U-Haul Login – Sign in to U-Haul and make your DIY move a delight

If you’re preparing for a DIY household move and intend to use U-Haul rental service, you may be wondering “how do I log in to my account?” Not to worry, we’ve taken the liberty to help access your account with ease. Below, are the steps to sign in to your account.

Overview of U-Haul

U-Haul is a moving and storage equipment rental firm established in Phoenix, Arizona, that has been in business since 1945. AMERCO, which also owns AMERCO Real Estate, Republic Western Insurance, and Oxford Life Insurance, owns U-Haul.

Many U-Haul stores and dealerships also offer self-storage units, moving boxes, packing supplies, LPG (propane) refueling, hitch and trailer wiring installation, and carpet cleaning, among other services.

The name is occasionally used as a genericized trademark to refer to the services of any rental firm, due to the company’s ubiquity (there are over 17,000 active dealers across the country).

The hired vehicle livery is well-known, consisting largely of white with a thick horizontal orange stripe, as well as a large state- or province-themed picture known as Super Graphic.

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Trucks, trailers, auto-transports, and other equipment make up U-Haul’s rental fleet. Heavy-duty pickup trucks and van cabs from Ford, GMC, and Ram relate to U-Haul truck boxes in fabrication factories around North America.

The equipment in U-Haul’s fleet is divided into two categories: “In-Town” and “One-Way.” The “One-Way” equipment is generally used for one-way excursions, which means pickup and drop-off can be at different locations, but the “In-Town” equipment must be picked up and dropped off at the same spot and is designed for local moves.

How to sign up for an account

Create a U-Haul account and take advantage of the following perks:

  • When picking up your equipment, you can skip the line.
  • You can make changes to your reservation at any time.
  • Make payments and manage your storage account.

To register your U-Haul Customer account, you’ll need to provide the following details

  1. Personal Info: These includes First name, Last name, Email address, and Mobile number
  2. Company Info: you will be required to provide your company name, business phone number, industry category, and your U-Haul account number which is usually found on your invoice.
  3. Billing Address: These include your home or company address, city or province, zip code, and Country.
  4. Login Information: Here, you are to provide a phone number and password of your choice

Note: To ensure your account is secure, your password must have the following:

  • Between 8 – 15 characters
  • One uppercase letter
  • One lowercase letter
  • At least a special character or number
  1. When you are done inputting your login details for the account you’re creating, register the account and ensure to verify your email account.

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How to Login to your U-Haul Account

To login to your U-Haul account is simple. Simply follow the steps written below:

  • After successful signup, click on the log in icon
  • Fill in your phone number or email address and password with which you used to create your account.
  • When you’re done, click the box “Login” and you’ll successfully log in to your account.

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How to determine what size U-Haul that you need after login

Still don’t know the size of truck you require? It can be tough to find the correct U-Haul truck size for your relocation when there are so many to choose from. We can, fortunately, assist you. When looking for a U-Haul truck, here are some questions to consider.

  1. I’m relocating how many bedrooms?

Consider the number of bedrooms you plan to relocate while selecting the appropriate U-Haul truck.

  1. What distance would I be moving to?

Are you thinking of relocating to the neighborhood? You can probably get away with hiring a small U-Haul vehicle if you’ll be making several trips back and forth between homes. Those planning a long-distance one-way relocation, on the other hand, should use a larger size truck to ensure that everything fits at once. When traveling long distances, you may also want to think about the gas mileage.

  1. Transporting large furniture that won’t fit into a box?

Bulky furniture that won’t fit into boxes takes up a lot of room in the moving vehicle. If most of your goods can be packed into boxes or deconstructed, you may be able to fit everything into a smaller truck. Large, bulky furniture, on the other hand, will almost certainly necessitate the use of a larger truck.

  1. Am I also transporting stuff in my vehicle?

Do you intend to utilize your vehicle in addition to a moving truck to transport loose, assorted items? If that’s the case, you might not need as big a truck as you think. If you’re relocating without a personal vehicle, however, you’ll need a truck big enough to handle all your boxes and furniture.


In summary, U-Haul login gives access to renting either the 8 ft. pickup truck, 9 ft. cargo van, or 10 ft. box truck from the comfort of your home for compact studio and one-bedroom moves.

Notably, the rental truck firm recommends the 15 ft., 20 ft., and 26 ft. box trucks for medium to big moves because they are all outfitted with comfort cabs, low-decks, and broad loading ramps to make moving easier.

When considering a DIY move, you have a variety of truck rental options in addition to U-Haul. For added convenience, choose one that is close to both your existing and new home.

Check out the Moving.com truck rental section for more information and discounts on businesses like Penske, U-Pack, and Budget.

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