USDT (Tether) Pool Mining Review | Over 2% Daily Returns, Is it Scam or Legit?

USDT Pool Mining Review: is a site that runs a Defi liquidity mining program using a USDT pool, and offers a reward of about 1 million ETH. With this program, you can generate daily returns on investment on your investment ranging from 2% to 5%. Meanwhile, the minimum investment for this mining program is 20 USDT, which is equivalent to 20 US dollars.

All activities & operations are taking place in the Ethereum Blockchain. Meanwhile, they use your money by mining its liquidity for tether (USDT), which is a stable coin in similarity to the US dollars.

However, is the USDT (Tether) pool mining legit, do you think you can make money out of its program? Let’s ask ourselves, and find out the answer in this article as you read through.

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USDT (Tether) Pool Mining, Is It a Scam or a Legit Program

USDT Pool Mining Review: From our recent research, we found out that the Defi liquidity mining program is a scam, and this is why we bring this article to your hearing today. Continue reading below to find out why, how, and the reasons behind their fraudulent activities in one piece.

Firstly, where do you think the money in this USDT pool mining comes from? However, if you look up at the official site to find out, you won’t find a clear result to this or a verified statement.

If you check out the information the platform provides about their funding, it’s actually very confusing from the start, because most of their statements/phrases do seem meaningless.

For instance, according to the platform, about node mining, they stated:

“USDT stored in their own wallets, 0 risks, the new blockchain data management, and computing model, to boost DEFI ecology.”

Or rather see the following statement after this one:

 “Via the total value of each user node production, liquidity node mining without any reservation and pre-mining and incremental behavior, all ETH users to provide on-chain liquidity, all this will be automatically off through the smart contract node execution revenue.”

If you look closely at the statements, they don’t have meaningful thoughts from the Blockchain technology point of view, rather all these are simply from a personal pure language view.

USDT Pool Mining Review – Reasons

Moreover, USDT (Tether) is a cryptocurrency stable coin, which cannot be mined, nor do you provide liquidity for it. And this is because USDT on its own is issued by Tether, which is supposed to be responsible for every issued token with a real asset.

And also, you can only utilize the USDT by just buying it for either more or less than 1 US dollar, and still sell it for the same price at which you purchased it if it’s not under a trading system.

While other cryptocurrency platforms offer yields on USDT staking, the Defi pool Mining program luckily offers 10% every year. Perhaps, this is kind of staking is not real, according to what we know from the proof of stake concept, which is responsible for secure transactions in a Blockchain Network.

In summary, the USDT pool mining program/offers are a major scam that you can’t apply in your day-to-day living activities.

USDT Pool Mining Review – Meaningless Returns

USDT Pool Mining Review: Are you aware that most online investment scamming platforms are a scam according to their investment plans? This USDT Pool mining also known as the Defi mining liquidity program is also similar to those platforms.

This is because the platform offers over 2% daily returns, which is absolutely seen as a mockery offer. You can’t find any crypto mining/staking/trading platform or Defi program that you can easily earn returns even not as close as what this platform offers as returns.

If you eventually find any program or company that offers you a close range of 2% daily return with similar structures like this one, be sure that it is a major scam/fraud.

This means that if you end up investing in such a platform for such returns, know that you will eventually be ripped off your funds & investments at the same time.

Note: the USDT Pool Mining is also promising higher returns currently if you decide to keep your money under their watch. Therefore, be alert, and don’t fall for scammers, they are real, and around you.

Furthermore, remember to share this article, leave others to think carefully, and avoid scammers, because their offers are not real, it’s only for their benefit.

Also, stay with us at, leave a comment below in the comment section if you have comments to give regarding this article, and again don’t forget to share.

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