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Romance Tale – This dating platform assists individuals of the opposite sex in finding long-term love. An Asian dating platform that has over five million users worldwide, allows you to interact with Asian ladies and men through letters and thoughtful presents.

This Asian platform does not have a mobile app yet, which means all dating and chatting will be carried out on the official dating site.

They also offer an ID verification feature in order to limit fake profiles. Users can communicate with one other on one platform thanks to Romance Tale.

Because the deal is a level playing field for all members, you won’t have to worry about a vetting wall for some user regions.

However, you should familiarize yourself with the appropriate T&C (Terms and Conditions), price, and app features.

As a result, we will examine these factors in this article. For more information, keep on reading.

UI’s Overview

To link members to the platform, Romance Tale provides a convenient UI (graphical interface). Romance Tale is sleek, unlike most dating plugs, which are crowded with adverts.

It also offers a category for related features, which is prominent on the site. This is the first impression you’d have of the homepage.

Members can relate the site to a real-life hotel lobby, where they can make bookings because it is a dating pro.

The same hotel-themed inference can be found in Romance Tale, which provides all-important dating primers on one page (the homepage, actually).

On-site, you will find all types of different girls with different age differences. As a user of this dating platform, you can date all kinds of beautiful ladies on this platform from different countries like China, Thailand, Japan, and other related Asian countries.

Then, in the long haul, prices come into play; it is frequently stated that prices are on the high side.

Users may also access a number of features through their profile, including a series of simple instructions on how to utilize the site.

How do sign up for an account on this website? For further information, see the section below.

Romance Tale – How to Register an account | Free Registration

To Sign up on this dating site, it is just an easy process to apply for your personal dating account to be ready. Follow the steps below to get your own registered account.

  1. Visit the official Romance Tale website at
  2. Choose your gender and add your name.
  3. Select your birthdate.
  4. Please provide a valid email address.
  5. Make a password for yourself and agree to the Terms of Service and Use.
  6. Then select Register.
  7. Finally, on the screen, you’ll get a welcome greeting. Click “Let’s Do It” to fill out a quick survey and begin utilizing the dating platform.

With the steps above, you can register freely on the Romance Tale dating platform. For those with an existing account, follow the login process below to access your account.

How to Sign in to your Personal Dating account

With an already existing account, you can log into your account with the steps below.

  1. Visit Romance Tale Official site
  2. At the upper right side of the homepage, select Login.
  3. Simply enter your email address and password.
  4. Finally, to access the dating platform, click Sign in.

Note: as earlier stated, There is no mobile app for Romance Tale (unless you choose to download an APK from the provider’s website), but there is a free version.

If you don’t want to pay for the PREMIUM account, you’ll have to put up with the advertising on the basic free version APK.

Official Merits & Demerits

Before you sign up on any site on the internet you must know the benefit you will receive from this website. Also, you should know the website’s injury (disadvantages) to avoid them when necessary.


Below are the merits/advantage you need to know about Romance tales.

  • Options for dating a list of Asian and Latina girls based on their profile (which includes a bio).
  • There are fewer automation accounts here than on most famous Asian sites.
  • An intuitive user interface.


Below are the demerits you can find on the Romance tale dating platform.

  • On the non-subscription user tier, you will find advertisements.
  • There are just APKs and the online source accessible (it is not available on the Google Play Store).
  • Furthermore, consumers are not covered by a guarantee.

For further information on Romance Tale, see other reviews on it to compare before joining the platform. Also, feel free to leave a comment below if you find this article helpful & interesting, don’t forget to share.

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