Zeus Bounty Review | 2.5% ROI BNB Smart Contract a Rip-off or Legit?

Zeus Bounty Review – Zeus’ Bounty could be the right program for you if you’re seeking for a way to make passive cryptocurrency income while also having the opportunity to earn a lot more through a referral program.

Many passive income products claim to be legitimate and make outrageous income claims, however after reviewing Zeus Bounty, it appears to be conservative.

In any case, we must always conduct thorough investigation into every facet of an investment firm to determine whether or not we can trust them with our money.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Zeus Bounty Review – Overview

Quick summary: Zeus Bounty is an investment firm that focuses on the BNB smart chain and provides a 2.5 percent daily ROI to users who invest by giving away referrals.

A referral scheme for affiliates is also available through the company.

This company draws people who are interested in the following topics:

  • Crypto
  • Passive Income is a type of income that is earned without
  • MLM

While I believe that many people may be drawn to what this firm has to offer, we must conduct thorough research on any investment company before joining to avoid losing money due to a possible fraud.

Here’s a rundown of the benefits and drawbacks:

Benefits OF Zeus’ Bounty

Here are a few advantages:

  • Zeus Bounty is a pretty open book.
  • They have a unique (and good) commission system for smart contracts.
  • They provide a number of incentives in the form of commissions.
  • The firm provides education and training.
  • Members can also obtain access to a number of valuable software packages for free or at a reasonable rate through Zeus Bounty.
  • Withdrawals and payments are both speedy and secure.

Drawbacks OF Zeus’ Bounty

Here are a few disadvantages:

  • The payment procedure is a three-step process that can be challenging for newcomers.
  • New members would have to learn how to utilize MetaMask, which many of them are unfamiliar with.
  • Recruiting is essential for a steady flow of 2.5 percent rewards and large profit margins.

What Exactly is Zeus Bounty?

Zeus Bounty is a BNB smart contract investment company where you may join and buy into one of the investment plans to receive passive income from BNB smart contracts while also establishing a downline team of other investors.

The BNB smart chain contracts are a little different in that Zeus Bounty provides you with an upline and downline that pays you commissions as soon as you sign up.

You will earn more from their withdrawal cycles as time goes on and your talented team expands.

They also highlight a referral scheme through which you can invite others to join your smart contract and earn significantly more from the investment plans.

Information about the company

When researching an investment firm, one of the first questions to ask is who the owner is.

This will allow you gain insight into the company’s history and vision.

Unfortunately, it appears that 90% of cryptocurrency investment firms choose not to divulge who owns the firm or rely on paid actors.

Zeus Bounty, on the other hand, claims to have “100 years of combined business experience (with) 100+ crypto frauds” within its admin staff.

Notably, On October 22nd, 2021, Zeus Bounty registered the domain name “zeusesbounty.com.”

You must view Zeus’ Bounty’s attached marketing video if you want to learn about the company’s ownership after this zeus bounty review.


Tim Bentley credits himself as “the originator of Zeus’ Bounty” in the video. Bentley, according to his Facebook page, is living in Colorado, United States.

What Kinds of Products and Services Does Zeus Bounty Provide?

Going over the products and services that Zeus Bounty has to offer, the company’s core service is its investment plans.

Although, the investment ideas are based on the BNB smart chain, which will generate passive income through the use of smart contracts.

Additional items offered by Zeus Bounty include training and education, as well as software-based products.

They do not offer commissionable additional products. however, they offer the following services:

  • Zeus Academy
  • Zeus Bounty Software

With Zeus Bounty, how do you make money?
I’ll go through how you can make money with Zeus Bounty in this section of Zeus Bounty review.

With Zeus Bounty, there are two basic ways to make money.

Here are the two ways you can profit from them:

  • Investment plan
  • Referral Program
Compensation Plan for Zeus’ Bounty

Zeus’ Bounty’s pay strategy mixes unilevel team pyramid recruitment with passive commissions.

Both components of Zeus’ Bounty’s compensation plan include five buy-in tiers:

. 1 BNB – You get 5 upline and 5 downline members with this investment plan. The members’ buy-ins pay 2.5 percent to this plan.
5 BNB – This investment plan provides you with six upline and six downline members. The members’ buy-ins pay 2.5 percent to this plan.
1 BNB – This investment plan provides you with eight upline and eight downline members. The members’ buy-ins pay 2.5 percent to this plan.

5 BNB – This investment plan offers you 9 upline members and 9 downline members. The members’ buy-ins pay 2.5 percent to this plan.

10 BNB – This investment plan provides you with ten upline and ten downline members. The members’ buy-ins pay 2.5 percent to this plan.

How much does it cost to join?

The membership fee to Zeus Bounty is 0.1 BNB.

To buy BNB, you’ll need to utilize a crypto payment provider like the Crypto.com smartphone app, then transmit your BNB to the MetaMask crypto app.

Moreover, Zeus Bounty uses the MetaMask crypto app to process all of your deposits and withdrawals.

Once you’re ready to deposit your starting BNB amount, you’ll need to link your MetaMask account to Zeus Bounty.

Fees and Restrictions on Withdrawals

In Zeus’ Bounty site, they limit affiliate withdrawals to preserve as much BNB in the smart-contract as feasible.

Withdrawals from Zeus’ Bounty are limited based on personal recruiting or total BNB spent on buy-ins.

  • If you have fewer than four directly recruited affiliates, BNB buy-ins must account for 60% of all withd rawal requests.
  • If you have four affiliates you personally recruited, you must spend 50% of all withdrawal requests on BNB buy-ins.
  • Also, if you’ve spent 4 BNB on buy-ins, you’ll have to spend 40% of any withdrawal requests on BNB buy-ins.
  • Then if you’ve spent 10 BNB on buy-ins, you must spend 30 percent of all withdrawal requests on BNB buy-ins.


In conclusion, Zeus Bounty is a Pyramid scheme in which participants receive 2.5 percent of all previous and subsequent buy-ins.

Withdrawal requests are linked to compulsory buy-ins (forced reinvestment), allowing early investors to receive a passive return over time.

The remainder of Zeus’ Bounty is a traditional pyramid scheme. Commissions are paid on new hires, which is necessary to maintain the 2.5 percent passive returns.

If you are thinking about joining, you should also bear in mind that it can be shut down at any time and the majority of Zeus’ Bounty affiliates will lose money, just like in any other MLM pyramid scheme.

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