Upistic Review: Is the platform genuine?

Introduction to Upistic Review

Upistic is a cryptocurrency investment platform. At least, that is what their website states. This Uptistic review gives all the necessary details of the platform you need

The site claims to invest registered users’ funds into decentralized finance token trading. It also promises profits of up to 1.3% to 2.3% daily! Your mouth must be watering already after the last sentence. But experience tells us to be sceptical of such claims.

Finish this to discover whether it is legitimate or another scam.

Joining Upistic 

To join Upistic, you need to visit the Upistic website. Afterwards, click on the “Create Account” link on the page. Then, it will direct you to fill in a registration form.

After completing the registration process, it directs you to your account dashboard.

Investing in Upistic

On your account dashboard, you can choose from a variety of cryptocurrencies to make an investment payment. They include Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin and about twenty more. Also, the minimum deposit that one can make must have a value equivalent to 10.00 USD.

Upistic requires that users wait for a minimum of 20 days after a deposit before withdrawing any funds.

Then, you can monitor your profits from your account dashboard. One can withdraw profits when they exceed the minimum threshold of 10.00 USD. Otherwise, you can choose to reinvest your gain.

Upistic also has a referral program. It provides users with referral links. When someone uses the referral link to register, Upistic rewards the owner.

Legitimacy of Upistic

Above all, the main question is whether Upistic is genuine. We investigated Upistic to give a clear answer to this question. We do not doubt that Upistic is a scam. Below is what we discovered.

The anonymity of Upistic’s creators and management

Upistic does not give information about who owns or runs the platform.

However, it provides a list of supposed members of the Upistic team. But apart from the generic names that they give, there is no other information. The images attached to the names are just avatars. There are no actual pictures. Of course, that is to prevent people from using them to perform image searches that reveal the identities are fake.

Upistic’s attempts to remain anonymous are suspicious.

Suspicious Trustpilot reviews

There are very few Upistic reviews on Trustpilot. Furthermore, most of the accounts that reviewed the service are young. And also have written few or no other reviews before Upistic’s. That raises the suspicion that some use sock accounts to boost Upistic’s ratings on Trustpilot.

Also, one must see that Trustpilot publishes reviews without moderation. So that companies publish fake reviews of their products sometimes. That is why Upistic reviews on Trustpilot are not reliable.

Impossible investment return promises

Upistic’s promise of 1.3% to 2.3% daily profits is unrealistic. Besides, it is improbable to achieve such returns in any cryptocurrency market. The inflated rates Upistic shows are to attract gullible or greedy beginners to the platform. As always, most scam platforms will always promise impossibly high profits to net users.

The false impression of Western origin

Upistic’s website gives the false idea that its developers are from the Anglosphere. But when one goes through the website, you see several misspellings that demonstrate the creators are not native English speakers. They are not simply typographic errors because they occur very frequently on the site.

Also, Upistic hosted most of its webinars in Chinese and Vietnamese despite most of its site traffic coming from Anglophone countries. That suggests that Southeast Asia is its origin.

Upistic is stating misleading details about its origin to build trust in it amongst potential and current users.

Strong resemblance to Ponzi schemes.

There is no indication that Upistic does any actual trading or investment of the deposited funds. That suggests that they pay off older users using deposits from newer users. Also, its referral program rewards encourage users to advertise Upistic. That is to attract more users to continue to operate their Ponzi scheme.

Furthermore, like all other Ponzi schemes eventually, it must crash and leave unlucky users without their money.

 Conclusion of Upistic Review

Although Upistic’s promises are tempting, it is a scam. Apart from a staged dashboard, it gives no indication trades or investments are taking place. It also makes false claims about profits that you make using the platform.

Furthermore, it hides or misleads people about the identities of its developers.

We have mentioned much in this Upistic review. All of these red flags suggest that Upistic is a scam platform.

We warn you that it is dangerous to invest in this platform.

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