Zeniq Coin Price | Next Generation of Digital Asset Management

Zeniq Coin Price: Zeniq is a digital asset Blockchain Ecosystem responsible for financing and investments. They regard it as the next generation of digital asset management.

Zeniq Coin Price: it has people’s trust and the highest level of security for Fintech innovations, its main function is to carry out research and development to create innovative products and services, which is according to Fintech and Blockchain technology.

They also license a selected partner, which helps to distribute these innovations worldwide.

You should also be aware that the high level of trust and security is a guarantee by its USP which is the Zeniq Hub.

Zeniq is suggested to become the most popular platform responsible for digital investments in the future, and also be the top exchange platform the world has ever know with a decentralized Zeniq Exchange.

Company’s Preview.

The company is currently developing the first hardware device for a fully integrated digital finance named the Zeniq Hub.
As at this, a platform responsible for the exchange of assets that joins together with firm crypto technology, collaborating with modern banking partners in a seamless digital ecosystem.

Additionally, Zeniq will provide users the opportunity to invest in products and projects at an early stage to generate an outstanding profit through asset tokens.

Do you know why you should work with Zeniq? Being an economic ecosystem of the future, it contains Blockchain technologies and a wide range of payments options.

there is a milestone achievement due to the launching of the Zeniq website, the Zeniq mobile app, and the Zeniq coin at the beginning of July in the year 2020.

 Zeniq Coin

The Zeniq coin’s production is as a result of a reward to the community, then starts in July 2020, at that time, it was also the earliest date of purchase of Hub’s 01.

The coin’s invention is with the Zeniq blockchain, in order to complement the financial ecosystem that was created newly.

The Zeniq coin does not support pre-mining, also on the Zeniq hub it is issuing via mining of 1%, and minting 99%.

It can be a platform for tokens, especially for customers in profit-sharing projects, and physical assets like objects of art, real estate and, precious metals.

With Zeniq coin, you can get discounts when buying products and services.

You can also get rewards from the reward system.

If you need to publish projects and products, you are to get more voting power.

you can also get Airdrops from project offers.

The coin can also be used as collateral for future decentralized finance.

The Zeniq Coin Price

In USD the prize for one Zeniq coin is $0.354448 (+1.28%), the last traded volume between 24hrs is 0.000297 which is $14 in USD.

The Zeniq coin’s maximum supply is at 5,250,000 ZENIQ; at this, it is not mineable.

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