Reverse Email Lookup Free | Email Lookup Tool, How to use it

Reverse Email Lookup Free: in this current age, people are likely to invade your privacy without you knowing that an account bearing your information has been hacked automatically.

And this is an offensive activity to be doing, HACKING, it can also cause damage to your identity or change of information about you, and this can lead to you losing your personal account to the unknown hacker.

This hacking process can be done using an email address, links, and also through coding of all sorts, this can be harmful.

This is why we look into Reverse Email Lookup; this is a software application/tool which you can use to know who is behind an unknown spam email address that you’ve come across.

On this tool, you can find out the true identity of the person behind the threatening email address, and can easily locate his/her anywhere with his/her full identity.

This way, you may get the information you need without having to write an email and ask them

The sender’s name, photo, phone number, home address, social media profiles, and other information can be revealed with an email lookup.

It may be someone you know, or it could just be a scam email. You can quickly discern their objectives and plan your future steps, whoever it is.

Nevertheless, in this article, we will consider how we can use this tool effectively to find and track an unknown email address with its bearer’s identity.

Reverse Email Lookup Tool, its use & Function

The email lookup tool is effectively used for sorting relevant email addresses, avoiding scams, and email phishing.

Email Lookup Tool – Sorting relevant Email Addresses Accordingly

Verizon offsets short mailings with user-defined reminders after acquiring Yahoo Mails. Is this a solution to the spam problems in email inboxes? To some extent, yes.

You may, however, obtain a ready-to-use toolbox for your own email sorting. Each of the free Reverse Email Lookup plug-ins included in this article allows you to go one step farther than spammers.

If you accept an email message from someone who sends you a random project proposal or Declaration of Interest, that individual has control over certain critical information about the email acceptance. For starters, double-check that the communication isn’t spamming.

Avoiding Inter-email Scamming

Scams can be avoided by blocking email senders with dubious backgrounds.

Well, here’s the deal: Free reverse email lookup tools allow you to learn more about the communicator than just the address. It includes information such as:

Full name, other names, address (precise within 24 hours, independent of time zone), phone numbers, social media accounts, and uploaded media are all available.

It reveals the sender’s background ID to the holder. But here’s where things get a little complicated.

Do you require Reverse Email Lookup Free tools that are particular to numerous email tier accounts? No

Some reverse email loop plugins, on the other hand, may only provide limited functionality. Know more about this, by reading the below options related to email lookups.

Email Lookup Tools & its Merits and Demerits

In this section, we will see some lookup tools that are relevant for the above explanation’s operation. There are five email lookup plugins/tools we would like you to scheme through for you to decide which email lookup is more effective to your taste.

  1. CocoFinder
  2. Info Tracer
  3. Social Catfish
  4. EmailSherlock
  5. TruthFinder

In each of the email lookup explanations, we will also evaluate its merits & demerits related to it.


The free application Reverse Email Lookup includes a database of over 300 million email addresses gathered from various sites.

It offers a publicly available background check service for different purposes. The platform’s user-centric UI makes it simple to use for both businesses and individuals.

CocoFinder has an extensive database of information for a variety of search terms.


  • The user interface is simple and easy to use.
  • CocoFinder eliminates the need to purchase several Reverse Email Lookup Free plug-ins for different domains.
  • How is this possible? It provides documentation for a large number of domains and addresses. (Visit the website)


Even though UI is user-friendly, the search results are cluttered with useless information.

Info Tracer

The total benefits are similar to the Social Catfish values. However, Info Tracer delivers more search results. Among them are the following:

  • Property of the sender(s) (only the ones available online),
  • Records that are freely available to the public.
  • Accounts in social media.
  • You can also use the IP address search tool.


  • Users can utilize a variety of search input choices.
  • Outside of the $19 monthly membership bundle, it provides a useful database service. (Visit the website for more information).


  • Its outcomes are not totally correct

Social Catfish

Instead of searching the site for the sender (sID, )’s you may use any of these details to get relevant information.

  • Images from the internet that are linked to the person
  • Address and location of the email
  • Contact Info

As a result, Social Catfish is a dependable catalog for accessing portions of email attachments.

The present location of the sender(s), social media profiles, photographs, phone numbers, and other information are typical outcomes.


  • In most cases, you will receive a response within minutes.
  • To obtain trustworthy results, it does not require a large number of inputs (Visit the official website for more information).


  • It primarily provides premium services with a few free packages (during the free trial period).


EmailSherlock provides a comprehensive service. Send the data to EmailSherlock if you need a background check on an inbox. After that, you receive the following responses from the firm.

  1. Uploaded media images (enabling you to view the sender’s most recent uploads)
  2. Current location
  3. Publicly accessible records
  4. Contact Info and additional information (Visit official site for more information)


  • It offers different sender ID possibilities.
  • You can utilize the free service while keeping the majority of the features.


  • EmailSherlock occasionally refers users to a separate Reverse Email Lookup Free tool related to the site, providing the incorrect idea of its effectiveness.


TruthFinder apparently possesses publicly-sourced generic IDs for around 80% of individuals in the United States only.

Also, it features a database with over 100,000,000 records that may be retrieved at any time by any user. It is ranked top on our list due to its user ID protection.

You can utilize the service without exposing your personal information, keeping you safe from hackers and revenge messages.

At times, the information we obtain through this website can appear ordinary ― readily obtained from social media or the internet in general.

On the other hand, TruthFinder provides you with a current view of what’s happening on the other end.

When dealing with a hacker who hides behind an image or a duplicate account, you can observe how useful the company is.


  • TruthFinder is visually attractive and easy to use.
  • It also offers a reasonable price range for premium services. (See the official website for more information.)


  • There are no simple formats for retrieving details in TruthFinder.

In the next section of this article let’s see how you can use the Reverse email lookup free to find someone using their email address.

How to use Reverse Email Lookup Free for Detail Research

Reverse Email Lookup Free: you use the reverse email lookup services to find someone via email address, but you can do this by applying the three methods in this article.

  1. Searching the Email on Google.
  2. Email Address lookup through Social Media
  3. Using Free email lookup plugins as listed in this article.

By applying these three methods, you are sure to find the person behind the mask, if this person is a scammer or a phishing site.

For more information on reverse email lookup, find out more from the plugins’ official site, and leave a comment below if you find this article helpful & don’t forget to share,

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