Yahoo Mail Creation | How to Create and log in to a Yahoo Mail Account

Yahoo Mail Creation: Yahoo mail is one of the internet companies around the world, which offers plenty of internet services and online solutions that are quite available for some time.

They are one of the platforms that have been referred to as best in offering assured conveniences. If you scheme through this article you will find some tips and steps on the creation of a Yahoo mail account.

 Creation of a Yahoo Mail Account.

Before having a Yahoo mail account you have to create one. Consider the following tips below:

1. To start with, open a new tab on the internet browser of preference.

2. Enter the site’s URL address

3. At this, the yahoo mail login page will be available for you on your screen.

4. On the home page, click on the button that says “create an account”.
5. At that a new registration page will be opened for you.

6. On this page, they will ask you to input your name, surname, gender, date of birth, mobile phone number, and a verified email address.

7. After you have filled in the information required, you click on “Continue” below the page

8. In the next section of the page, they will need you to verify your mobile number provided, and also, offering you a possibility to change it

9. After this you will see an option on the page that says “Text me a verification code”, then an SMS will be sent to you’re the number used during registration to conclude the registration.

10. Enter the SMS code sent to the number on the empty bar provided on the page, then click on “verify”.

11. If the code sent is correct, then the process will be successful, then your Yahoo mail account will be created.

12. Click on “Done” to finish, then the Yahoo mail home page will be opened for you.

How to log in to your Yahoo mail Personal Account.

Now that your yahoo mail creation is done, will now proceed on how to login to your account when necessary.

Below are reviewed on how to log in to your Yahoo mail account.

1. To log in access the URL address during the account creation (
2. On the sign-in section welcome the Yahoo mail address and phone number, then click on next.
3. A new page is opened, input the password linked with the account on the “password” empty space, and then click Next.
4. A new page of your inbox will open.

for more updates on how to create an account on Yahoo mail visit the official website.

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