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ZetBull Review: With an attempt of appearing legitimate, there are UK incorporation details provided for ZetBull limited.

An MLM company that operates and claims to carry their businesses out of the UK, this is one of the possible issues ZetBull faces.

The UK incorporation is an effectively unregulated corp. On the same topic, the FCA which is the UK’s top financial regulator lack in carrying out the regulation of MLM-related security fraud.

Due to these facts, UK is a favored jurisdiction for scammers looking to incorporate and promoting fraudulent companies.

In proposition of MLM’s investigations to get details of a matter under consideration, the incorporation in the UK with the FCA is useless with no meaning.

Furthermore, ZetBull creates a marketing video on their platform. This video was uploaded on June 19th.

ZetBull Review: ZetBull.com’s Overview

ZetBull Review: the company is a middle-income fund with diverse marketing offers, this is given to investors to earn from 1.5% on weekdays.

A member can make investments in dollars and in cryptocurrencies from $10. We summarized the three-tier affiliate program below.

On the ZetBull website, there is no information about who owns the company.

However, the website’s domain (ZetBull.com) was personally registered in May 2019.

The present senior manager of ZetBull is Jack Pierce.

In that marketing video mentioned above, the main speaker acting as pierce has a Russian accent.

Meanwhile, Sophie Cooper which is the senior analyst in the company is played by Ekaterina Yakovleva in the marketing video. She is an actor from Moscow in Russia.

Therefore, this is to say that anyone following ZetBull on their marketing updates, and also as the one who runs the site is based out of Moscow, in Russia.

The top source ranking as traffic to ZetBull’s Website is Alexa, followed by Egypt with 21%, Saudi Arabia with 14%, and Russia with 11%.

ZetBull Product

According to the ZetBull official platform, there are no products or services retailing out to members.

There are only affiliate memberships on market carried out by affiliates.

ZetBull Review: Compensation Plan

The ZetBull Affiliates invests from $10 to $500,000 on the company’s ROI.

There is a trend on the site which is, the longer an affiliate invests, the higher the paid return.

1. 2.1% a day for 20days
2. 2.5% for 35 days
3. 650% for 35 days
4. 3.5% for 55 days
5. 1500% after 55 days
6. 3000% after 70 days
7. 6500% after 100 days

Note: while others make investments in USDT, ZetBull only solicits investments in cryptocurrencies.

ZetBull offers referral commission on investments down on three levels of recruitments.

1. On level three you get 1%
2. In the second level, you get 2%
3. On level one you get 5%

If you would like to join, you should also know that ZetBull membership is free.

Moreover, you make investments in tether, Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash, and dash.

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