Meta Bounty Hunters | NFT Marketplace & How to Get MBH Verification

Meta Bounty Hunters: Meta bounty serves as a community/tribe, and also, they are called galactic alliance of doers, who arrange their organization to take action and do the most out of their community to their members.

The NFT galaxy of MBH consists of three Metaverse:

  • Bounty Reflection Pools, which will benefit NFT holders directly through weekly rewards.
  • After you’ve earned the title of MBH, you’ll earn additional benefits by recommending new members to the network through affiliate links.
  • With monthly do-good causes, the design of this community produces a constant “Do Good Fund” that will allow this community to favorably influence Beings, Species, and Mother Earth/Planet Galaxy.

Meta Bounty Hunters is a digital NFT Galaxy, with collective elite members sharing a community-first mindset. Also, they are focused on impacting well to the community.

Also, “8,888 Bounty Hunters are ready to guard, create alliances, and seize control of the NFT Galaxy”, which is an aim to achieve on their official site.

From their official site, Meta Bounty Hunters are “poised to take over the NFT community”. Meanwhile, they proposed that currently, the Bounty reflection reward differentiates them from other NFT related communities.

MBH Road Maps

They are 10 different road maps listed on Meta Bounty Hunters’ website, these 10 road maps include:

  1. Ability to activate to call sign.
  2. Joining the white list.
  3. Early whitelist mint – February 10, 2022.
  4. Public Mint.
  5. Reflection Rewards.
  6. Ongoing Mini Mints.
  7. VIP Exclusive Mints.
  8. Community Participation DAO/Do Good causes.
  9. Play to earn.
  10. Future Mints Release dates.

With these road maps, you can begin & succeed in your journey as the Meta Bounty Hunters.

Also, Each NFT is produced using an algorithm that combines 14 Rarity categories and all of their variants to produce rare and unique Meta Bounty Hunters.

Before we proceed on to our main discussion, in this article we will consider the first-ever Bounty reflections on Meta Bounty Hunters, How to connect a wallet holding Meta Bounty Hunters to your MBH Vault.

Also, we will see how to get your MBH verified & how to join Meta Bounty Hunters.

Meta Bounty Hunters – First-Ever Bounty Reflection Rewards

In this section of this article, we will explain the Bounty reflection rewards. Moreover, in these rewards we can find two types of reflection, these reflections include:

  • Direct Reflections
  • Affiliates Referral reflections

Before, we consider these two reflections, Bounty reflection rewards are rewards given to NFT holders that are a part of the MBH galaxy/community through smart contracts.

Direct Reflections

For being a member of the community, all NFT holders get Direct Reflections via a smart contract formed when they acquire a Meta Bounty Hunter.

Lets’ see some related features of the direct reflections.

Direct Reflection Payouts

From the sixth week after the week you mint or acquire an MBH NFT, Direct Reflections are paid out every week.

The ethereum wallet from where you purchased your NFT will get the reflections.

Direct Reflections’ Rarity Pools

Pool 1 – Top 100 Rarities: 2%

Minimum prerequisites for qualification: This will go to the people who have the top 100 NFTs based on rarity.

Calculating the Payout: (Total $ value of affiliate plan contributions divided by the total amount of minted NFTs) (multiplied by) 2 percentage points (Divided by) Share Payout = 100

Pool 2 – Top 1000 Rarities: 2%

Minimum prerequisites for qualification: This will be paid out to those who have the top 1000 NFTs based on rarity.

Direct Reflections’ Community Pools

Pool 1 – The exclusive MBH community will be eligible for one-of-a-kind and extraordinary community gifts every quarter.

Prizes can include high-end products such as new automobiles, cryptocurrency bounties, and limited-edition NFTs.

Pool 2 – Annually, members of the Meta Bounty Hunters community will be able to vote on which charity projects Meta Bounty Hunters will support.

Affiliates Referral Reflection

This type of reflection is unlike direct reflections, where the NFT holders contributing to the galaxy are paid to share referral links. Also, this reflection calculates out according to real contribution to the galaxy growth.

There are no requirements for you to participate in the affiliate reflections in order to earn from the direct reflections.

The Meta Bounty Hunters’ smart contract will monitor referrals if you invite others with your referral link, and you will be eligible for additional weekly reflections based on the individuals you connect to the community.

Referral Reflections

  • Level 1 – you get 20% from all the people you’ve referred to in the galaxy directly.
  • Also, level 2 – from the level 2 referrals, you will get 10% of your direct reflection
  • Level 3>6 – you will get 8% from your direct reflection referrals on the NFT galaxy.
  • Then from level 7 referral, you will get 10% of the direct reflection.

How to Connect a Wallet Holding Meta Bounty Hunters to your MBH Vault

To connect a wallet that holds Meta bounty hunters to your MBH vault in order to view your collection, try the below steps.

  • Before, connecting to your MBH vault, you must have a Metamask account wallet, downloaded on your android or PC device.
  • Then on your Metamask wallet, click on “connect to MBH vault” or you go directly to the MBH vault website, and click on “Connect wallet”.
  • After connecting these wallets, then you are free to view your MBH collection through the wallets.

Now let’s proceed to how you can get your MBH collection verified. Read on below to see more!!

How to Verify your MBH Collection Account/ Get MBH Verification

To verify your MBH collection, try these procedures below.

  1. Visit the official website (
  2. Access the GET VERIFIED page, which is also the sign-up page from the website’s page domain.
  3. Then click on “GET STARTED”.
  4. You will be redirected to a sign-up page requesting that you join the Meta Bounty Hunters.
  5. Follow through the first step listed there down to the fifth step.
  6. On the first step, you are to verify your referral call sign ID.
  7. And then, you will connect your Metamask wallet, to participate in the Meta Bounty Hunters Payouts when it’s due.
  8. Then on the second step, you will create your personal referral ID and then verify it.
  9. On the third step you will follow the NFT Galaxy Twitter account (, and then join their Discord Community & verify your discord ID.
  10. At step 4 you will provide your email address & mobile number (however, this step is optional but I recommend you fill it out for contact reasons).
  11. Finally, on the fifth step, you try out the Google captcher challenge to verify that you are not a robot and then click the SIGN-UP button below.

By applying these steps you have officially verified your MBH account and are a member of Meta Bounty Hunters.

For possible FAQS on this article, leave your comment in the comment section below.

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