KiaKia Loan App: How to Apply, Interest Rates, Repayment, and Benefits

The Kiakia loan app is one of the most well-known online loan platforms in Nigeria that provides loans without collateral. Sterling Bank Nigeria runs it as part of a cooperation with the Kiakia lending platform.

This platform provides a fantastic opportunity for small businesses in need of immediate funding to invest in their business and improve their earnings.

Even you, as an individual seeking emergency cash to fund some minor projects or attend to some of your financial needs while waiting for money in the coming weeks, can take advantage of this site.

Here is all you need to know about the KiaKia Loan app:

What is the KiaKia Loan app?

For starters, the KiaKia lending platform in Nigeria is a collateral-free loan app run by Sterling Bank Nigeria Plc.

Because Sterling Bank is a recognized bank with the Federal Government of Nigeria, you can be confident in its authenticity.

The loan is only available to Nigerians who have a Sterling Bank account, therefore if you want to apply for it, you must first open an account with Sterling Bank.

They give you the money in a Sterling Bank account, and repayment will be easier because the bank is the same

With a flexible repayment schedule, you can pick between two options: N50,000 loans or N200,000 loans.

The KiaKia Loan App Features

It is important to note that the loan can be obtained on their website or Google or Apple store. The following are some of the website’s features:

Credit Score – Click here to learn how your financial activities and behaviors might help you develop a good credit score. A good credit score entitles you to additional loans, among other bonuses.

Lend Money – If you desire, you can lend money to others and earn great interest rates. You may get started by clicking on this tab.

Status Bar for Transactions – By going here, you may find out everything you need to know about your loan, including the amount of interest you’ve paid and your financial profile.

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How to Apply for a Loan and How it Works

To start, you’ll need to open a Sterling Bank Nigeria Plc account. However, it’s pointless to open another if you already have one. By that, you are already qualified. After you’ve completed this section, follow the steps below to acquire the loan:

  1. Visit the platform’s official website at
  2. Click the “click to receive loan” tab on the site, and a chatbot page will appear before you.
  3. After that, the chatbot will give you alternatives such as “create an account,” “get a loan,” “lend out to borrower,” and a few more in that sequence.
  4. To create an account, go to “make an account” and follow the instructions.
  5. After you’ve created your account, go to “Get a loan”
  6. The chatbot will next ask for your email address, which you will provide, and you will be given a 6-digit confirmation code to help you complete the registration process.
  7. You’ll be assigned to one of their agents who you’ll meet in person for physical verification after you’re done, which should take approximately 15 minutes on average.

Loan Eligibility Requirements

You’ll need an email address, a bank account (remember, it’ll be in Sterling), your Bank Verification Number (BVN), and a physical valid ID card to get the loan.

Advantages of Using KiaKia

Aside from the collateral-free feature, which is always a plus, here are some of the advantages of using KiaKia.

No hidden fees or charges – Borrowing money through the platform is free of any hidden fees or charges. There are no fees for applying or finding a lender.

Application and Access in Real-Time — You can create an account and apply for a loan at any time of day. The website is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no downtime, and you can request a loan at any time.

Self-Service — When you register, a personal virtual agent who will be available to attend to all your requirements and to answer any questions you may have at any time.

Interest Rates on KiaKia Loans

Interest rates vary by person, and credit ratings determines them fore each user.

Also, Interest rates typically range from 5.6 percent to 24 percent.

Meeting payments deadlines can help you boost your credit score.

Missing deadlines increase your interest rates, making it more difficult to repay and damaging your credit score in the process.

KiaKia Loan Repayment

You are to repay within 7 to 30 days of collecting loan, depending on the amount.

You can choose the method of repayment that is most convenient for you.

Furthermore, You have the option of paying weekly, bi-weekly, or all the money you borrowed in one lump sum on or before the 30-day repayment deadline.

To repay a loan, follow the steps outlined below.

  • You can pay back your loan by going to the KiaKia website.
  • Then, under the “Click to getting Loan” page, select “Click to getting Loan.”
  • Select “repay a debt” from the drop-down menu, when the icon appears.
  • The chatbox will appear in front of you once more, asking for your email address. Enter the one you used to register for the application.
  • With the help of the chatbot, the entire process of repaying your loan after providing your email address will be easy and fast. Since you already have an account with Sterling Bank.

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In summary, with no collateral requirements and user-friendly terms and conditions, the app has a decent chance of succeeding.

These benefits are a way to entice individuals, small company owners, employees, and entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, with the country’s economic conditions deteriorating, their stock market will likely rise with this innovation.

Although interest rates apply, if you can keep to the agreement by paying on time, you will enjoy their services. If you cannot keep your end of the bargain by paying on time, you will not maintain a solid credit score that and lose out on bonus incentives the app has to offer.

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