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Troncase Review: Troncase is a platform that has a combination of digital technology, high security, and community program. It is a platform in which they are no management including its own software team, also, its development is as a fully automated system.

This is a system in which no one has access to its funds, whereby the funds are tightly secured between you and the smart contract.

Smart contracts are part of blockchain technology, and this is a technology no hacker can have access to.

As you scheme through this article, they will be an elaboration on the overview of the website, how it came about, and its credibility.

Additionally, they will be information on the updates and affiliate programs offered by

Troncase Review: an overview of the company

Troncase as earlier stated is a platform is consisting of Digital technology, high security, and community programs. And also a platform that nobody manages.

It provides no information about who runs the company on its website. was registration was on September 19, 2020, in which official marketing videos on Troncase YouTube channel revealed that whoever made them is using an Estonian language-based phone.

Suggestions show that anyone handling Troncase has similarities to Estonia.

On February 16th, 2021, martin karus and Eric Nurm were known to be troncase admins.

Later on, a serial scammer named Ryan Conley uploaded a video on YouTube interviewing Karus and Nurm as head distributors. Also, they are both from Europe, tying in with the Estonians.

As head distributors, they have positions at the top on the troncase smart contract, at this, they are as Admins.

Moreover, Karus engagement in MLM began with Amway in 2010. On his own terms, he made a little success at Amway, leading him to engage and promote the MLM Ponzi scheme.

At this, Nurm worked closely with Karus on scamming people with Cloud Horizon and Crown1.

According to their Facebook profile and location, Currently, Eric Nurm’s hideout is in Thailand, while Martin Karus’s hideout is in Malaysia.

According to this little overview on Troncase Company, before planning to join MLM companies consider the owners of the company or those running the business to avoid sham.

Troncase Review: updates

The below details give you an update about troncase and how they offer services.

Products and services

Troncase offers no reliable Products and services, with an affiliate that is only able to market their affiliate membership.

Troncase Compensation Plan

On the promise of an advertised 300% ROI, troncase affiliates invest 100TRX or more.

The returns-outward investments pay out a rate of 1% a day, if they are no withdrawal, a bonus of 0.1% adds daily, then after five days, pile-ups emerge to 0.5%.
• Every 50,000 affiliate investor that signed up receives a bonus of 0.1%.
• For all 20,000,000 TRX in referral commissions payment is paid out 0.1% as a bonus.
• In total of 80,000,000 TRX invested company-wide is given out 0.2% bonus.

Troncase Review: Referral Commissions

Troncase gives out the commission in similarity to that of a uni-leveled compensation structure.

When considering a uni-leveled compensation structure, it is a process responsible for placing an affiliate at the top of a particular uni-level team with all recruits placed under them as a minority.

This is to say in literal terms that if any level one affiliate recruits a new affiliate, they place them on level two of the original affiliate‘s uni-level team.

Also, if a level two affiliate recruits new affiliates, they migrate to level three till infinity down through a theoretically infinite number of levels.
The following below are the uni-level team levels.
• Level 1 – 7%
• Level 2 – 3%
• Level 3 – 1.5%
• Level 4 – 1%
• Level 5-7% – 0.5%
• Level 8 – 0.4%
• Level 9 – 0.3%
• Level 10 – 0.2%
• Level 11 – 0.1%

Note: they will be payment of 300% ROI and they will require you to reinvest in order to continue earning.

Credibility Status

Considering the facts whether troncase is legit or scam is a very discreet factor, in order to know those facts view the options below.

  • Platform decentralization: according to researches troncase is managed by nobody, including its own software management team, the platform’s development is as an autonomous system, funds are secured between you and the smart contract.
  • System transparency: since the creation of the smart contract, you can transparently view all your transaction details.
  • Accurate Transactions: Nobody is in charge of processing your transactions and withdrawals. Transaction approves within seconds and is reflected to view instantly. Also, making unlimited transactions is possible depending on your balance rate.
  • Stability: from the day of troncase invention; decision changes can never affect it.
  • Marketing Structure Plan (MSP): the investment plan of the company, its creation for unparalleled sustainability which is meeting the expectations of both passive investors and leaders in charge of building teams.
  • Improve Secure Systems: troncase provides a secure system called blockchain, in which smart contract is part of the blockchain secure technology, at this no hacker can have access to your transaction data.

According to this, your investments are under protection.
In conclusion, investments of Tron by troncase affiliates slows down the smart contract’s payments of 300% ROI. At this, concluding that troncase is a Ponzi scheme. Additionally, referral commissions, adds an additional pyramid layer to the scheme.

If you need more updates visit the official website for more information on troncase reviews.

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