Truvy Review | A weight Loss Side Kick without a Retail Customer Differentiation

Truvy Review: Truvy exists as a weight losing sidekick to make healthy living easier for people.

Truvy distributes products that help in weight loss, giving you tools for this operation is their main vision and goal to strengthening healthy living.

Having a certified result, special formula with all-natural ingredients is the main content for uplift in their product distribution.

Moreover, Truvy is also an MLM platform that aids your money-making on the platform.

Becoming an associate is the best option to choose if you want to make money via Truvy.

Truvy is taken to be the best direct selling company to work for. If you want to improve the health and wellness of an individual, this is also taken the business to the next level.

If you make a decision to change people’s lives using the best nutrition, weight management products, and taking an initiative, you’ve to become a Truvy associate.

Truvy Review: Company’s Overview

Truvy Review: Truvy started as TruVision Health. The company is a Utah Based Multi-level marketing company; it was launched in Year 2014.

Currently, Truvy’s Co-founder and the ones in control of the company are Boyd Wathen and David Brown.

Both co-founders are the owners of Plexus which established the Pink drink product.

They had a fallen out with Plexus initiated the launching of TruVision,

There are results that Wathen has left the company within 2018 to launch Tavala, currently Viiva.

In the company’s platform, instead of providing the company’s cooperate and management information in the About Us section, they regarded it as a Marketing Pitch.

I have done a background check on Truvy’s Meet the team webpage, but when I switch back to the home page I got an alert that the page is not synced with each other.

As far as I know, the information the company provided about the company’s team, the co-founders of the company are David Brown and Shawn Gibson

After the launching of Truvy, TruVision had altercations with the FDA.

The first altercation was in September 2015, which the FDA obtained the use of illegal ingredients from the TruVision Health products.

In November 2017, a warning letter of manufacturing violations was sent to the TruVision Database by the FDA.

Due to a current inspection in May, the FDA discovered severe violations of the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP).

They found violations in the company’s manufacturing products, packaging, labeling, and Holding operation for Dietary Supplements.

To read for a full review, Truvy’s MLM opportunity is the best option.

Truvy’s Product and Services

Meanwhile, Truvy has a large product range; therefore, there are failures to differentiate between the retail customers and the new affiliates.

When you recruit someone in your to your account, the account will be automatically upgraded to an associate and enables eligibility to receive commissions and referral bonuses.

The statement above is a little reference from Truvy’s compensation plan. If anyone decides to sign up for an account on Truvy, is already an affiliate.

Truvy trades on a large range of products concerning weight loss and general health awareness.

The company’s product shares the same name as the company.

The products are designed to amplify and give support to a healthy lifestyle.
For a twin-box of 60 Tru and Vy capsules, Truvy retails at $112. However, the other products concerning weight loss and general health awareness are below.

For Weight Loss

1. truFix – it is a weight manager that helps you to maintain optimal blood chemistry, it retails at $42.95 for a box of 60 capsules.
2. rePlace (containing Brownie Mix and Vanilla Bean) – “Vegan Meal Replacement”, which retails at $43.75 for a box containing 50 pouches.

For General Health Awareness

1. truSlumber – “It supports healthy natural sleep”, and retails at $35.95 for a box of 60 capsules.
2. Vibrant – it is a CBD patch that provides “emotional support”, the product retails at $93.75 for a box of 30 patches.

Truvy Review: Affiliate Ranks and Compensations

Within the Truvy compensation structure, they are a total of 10 ranks.
View the ranks below.

1. The Associate Rank: when you sign up as a Truvy affiliate, maintaining 100 PV in a month.
2. The Managing Associate Rank: recruit and maintain two associates, with at least five affiliates in your downlines.
3. The Senior Associate Rank: maintain 100 PV in a month, and three associate with thirty affiliates and above.
4. 1 Star Director: maintain four associates with at least ninety affiliates in your downlines.
5. 2 Star Director: recruit five associates with two hundred and fifty affiliates.
6. 3 Star Director: maintaining 100 PV in a month, recruiting five associates with five hundred affiliates in your downlines.
7. This trend goes on till 8 Star Director, which will recruit six associates with sixteen thousand affiliates to maintain in your downlines.
Not knowing, PV is an acronym for Personal Volume.

Truvy’s Compensation Plan

The compensation plan pays affiliates on sales to recruited affiliates.
The residual commission pays out through a unilevel team, with an additional rank-based bonus on an offer.


Beware that Truvy also trades ranges of oil under “BY NATURE” as a brand.

The company products can be available in either individual or group package.

Moreover, the first order bonus is a residual commission that pays on the first order that a new recruit places or by a retail customer.

Additionally, the first order bonus pays out through a uni-level compensation structure.

Furthermore, the residual commission pays due to sales volume that generates across eight uni-level team levels.

In the marching bonus, all the affiliates qualify for a10% matching bonus on residual commissions earned by the recruits.

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