EmpiresX Review | Earning from your Personal Development 1% daily with EX Robot and Etheruim Ponzi Scheme.

EmpiresX Review: on this trading site, while tracking and earning from your personal development, reaching a new level of profit will be your main aim.

EmpireX Review – the core mission of EmpireX is to bring you software created by world-class experts, using it to take part in trading strategies.

Their presence is to revolutionize.

The company’s software is tested and currently improving and making adaptations to different market fluctuations. System development was done by the best analysts.

On the platform, the company claims to offer withdrawal with an automatic payment method, freedom with your capital, trading without limit without charges on them.

According to the withdrawal forum, withdrawals are made on weekly income to payout every Monday, instant withdrawals. Also, you make payments with receipts and cryptocurrency.

Additionally, there are steps you have to go through you make your journey a success.

All you have to do is to create an account, Get the EX Robot, Add funds, and then you can enjoy your success.

However, as a result, this site came out to be a Ponzi scheme, which I might not recommend you trade with.

Would you like to know why this platform came out to be a Ponzi scheme? If so, below explains about the company.

Also, before jumping into the body of this article, I will be enumerating the company’s overview, carrier bonus, Referral commissions, and Affiliate Ranks.

So if you would know more about the EmpireX, I suggest you sit back and go through this Review.

EmpiresX Review: About the Company.

EmpiresX Review: to begin, EmpireX provides no information about the CEO of the website or the owner of the company.

The website domain’s registration was carried out privately on December 1st, 2019.

In the platform, when language is set in an English format the EmpireX website still displays in Portuguese format.

Suggestions show that anyone in charge of the operations going on the platform is fluent in Portuguese.

Due to further dig out, it shows that the EmpireX Marketing material Is crediting Emerson Pires and Flavio Goncalves as the co-founders of the company.

Based on their profiles Emerson Pires is accommodated out of Florida in the US.

There was a sudden self-display in a comment section on a site, which was fished out portraying that in 2018 Pires was making a defense at Mining Capital Coin Ponzi Scheme.

Pires as an early investor on the Mining Capital Coin Platform likely made some money out of his investments. Then at the end of 2018, the company collapsed.

Actually, due to language barriers, we publishers were unable to get the involvement of Pires in any MLM opportunities.

Meanwhile, Flavio Goncalves is accommodated out of Brazil with similar language barriers.

EmpiresX Review – The Company’s Affiliate Ranks

There are seven Affiliate Ranks syncing with the company’s compensation structure.

Together with their qualification criteria, respectively, below provides such information.

  1.  1st Rank: invest with $500 and have recruits of at least one EmpireX affiliate investor.
  2.  2nd Rank: make an investment of $1000 and recruit two affiliate investors.
  3. 3rd Rank: invest $1,500 with recruits of at least three EmpireX affiliate investors.
  4.  4th Rank: you can invest with $2000 provided you have up to four affiliate investors via your referral link.
  5.  5th Rank: in this rank investors invest $3000, with an affiliate of at least five investors.
  6.  6th Rank: you can invest $4000, having an affiliate of at least six investors on EmpireX.
  7.  7th Rank: you can choose to invest with $5000, with recruits of at least seven affiliate investors.

The Company’s Carrier Bonus

These are the rewards to affiliates for encouraging others’ investments.

1. Bronze Trader: generates $16,000 in the unilevel team investment volume, which they receive a ledger.

2. Silver Trader: they generate $48,000 in unilevel team investment volume and receive a smartwatch.

3. Gold Trader: forms $64,000in the unilevel team investment receiving an Ipad.

4. Sapphire Trader: this trader generates $480,000 in unilevel team investment, which they receive a travel voucher.

5. Emerald Trader: the trader creates 1,600,000 in the unilevel team investment and receives a Rolex watch as a reward.

6. Emerald X Trader: generates $3,200,000 in unilevel team investment volume and receives a compact car in addition.

7. Ruby Trader: gets 11,200,000 in the unilevel team investment receiving a luxury sedan.

8. Ruby X Trader: forms $16,000,000 in the unilevel team investment volume, rewarded a luxury crossover.

9. Diamond Trader and Double Diamond Trader: they both generate 48,000,000 and $80,000,000 in the unilevel team investment volume and receive an Exotic car and a sports car.

EmpiresX Review: The Company’s Compensation plan.

You all should know that the compensation plan is carried out by an Ex Bot also known as an Investor Robot.

Would you like to know how it works? If so, below has its information.

Firstly, you should know that the investor robot costs $400 each year.

Also, the minimum investment deposit is $500.

You can make deposits using BTC, ETH, or USDT, while you get paid with BTC or ETH.

You should also be aware, that there is a maximum limit to the number of your investments. Also, you can add more funds to your account according to your wish.

On the platform, you can earn up to 1% daily, 7 days in a week via your total amount of funds invested.

You have an option to control your weekly earnings at $100 per minute.

Earning, commissions, or capital – you can withdraw them on Fridays (weekend), while the funds arrive in your account on Tuesdays.

To withdraw your earnings, you will make a 5% deposit as a withdrawal fee. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100.

There is also an option to refer to other investors, having an additional 0.2% divided into 20 levels every day.

For more updates about this review, you are free to access the official site.

Leave a comment in the comment section, if any questions arise based on this article.

Thank you.

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