Petroleum Product Pricing Regulatory Agency, (PPPRA) Salary structure.

PPPRA Salary structure-PPPRA company is responsible for the regulation of the price of petroleum, also they help in the improvement and increase in the efficiency of the Nigerian petroleum. Additionally, they respond in the distribution of petroleum products induced with sustainable structure.

PPPRA salary is a platform which is responsible for the implementation of recommendations and programs of the federal government; moderation of volatile petroleum price is done by the PPPRA Company, also, the establishment of codes of conduct and all operation in the downstream petroleum sector is carried out by the PPPRA Company. Including, prevention of collusion and restrictive trade is done by them.

PPPRA  salary structure

PPPRA Salary structure– furthermore, would you like to know what the workers at PPPRA Company earn every month? On this article, we will also be discussing the salary structure of PPPRA Company and, also the amount of income the employees earn every month.

Petroleum Product Pricing Regulatory Agency is an agency whose establishment is in the year 2003. Accordingly, the arrangement and earning of the salary is deciding on the rank of the employee.

Therefore, the low-ranking employees will get a lower income in salary than the high-ranking employees.

PPPRA company is also known for one of the highest paying federal government agencies in Nigeria as a whole, entry staff in PPPRA earn as much as N190,000 every month excluding allowance, also a senior officer or employee under the DPR earn as much as N5,000,000 every month, which the PPPRA senior employees earn as much as them every month.

That is why they are ranked as one of the highest-paying agencies in Nigeria.

Although, it is also an eligible thing to know that when recruitment of new workers conduction will take place, because we know that a few groups of individuals would like to work with a well-paid federal agency in Nigeria.

Therefore, we inform you to read the PPPRA recruitment guide in order to have the eligibility work in such agencies.

Outline of different Sectors apart from PPPRA’s Salary Structure.

Akwa Ibom air Salary Structure

NNPC Salary Structure.
ExxonMobil Salary Structure.
Nigerian Navy Salary structure.

Akwa Ibom air salary structure

Akwa Ibom’s salary structure contains lots of employees, and also salary distribution is according to the ranking position of a particular employee.

Moreover, the Akwa Ibom air pilot, payment offering within number ranges of 250,000-360,000 each month.

Note: this figure above is a fluctuating figure, in the process whereby it can increase and decrease based on the company’s arrangement.

NNPC salary structure

In this case, the NNPC salary structure works differently. Salary distribution is according to your increase in rank in the business sector. Therefore, the increase in salary increases with an increase in rank under the business sector. NNPC industry has three major sectors of employee rank.
1. Intern
2. Entry-level worker
3. Experienced workers or managers.


Interns are as those undergoing internships with the NNPC industry. This is someone under learning on how to improve skills, and also, gaining experience for a period of 3-6 months. The amount earned each month is ranging from 18,000-30,000.

Entry-level worker

Graduating individuals that they are recruiting are called Entry-level workers. Moreover, because of the conduction of recruit by the industry each year. Their earnings are ranging from 170,000-350,000 each month.

Experienced workers and managers

This consists of individuals or employees who have been working with NNPC for a long period of time with enough experience. NNPC  always pays this aspect higher amounts. Their earnings are ranging from 600,000-1,000,000 monthly.

Nigerian navy salary structure

Nigerian navy commission- Although, it consists of many ranks, therefore according to the number of salary earnings, tag giving to the particular rank by the agency. Firstly, considering the level of officers, also,  the Nigerian navy has two levels of commission ranking view below.
1. Commissioned officers, earn from the range of 118,835-1,358,595 naira.
2. Non-commissioned officers, earn from the range of 45,854-120,853 naira.

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