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The Prosperity Grid Pyramid Scheme: with no information about who owns and runs the company, the MLM spree runs an incognito offering $500 Return-outward investment to affiliate members.

There is no doubt that the company is in motion with a broad affiliate range, compared to the affiliate currently based in South Africa.

The website’s domain was documented on 6th March 2021. Meanwhile, private registration that was carried out entails that the domain was registered bearing a South African address on it.

In this article, we are reviewing more on the prosperity grid pyramid scheme, its compensation plan as an MLM platform, and additionally, its affiliate program.

Before you enter into the body of this article, please while going through the post, consider if the profit grid of the compensation plan is bearing a triangular structure.

The Prosperity Grid Pyramid Scheme: Reviews

As stated earlier, the pyramid grid’s platform provides no information about its owner or who runs affairs on the site.

And also, according to private registrations of the company’s domain, it shows that the company’s domain registration was carried out using a South African address.

At this, it syncs with the company’s marketing videos, featuring participants in a predominant manner having a South African accent.

Based on these facts, suggestions arose that the prosperity grid is controlled directly from South Africa promoting South Africans primarily.

As you all should have known that if an MLM company does not disclose information about who runs the company, or the CEO of that company.

Sit back and vigorously consider your decisions on who you are about to offer your money to for further investments.

Additionally, beware of a pyramid scheme that is disguised as a gifting circle to avoid being scammed by fraudsters.

Gifting circle: divine prosperity or Ponzi

The gifting circle is a new method for most MLM platforms.

But you should know that its processes are Ponzi, which brings confusion to the audience on track.

When your earnings originate from deposits culminating from recruits, your profits are given out from a pyramid scheme.

In the gifting circle, members giveaway their extras, knowing that the giveaway, is regarded as money hard to get.

At the time people view this system as nothing on behalf of profit; it will be less of a gift network and more of a supply chain.

Currently, without any further research about the prosperity grid, it is regarded as a Ponzi scheme.

The roach of the platform is the fact that the payment structure enables the platform members to have access to their referral level.

Only if you deposit $500, making the system not being a monied democracy.

As a gifting circle does, they do not wait on matrix earning eight times their deposit as a profit.

In this section; the prosperity grid pyramid scheme is the reflex of the gifting circle economy.

The Prosperity Grid Pyramid Scheme: Compensation Structure.

The prosperity grid is regarded as a P2P rational savings community network. If there are people with knowledge of double-talk who will be aware of this in the company’s savings community platform.

The company takes part in the $500 pop cash gifting scheme.

The gift payments carried out around the prosperity grid are tracked using a 2×3matrix.

The 2×3matrix is responsible for placing an affiliate above the top of the matrix, with a double position below it.

The double position under the first one is regarded as the first level of the matrix.

The second level is gotten by splitting each one of the double positions into another double position. Making it a total of four (4) positions.

Moreover, the third level of the affiliate split in the same process having a total of eight positions of the affiliate structure.

Those positions in the matrix are occupied through direct and indirect recruitment of the pyramid’s affiliate in charge of gifting $500.

The matrix can also be preoccupied with those affiliates re-gifting $500 for a new position.

The gift payment’s arithmetic is carried out on the third level of the matrix for those who don’t know how the gift payments are calculated.

The $500 deposit coming directly from the eight affiliates goes directly to the top position affiliate on the matrix.

Via the gifting structure, one $500 gifting deposit is expected to give out $4000.

It is an option to re-gift and creates a new $500 position on the matrix to continue earning.

For more updates on this track, we expect you to access the official platform of the company.

Also, in this article, if find any section unclear or you will like to make suggestions, you are permitted to leave a comment in the comment section.

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