects of Tapestri, their compensation plan, and affiliate program.

Additionally, we will begin the review with the company’s overview.

Tapestri.io Review: Overview

Tapestri is like a company that pays its consumers for living as normal. This means that no surveys or purchases will be available.

The company’s main aim is to achieve a future where you will be paid for the data you used, this is called data monetization.

The company references that “Data is worth more than oil, at this we should gain benefits from it, not just on companies”.

The above reference is a statement from the company’s technology entrepreneur Andrew Yang.

You’ve been tricked into giving away your valuable assets. You will get paid for your data”, this statement is from the Company’s computer scientist also known as the Author and Futurist, by the name Jaron Lainer.

As earlier stated, the company provides no corporate address on its website.

The major founder of Tapestri is Walter Harrison. According to Tapestri bio, Harrison has experience which he acquired over a decade.

This shows that he has great experience in Data Monetization.

There are no MLM related to Harrison except for Tapestri as an MLM niche. Therefore, this is to say that Tapestri MLM is His first Venture.

Tapestri’s Terms of Services.

On the company’s terms of service, we will not explain much, we will only elaborate on the important conditions.

The company’s services are provided through Mobile and Web applications, which enable compensation for sharing personal information.

The company changes its agreement on a particular course from time to time with or without excuses.

Before you gain access to the company’s services, you have to register

From your account, you can access all the company’s information that has to deal with transactions on your data, in addition to your account balances.

Below are the actions that you are not to take by the terms of services, and leading to account termination by Tapestri.

1. Misrepresenting your location, using a VPN as a disguise.
2. Creating multiple registered accounts on a single device.
3. Using the same email address to register an account on multiple devices.
4. Creating multiple accounts by modifying your Email address to misrepresent your identity.
5. Misrepresenting a mobile carrier in association with a device.

The currency you will be paid in is under the currency of the country you are based in.

For more information on the terms of services provided by Tapestri, I suggest you click on the link below.

Tapestri Terms and conditions.

Tapestri.io Review: Affiliate Program

The company’s Affiliate Program offers users commission when they invite other individuals to make use of the app.

The program breaks down into two commission levels.
Below show each of these levels.

First Level

Using your affiliate link, if you invite a person, register, and joins the app, you earn $1 for each person you invite on this level.

For recommending a total of 20 invites, you are making a total of $20.

In the affiliate program, there are no limits to the number of invites you get on the Tapestri affiliate.

The Tapestri affiliate program is like a per-per arrangement. For example, if each one of your 20 referrals in the first level invites four people, it makes it a total of 80 people; at this, your commission is about $80 every month.

Second Level

At this level, earnings will come from your direct referrals. This is to say that referrals from your referral members will give you a commission of $1 for each referral. Therefore, your commissions are directly from your referral invites.

Note that the Tapestri app is free on the Google play store. However, to gain an affiliate membership on Tapestri is not for free, you have to pay a sum of $9.95 subscription fee monthly.

Moreover, to earn the $1 commission for your referrals, you are not to pay a thing.

Tapestri.io Review: Super Affiliate Pool

Affiliates who sign up without a referral link undergo an enrollment by Tapestri, upgrading to a super affiliate.

The super affiliate qualification, we will explain in the company’s Matching bonus below.

Tapestri does not give out information about how that non-referral link affiliates are distributed.

Tapestri’s Matching Bonus

The company’s super affiliates earn 50% on the earning of their affiliate members in the first and second levels of the Unilevel team.

To be a qualified super affiliate, affiliates must recruit and maintain ten more affiliates.

To know an active affiliate, the affiliate fee payments must be up to date.

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