Validus Singapore | Singapore’s largest Fintech lender Review

Validus Singapore Review: You have probably seen advertisements for Validus. However, is Validus legit?

Validus is a website that claims to offer “fast, easy life insurance quotes.” But it doesn’t seem like there are any other reviews about the site. So, does Validus work? To find out, keep reading to find all you need to know about this company.

What is Validus?

Validus is the largest SME financing platform in Southeast Asia, serving small enterprises, individual investors, and institutional investors.

Validus aspires to foster inclusive growth for SMEs and economies in the ASEAN area by employing data analytics and AI to provide growth funding to underserved SMEs.

What sets Validus apart from a Bank?

Validus does not operate as a bank because it lacks a banking license. They choose to help SMEs that find it hard to get support from banks or financial institutions, as well as SMEs that require additional cash for economic growth.

Do they give Financial Loans?

Validus’ platform is primarily for bringing together investors and SMEs. In some circumstances, the founders, management, and/or Validus may have to incur the risk of investing in some facilities.

Should Investors and Small Businesses in Singapore use Validus?

Validus claims that they provide investors with the option to earn a greater rate of interest while taking on a variety of risks. In a safe jurisdiction like Singapore, they want to have a significant societal effect.

In comparison to some non-banking financial intermediaries in the market, SMEs may be eligible for cheaper borrowing rates. they claim to Understand the financial requirements of a developing company and cater to and support them specifically through the platform.

Furthermore, the SMEs on their platform are increasing at a rate of 20% y.o.y (year over year) in terms of sales and turnover.

Validus Singapore: Level of Security and Regulation for Users 

An absolute cipher suite is used to encode Validus. TLS 1.2 is used on their website. The website is encrypted and authenticated by AES 128 GCM, and the key exchange technique is RSA. It also has an EV SSL Certificate.

In addition, The Monetary Authority of Singapore has granted Validus a Capital Markets Services Licence under the Securities and Futures Act of Singapore.

Registered SMEs and investors in Southeast Asia can visit their site here to register and have access to the platform.

All things considered; your financial situation is an important factor to examine when applying for a loan from online financial institutions. Keep in mind that you should only take out loans that you can repay without putting your finances in jeopardy.

If possible, avoid taking out a huge loan because it will result in extra fees. Choose a loan that you will be able to repay easily.

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